Everyone knows that Col. O'Neill has never received a memo and is behind the times. This is a series of ideas on why there is no Memo's for Jack O'Neill. (If anyone has any suggestions I would be glade to hear them)


Title Jack's Memo's

Rating G suitable for all

Genre ummm….making fun of Jack I suppose

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A/N This is only a time filler while I try to get more ideas for my other SG1 fiction.

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Jack walked down the ramp of the Stargate to see the Russian Col. Standing next to General George Hammond.

"Jack Colonel Checkov is here to see the X-306 in action; I assume 1500 tomorrow is still suitable?" Hammond greeted him

"Sure general." Jack replied Why, oh why, don't we get memos around here? Jack thought to himself as he walked past the General and colonel.

Four days ago

Jack was trying to teach Teal'c how to juggle in the gym when for the third time Teal'c dropped the balls and had to go chasing them.

"I do not think this is a suitable activity to learn O'Neill." Teal'c replied trying not to show his annoyance.

"This is easy T. Ok we'll try with something that won't go away. I know here try with this paper ball." Jack scrunched a piece of paper out of his back pocket and handed it to Teal'c.

"Col. O'Neill? This is for you." An air sergeant said handing Jack a memo.

"Ahh thank you Airman. See now we have two balls for you to practice your juggling with and they won't run away."

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