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Harry's New Family

Chapter 1

The war had been over now for about three years. Remus had just received an owl from Harry Potter, his late best friend's son. Harry had said that he and some guests would be coming to visit Remus and his wife tonight, as it was the anniversary of Sirius' death, and he did not really want to be surrounded by people who had not really known Sirius that well. Remus was to expect Harry and his guests at around six, which was when Harry got off work. Harry had promised to tell Remus tonight just exactly what his job was, as it was a "top secret" and no one knew what he did for a living since he defeated Voldemort. Remus checked the clock again, it currently read 4:30. He heaved a deep sigh.

"Remus, dear, the time is not going to pass any quicker if you just sit there staring at the clock. Why don't you find something to occupy your time until Harry and the other visitors arrive?" His wife Tonks called from down the hall. At that exact moment someone banged loudly on the front door. "Honey, get the door?" Tonks asked. "I've been working and don't want to be receiving company dressed like this," she claimed.

"Alright," Remus answered. Sighing again to himself, Remus walked to the front door and opened it. What he saw nearly made him faint. There, standing right in front of him were three people who had died many years ago. (Of course, one of their deaths was a little more recent than the other two, but still!) "Who are you?" Remus demanded angrily.

"Moony, it's us!" said the tall man with messy black hair and hazel eyes.

"No! You are not who you are claiming to be! My friends are long gone! You are imposters, and I want to know who you are right this very second or I will curse you so badly you will be sorry that you ever showed up on my doorstep!" Remus exclaimed.

"Moony… Please, test us with Veritaserum if you must, but please don't just start cursing us!" the other man pleaded.

"Remus, don't pay any attention to those two, let us in, look, we'll give you our wands and we will submit to any other security measures you see fit to bestow upon us, just please, we need to know what happened. Last thing I can remember, I'm holding Harry, begging Voldemort not to kill him, especially since he'd already murdered James. Sirius says the last thing he can remember is going to the Department of Mysteries to save Harry, when his cousin cursed him and he fell through a veil. Can you tell us how long we've been gone?"

"Enter," Remus replied rather coolly. "Tonks, will you bring me that bottle of Veritaserum that's on my desk in the library?"

"Yes, hold on just a moment dear," was her answer.

A few seconds later Tonks brought him the vial of truth potion, raising her eyebrows questioningly when she saw who was in the room.

"So, Moony, you finally had the gall to ask out my cousin?" the man posing as Sirius Black asked giving Remus an amused look.

"She's my wife, and just for that, you will take the first dose!" Remus answered.

About 15 minutes later Remus had thoroughly questioned all three people, and was completely convinced that the impossible had indeed occurred, the dead had indeed returned to life. In fact at that very moment James Potter, Lily Potter, and Sirius Black were all three sitting in his living room. Now only one question was on his mind, what was he going to tell Harry?

Six o'clock that night

Right as the clock changed to six someone knocked on the front door. "I'll be right back," Remus told his guests leaving the kitchen and going into the living room. He walked resignedly to the door, to welcome twenty year old Harry Potter, and his 'guests'. When he opened the door Remus was pleased to be assaulted with the sound of two small voices chanting, "Uncle Moony! Uncle Moony!"

"Hello Remus," Ginny Potter said, kissing him on the cheek in welcoming. "I hope you don't mind that we brought the children?" She asked gesturing to the two year old twin boys who were jumping up and down trying to capture 'Uncle Moony's" attention.

"Not at all," he said with a chuckle. "Come in all of you." He stepped back allowing Harry and his family into the living room. "Before you go into the kitchen there is something I need to tell you, Harry and Ginny." However, before he could speak another word the twin boys ran through the door and into the kitchen. Moments later there was a crash and a muffled exclamation. Ginny, sensing trouble ran into the kitchen to berate her sons, and seeing who was sitting at the table promptly screamed. This, of course had Harry and Remus running into the kitchen to see what was wrong.

"Alright, Moony, start explaining," Harry said turning to Remus.

"This is what I was trying to tell you before, out in the other room. It's really them Harry, I don't know how, but it is," Remus began.

"Daddy," the little boys cried, pulling on Harry's robes. "Who are those people?" they asked simultaneously, gesturing that they wanted to be picked up. Harry bent and lifting his children into his arms turned to face his recently arisen parents and godfather.

He found them staring at him with varying expressions of shock running over their faces. "Boys, meet your grandparents, and your Uncle Padfoot. Mum, Dad, Sirius, this is Sirius Evan Potter and James Arthur Potter, my children, and over there is Ginny, my wife," Harry introduced them indicating each person as he said their names.

Of the unexpected arrivals, Lily was the first to recover. "My baby! Harry you're all grown up! How old are you now? Where do you work? What happened?"

"Whoa, there Lily," Remus chuckled. "Give him a moment to collect his thoughts. And as for where he works, not even I know that, and I'm not entirely sure that Ginny does either, he's been entirely too secretive about it since he got this job a few months ago."

