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Eight hours later Ginny shook Harry awake. "Harry, you better go eat breakfast. Your punishment starts in one hour. I've already eaten and am taking the boys to mom, while also getting Ron and Hermione. Don't worry; I'll be back before they drug you!" Ginny mumbled happily. Watching Harry carefully, making sure that he actually got out of bed.

Harry groaned, but got up slowly. Harry dressed after Ginny had left the room, and went downstairs to the kitchen to eat. He found his parents and Sirius already sitting at the table. Harry mumbled a greeting and stalked to the stove to retrieve his breakfast. He ate the sausage, eggs, and toast slowly, dreading the coming questioning. Before long Harry heard the fireplace start up again, and he thought he heard three people land softly in the living room.

"Come on Harry," James said, moving to stand behind their son. "Let's move into the living room where everyone will be more comfortable. Sirius, grab the Veritaserum, and the mugs, I'll grab the tea." James walked over to the stove and picking up the tea kettle watched as Lily forced their son into the living room.

"-had it coming for a long time now." Ron was saying as the group entered the living room.

"What do mean by that Ron?" Harry asked throwing Ron an exasperated glance.

"Well, you've always kept way too many secrets for your own good. I mean there are things about you that even the three of us don't know."

"Well, maybe I want them to stay that way. I bet there are things that the two of you don't tell each other and haven't told me, or anyone else," Harry replied.

"We might not have told anyone Harry, but the point is that someone else, besides us, knows about it, whether it be our parents, or my brothers or someone else. There's so much about you that no one knows, and it's time we did," Ron answered, starting to get annoyed.

"Enough talk," Sirius interrupted, "Harry, take your punishment and quit arguing." Sirius walked toward Harry, told him to open his mouth, and poured three drops of the liquid down his throat.

"Alright, let's see if this worked," Ginny said coming forward. "Harry, when you were in the Chamber what scared you the most?"

"The fact that I couldn't wake you up." Harry answered in a monotone.

"Ok, it's working," Ginny said, allowing Lily, James, and Sirius to take over.

"Harry, where did you grow up?" Lily asked.

"With my Aunt Petunia."

"How did they treat you?"

"I slept in the cupboard beneath the stairs until my eleventh birthday. If I did something that Uncle Vernon deemed strange in any way I would be locked in my cupboard for days sometimes even weeks at a time with no food. I cooked for them when I wasn't locked in my cupboard, and I had a list of twenty-five chores that had to be completed each day before I could do homework, eat, or even go to bed. They hated me, and Dudley used to have his gang corner me so he could beat me."

This left everyone except Ron with a surprised expression on their faces. No one had suspected that his childhood had been that bad. Finally Sirius broke the silence with the question, "When did you first realize that you cared for Ginny herself and not just because she was your best friend's little sister?"

"In sixth year."

"What are you hiding from me Harry?" Ginny asked suddenly.

"I have a surprise cooking for you. We are going to-," Harry began but Ron began coughing loudly at that second so that his surprise wouldn't be ruined.

- 40 hours later -

They had asked questions for a long time yesterday, and had wanted to continue until they all fell asleep. The group had slept for about six hours, eaten, and given Harry more Veritaserum.

"Finally for the question we have been asking for two years. How did you defeat Voldemort?" Hermione asked.

"I - I - I - Well it was after we had already destroyed all of his Horcruxes, and well I really didn't do anything other than duel with him for about half an hour, but eventually he got tired of playing around and cast the killing curse. I threw up a shield to reflect it but it came on through it. I could see him smirking at me, and then suddenly the look turned to one of horror. The curse went right through me as if I wasn't even there, boomeranged, and went back to Voldemort. It hit him in the middle of the chest, and the next thing I know, he's dead, the deatheaters are leaving, and I'm too weak to move."