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Summary: "Is it okay to fall for the man who is not your husband?" A married woman found herself falling in love again with her first love and a cold-hearted man falling for her back. SasuSaku

Lost Love

Chapter 2: Surprised?



Hyuuga Sakura…



'Let's just say I and she…moved on and I had a happy life with my wife'

My wife…


"Whoa…Sakura-chan is Neji's wife." Naruto said while his still in shock. Sasuke looked at her. He felt like thousands of kunais had struck him in his heart. He clenched his fists and greeted his teeth.

I'll wait for you….

"Kuso!" He cursed as he looked at Sakura who is currently annoyed at the men who were her fan boys. He glared at the woman infront of her, not even paying attention on what she is doing.

"You lied."

'He's here.'

She looked at him in the corner of her eyes, as she looked directly at those beautiful eyes of his. She was amazed that he became more handsome and much manlier than the past few years. She felt for his longing, want to hold him tight in her arms again.

She had missed him.


She's married.

"Okay. Today, we'll be doing some chakra control at the woods. But, before that, does anyone have any questions?" Every man population raised their hands as the women grunted in annoyance. Sakura rolled her eyes in this childish antic. But a hand caught her eyes, looking at it; it came from no other than Uchiha Sasuke.


"Are you married?" She looked at him. Sakura looked at him in the eyes. She knows that look.


"Yes, I am."

"To whom?"

"Can't you tell it by my surname, Uchiha?"

Sasuke glared at her.


"Anything else?"

"Nothing, Haruno."

She glared.

"Then, let's start out class."

"Be back here at 13:00 hours, class dismissed."

She sighed in relief, thanking that it is the end of the day. She erased all the writings on the board as she hummed a random tune. Little did she know that a pair of eyes watching her every move. 'He's still here.' She thought will not even minding its presence.

She heard a soft noise meaning that he got up from his seat. Listening to his footsteps, she stopped on what she's doing. She then heard the footsteps stopped, feeling his presence behind her, she didn't turn around.

"Nice to see you again, Uchiha."

"As to you to, Sakura."

She felt her heart jumped, hearing his voice calling her name. His voice sounded like his yearning for her presence.

Her presence again.




"…A year ago."

"My absence?"


"…I see."

She nodded, not even turning around to see him face to face. Sasuke, on the other hand, looked at her back. Many questions have filled his mind but one thing that stands out of all.

Don't you love me anymore?

"…Why didn't you wait for me?" He asked, hoping that she'll answer truthfully. Hoping that it still there.

"I can't wait that long, Uchiha. I don't fantasize anymore. I'm not the Haruno Sakura you once knew…"

"I'm Hyuuga Sakura."

She said it again.

Sasuke's anger rose to an extent that his cursed seal will again appear. His eyes then turned red hearing the name of the one who stole his Sakura from him. But, he now understands that…

She's not his anymore.

He is hers.

To the Hyuuga prodigy…

Hyuuga Neji.

"My property?"

"Yes. Actually, some Chuunins found out that there's a passage in the center of the main house of the Uchiha compound." Tsunade said while looking at the reports that was handed to her.

'The stone.'

"Near to it is the documents entitled to you by your father. But, here's the catch…"


"Some of it was missing. So we don't know what inheritance was given to you." Tsunade explained as she looked at the last Uchiha standing before here. Sasuke glared.

"Why can't you just give it to me now, so I can have my life at peace?" Sasuke blunted. Tsunade smirked at him.

"We're just following the will of your dead father. I'm just a Hokage." Tsunade said sounding like she is pity.

"Yeah, a Hokage that is a hag."

"Why you-Ehem. Until then, you'll be sleeping somewhere AWAY from the Uchiha compound. Oh! I forgot, you're apartment is sold." Tsunade said while smirking again. Sasuke raised a brow.

"Where will I live?"

"I'm just an old hag, afterall."


Sakura turned around to see her annoyed husband walking towards her. She smiled and pecks him on his cheek. Neji then sat on a stool and sighed. Sakura prepared some dinner as she looked at Neji.

"How's your day?"

"Typically, annoying."

"You sounded like Sasuke, ne?"


She smiled. Neji looked at her and drink his tea. "How the training session with those jounins?" He asked while taking a sip from the soup.

"It was rough."

"Did Uchiha participate?"


"I see."