"Ginny, Tonks, can I speak to you for a moment?" Remus asked turning to them. Ginny looked at Harry and he nodded, not really wanting this conversation to be witnessed by anyone over the age of two who wasn't Harry or one of the arisen dead.

"First off, I'll answer your question about what happened. Well, three years ago, I finally succeeded in defeating Voldemort. I waited until Ginny turned seventeen and proposed to her on her birthday. We got married, and about ten months later these two were born. It's been exactly five years today since I last saw you, Sirius, and Mum, Dad, this coming Halloween will be the twentieth anniversary of your deaths." Harry explained glancing at the other three before looking back at the children in his arms.

"Daddy!" Sirius Evan and James Arthur exclaimed simultaneously.

"Yes?" Harry asked.

"Can we go play with Uncle Moony? We're bored!"

"Boys," Harry said with a groan. "I've told you before; you cannot bother Moony while he is talking to Tonks. How about, if you are good right now, then on our way home I'll talk mommy into letting us stop and get ice cream?"

"Alright!" the twins agreed, settling back into their father's arms.

"I can't believe that my baby is a father!" Lily proclaimed, tears coming to her eyes. "I can't believe that we've been -gone- for almost twenty years! Your children are older than you were when we last saw you!"

"Lils," James said patiently trying to calm her down. "Let's just talk with our son. Harry, how did you like growing up with Padfoot here? Did he corrupt you like he threatened?"

"Well, um, you see, I…" Harry trailed off awkwardly.

"Prongs, I didn't raise Harry. I was in Azkaban while he was growing up. I wish things had gone differently, but unfortunately they didn't." Sirius (Sr.) interjected, saving Harry from answering.

"But if he didn't live with you who did he live with? Moony? I didn't think the Ministry would allow a werewolf to raise a child. Where did you grow up Harry?" Lily asked, hoping that he had gone anywhere but to her family.

"Daddy grew up with Evil Hag Aunt Petunia." Sirius Evan answered, looking to Harry for approval.

Harry burst out laughing. "I thought I told you never to repeat that," he said looking at his son fondly. "Well, I guess since your mother didn't hear you we'll both live to see another day, but never say that in front of her, ok?"

"Harry James Potter!" Ginny cried as she came back into the room. "What is it you have taught them to say this time? It better not be anything I wouldn't approve of, though I guessing it is, especially from that guilty look on your face. Honestly! I thought you would be more mature when it came to teaching our sons proper behavior!"

"Ginny that is completely unfair! I have been responsible! After all, I have yet to let Fred and George take them for, -what did they call it? - , oh yeah, 'teaching sessions'. I think that was the responsible thing to do." Harry protested.

"No, it was the smart thing to do. After all, had you let my brothers take off with my babies; I would have killed Fred and George, and then killed you." Ginny answered in kind.

"I for one am pleased to see that you two are just like Lily and James, but Harry, I think your parents have several questions for you." Sirius (Sr.) interrupted, just as Harry was about to reply.

"Yes, Harry, I have one question I want answered before you go telling your life story to your resurrected parents. Where do you work? Or at least what do you do?" Remus butted in giving Harry an annoyed look.

At this Harry started laughing. "You've been trying to get it out of me for the past two months, and I've not told you yet. However, I will allow you a hint. I am doing what I love to do."

"And that would be?" Remus asked, exasperated.

"I'm afraid you'll have to guess that." Harry answered with a cheeky grin.

"Now Harry," Lily started. "Don't annoy Remus like that. It's not nice. You should respect the man that most likely helped raise you. Just tell him. Besides, I'm dying to know as well."

"Yes, and besides Harry, your list of things you love to do is quite extensive. I mean there is trying to get yourself killed," Remus began.

"And rescuing people," Ginny said, giving Harry a teasing grin.

"Annoying me," Remus continued.

"Cursing Malfoy," Ginny added.

"Annoying the Minister," Remus put in.

"Giving people dangerous ideas," Ginny added.

"Scaring people to death," Remus continued.

"Are we getting close?" Ginny asked Harry.

"Not at all. Feel free to keep going."

"Pulling pranks?" James asked hopefully.

Lily gave James a withering look, and then added, "Reading?"

Sirius looked horrified at the prospect, and then thinking about what he remembered about Harry, grinned triumphantly. "Flying," he stated.

"Somebody said it, but I'll let the boys tell you. Sirius Evan, James Arthur, tell Uncle Moony, what does Daddy do?" Harry asked looking down at his children.

"Daddy flies!" the boys cried together growing excited. "Sometimes Daddy takes us-" They were cut off abruptly as Harry covered their mouths with his hands.

"Harry James Potter, you have not been taking my babies up on that cursed broom with you have you?" Ginny demanded.

"Hey! My broom is not cursed, it's blessed! And no, would I do such a thing? I would never-" Harry quickly broke off. "Here, hold your grandchildren," Harry said, standing and handing one boy to each his mother and father. He then turned to Ginny and said, "I believe my parents and Sirius want explanations now, so if you wouldn't care…"

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