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Jack was trying not to open his eyes to much as he had a migraine worse than when he was 'de-knowledged' from the Ancient head sucker, he didn't know what caused it only that he woke up from staring at his report to feel like their was a tambourine practice for three year olds in his head.

Turning into the infirmary Jack's head split with more pain and sounds it took a few steps to realize that it was his foot causing the extra noise he noticed that the room had ladders, hammers and paint cans every where.

"Colonel what can I do for you?" Janet asked walking up from behind.

"Headache." Jack groaned Janet led him to the makeshift infirmary down the hall.

"Would have to be a big one to have you come greet me, guess what. I'll only give you one shot how's that?" Janet joked but only got a groan from him. Janet withdrew some blood and gave him a morphine shot Jack leant back and waited for the meds to work.

"Colonel Didn't you get the memo about the renovations?" Sam asked—Jack groaned he forgot she was wounded

"For—forgot." Jack replied.

Jack was sick of hearing about P3X-11Y and about the new rocks that could help the ecosystem and the plants to allow Daniel to learn about the Egyptians…or something like that. Jack was too busy leaning back and forth in his chair as he did at school enjoying Daniel losing his place trying to convince Hammond in letting SG-1 and SG-6 to go and learn about the planet.

"Colonel O'Neill is there something wrong with your seat?" Hammond asked

"No sir." Jack replied he stayed still but the rocks were boring but nothing compared to the plants. Jack leant on the table to find it was unsteady he gently rocked it too and fro similar to the chair.

"O'Neill I believe this may be of aid." Teal'c said, Jack was about to see what it was when Sam grabbed the paper, tore it in two folded it and corrected the chair and table.

"Thanks Sam" Daniel replied and went back to his rocks. Jack spent the rest of the briefing in total boredom with nothing to do. "What was that paper Teal'c gave me? Oh well find out when this is over." Jack had only just finished thinking that when the alarms sounded

"UNAUTHORISED WORMHOLE ACTIVITY" Walter yelled over the P.A and the alarms sounded Jack got up out of his chair the note well forgotten.


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