"By the way, I sold you apartment." Neji said, preparing a shout from his wife. Sakura's eyes went wide and shouted, "WHAT!" It had hit the right spot. Neji sighed and looked at her.

"We can earn money from it. Also, it's a burden to me if you had that nasty apartment on my hands."

"What makes it a burden to you?...!"

"I make me like a low-life Hyuuga."


"You're a Hyuuga. I married you. I should be the one who makes the decisions in this house. You're just my wife, Sakura." Neji said while slamming his cup on the table, earning a gasped on the pink-haired woman.


"I'm meeting my fellow ANBU squad tonight. Don't expect me home." Neji said while taking his mask from the table and walked out of the room, leaving Sakura in shocked.

"He told you that?"


Sakura sniffed and wiped the tears on the side of her face. Ino sighed and took a glass of water from the pitcher. She handed it to Sakura and sat at the table. "I told you to keep things a secret to your husband coz' you don't know what is in it for you."

Sakura sniffed again.

"B-but, He's my-"

"Well, he's not the type of husband you wished for right?"


"Sakura, I told you before, that someday you'll regret it."


"I think, Sasuke is still the best for you."

She jerked up.


"After all, he's not yet ready to face your feelings but I know he's there for you." Ino said while looking at Sakura, who was looking at her back. Why did she say that? Sakura couldn't disagree. She knew Sasuke like any other person. He is the protective type of person. After all, he's Uchiha Sasuke.

"I don't know."

"I bet you're wondering already."



"I must go now. I shouldn't be worrying Neji." Sakura said as she stood up from her chair. Ino raised a brow and asked, "I thought he'll not go home because of the mission?" Sakura smiled in return.

"It's better to go home early than late, right?"

Ino slowly nodded as she looked at her best friend walked out from the house. Ino sighed and looked at the window.

It's gonna rain…

"At the time like this!"

Sakura ran as fast as she can, she covered her head with an old newspaper as she made her way towards shelter. 'This is gonna be a long night for me!' She thought as she shakes her head roughly letting the drops of water out of her hair. She wiped her face with her hanky. She looked around to see if she knew some of her friends live on the street she is now. Then, some thing caught her eyes.

The lights were on in her old apartment.


"This is awkward."

Sasuke looked at the surroundings to see if everything is checked. He looked at the coach that was covered by a white clean cloth. He took it and folded it neatly and placed it in the cabinet next to the counter.

"Well, this is my new home."

"Oi, Uchiha."

Sasuke turned around to see the Hyuuga prodigy walking towards him. He take a sip on his sake and stood up from his seat. He walked towards Neji, glaring. "So how's the session with my wife?" Neji implied as he smirked. Sasuke remained emotionless and sighed.


"Really? Hmm…that's good to hear."


"I heard from Tsunade-sama that you're no place to sleep on." Neji said while crossing his arms in his chest while leaning on the post beside him. Sasuke glared at him. "Mind your own business, Hyuuga." He said while looking to his left.

"I am minding my business."


"Oh, I could help you find a place to stay."


"It's an old apartment of my wife."

Sasuke turned to look at him. Neji smirked at this and chuckled. He get the paper from his pocket and unfold the paper. He then waved it in front of the Uchiha prodigy.

"It's for sale. Buy it."

Sasuke looked at the paper and sighed. He then grab the paper and muttered 'fine' and walked off.

Sakura walked up on the porch and leaned in the door, listening to the noises inside. She looked at the window but she can't see anyone. She hissed and concentrated her chakra to her hand and aiming on the door.

Sasuke felt a strong familiar chakra enveloping around the room. He looked over the counter to see nothing in the kitchen. Through the stairs but no one. Then he looked at the door. He turned his Sharingan on. He looked closely at the door to see a massive chakra on a certain hand of the person. He walked towards it and put his hand on the door knob and prepare for the attack.

"Here goes!"

Sasuke, saw this coming evade it and grab the hand and turned the attacker's hand on the back of her and grabbed a kunai on his holster aiming on her throat. He looked at the attacker to see…

Sakura cringed in pain as her hand was twisted by the intruder and glared at the kunain aiming at her. She tunred her eyes and widened…




Finished with my second chapter! By the way, in case you're wondering about the stone, remember in manga or in anime when Sasuke found out about how will he earn the mangekyou sharingan? I think there's a stone where he found out that the only way to earn the mangekyou is kill his friend thingy…correct me if I'm wrong… I totally forgot it now…anyway, READ and REVIEW! R&R!