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Chapter 1

A New Enemy Appears! Tenten...Captured?

Naruto gave a deep yawn as he lay on the mountaiin head of the 4th Hokage. "Man, I'm so bored," he grumbled. "It's time like these I wish Orochimaru was still alive. Hell, I wish Darak was still here. That was one of the toughest battles ever." He closed his eyes and continued to rest at his favorite spot. The suns rays felt good, and it really helped to calm his nerves.

"Naruto!" a female voice called from behind him. He opened his eyes and shot up, quickly turning to face the voice with a smile. Half a second later Tenten came into view.

"Hey Tenten-chan," Naruto said excitedly as he jumped up from his spot and walked over to her. His famous big smile plastered on his face. Which always made Tenten giggle, which was uncommon for her. She wasn't supposed to be one of those stupid ass fan girls. Like Neji's, man, they are really annoying. She was just glad she fell in love with Naruto when she did. Now she doesn't have to worry about competing for Neji's attention. It was great to be with the one ninja know one besides the Hokage, the rookie nine, her team, and all the senseis. No one else really cared if Naruto was alive or not.

"How's it going Naruto-kun?" Tenten asked as she walked up to him.

"Everything is good, a little boring though," Naruto groaned. "There hasn't been one single mission that was exciting since we defeated Orochimaru."

"Do you really want to go through another tough mission like that. I don't know what I would do if something happened to you," Tenten commented.

"I understand that, but, how else am I going to become Hokage," Naruto complained.

"Naruto-kun, you're still a genin, remember?" Tenten asked.

"Yes, but, I'm stronger that most ninja in the village," Naruto replied.

"And besides, I'm sure an opportunity to show off your stuff will present itself," Tenten tried to cheer him up with that comment.

"Thanks Tenten-chan," Naruto smiled.

"Want to go train with Neji and Lee, since they are pretty much the only ninja in Konoha that we know at the moment?" Tenten asked.

"Sure, let's go," Naruto answered, his smile becoming bigger. He always liked to go see those that actually cared about him. They were the only ones he would even associate with. Even though he knew that if he became Hokage, scratch that, when he became Hokage. He would have to spend his time protecting everyone in the village, but, he knew he could. He followed Tenten down the path of the 4th Hokage's stone face. Both were oblivious to the fact that there was a spirit watching them go.

"Soon son," the spirit spoke softly. "Soon you will get the chance to become Hokage, and I can't wait for that time. Just stay true to yourself, and protect that girl of yours. Take care son." The spirit of the man disappeared into the night, going where ever it was he needed to be. His minds circling with the site of his son and his new girlfriend. He just hoped that they would be okay until the moment he was planning for.


Gaara stopped a few feet from the gates to Konoha, his wounds opening up again. "I can't stop here," he grumbled. "I'm almost there." He pushed himself to take a few more steps. It was a wonder to him why his wounds were still showing. He thought that the attack would only break the armor of sand, and within a day the sand would repair his body. It looked like luck was not on his side.

"Who goes there?" a voice asked. Gaara looked up slowly, his eyes coming in contact with two Konoha shinobi.

"I'm Gaara, Kazekage of Suna," the sand shinobi spoke slowly.

"Kazekage-sama! What happened to you!" the other Konoha shinobi cried.

"It's not bad, I just need to see Tsunade-sama. Immediately!" Gaara commanded. The two shinobi nodded and walked up to him. They both took one of his arms, and in an instant they ported straight to Tsunade's office. When she heard the sound, she prepared to yell at whoever it was, but stopped when she saw two shinobi, their bodies supporting Gaara.

"Gaara-sama," Tsunade said in shock. "Why didn't you take him to the hospital!" she yelled.

"S-Sorry Hokage-sama. He commanded us to bring him to you," one of the two ninja said, his voice wavering.

"Very well," Tsunade sighed. "Place him in the chair," she said with a wave of her hand. The two ninja nodded as they placed the injured Kazekage gently in the chair. They then disappeared out of the room. "Now, what's so important that you have to ignore your injuries and see me at this very moment?"

"Well Tsunade-sama," Gaara began. He lend back in the chair so he could get more comfortable as he began his tale of what had befallen Suna. "It all started yesterday..."


Naruto and Tenten ran through Konoha so they could get to Neji and Lee faster. Naruto had a huge grin on his face, his eyes constantly darting to Tenten. And he always had a blush when he saw her. He had to admit, she was the last person he thought he would fall in love with. That mission they had together, along with Neji and Lee, changed their lives. And made them realize their feelings for each other. And it all started with one simple mistake.


Naruto watched Tenten mess with the bandages, her eyes scanning every part of his body. 'She is so beautiful,' he told himself. His eyes never left her face, he occasionally would look down to take in more of her. He was falling in love with her, that much was true. He just couldn't think why. Why had he fallen in love with this girl, he would never know. He saw her smile as she got up and placed the bloody bandages on the ground.

"There, all done," she said.

"Tenten-chan?" Naruto asked nervously. Tenten tried to think why he was calling her that, but she turned to answer him anyway.

"Ye-" she began to ask but was cut off by warm lips pressed against hers. Her mind began to race, she couldn't believe that Naruto was kissing her. She just couldn't believe it. 'Why?' she continued to ask herself. After a while she backed away so she could break the kiss.

"Tenten, I-I love you," Naruto stammered. His mind racing with thoughts of what she might say.

"Naruto, I-I need to go, I need to collect more supplies," Tenten explained hurriedly. She quickly stood up and ran out of the cave, her mind still racing with what had happened. Naruto's face fell as he lay back on the ground.

"Damnit, why did I do that," he berated himself. "I'm such an idiot." He slowly turned over and pushed himself up, ignoring the pain the entire time. "This sucks!" he screamed as he finally got into a sitting position. "She probably hates me now. Why did I have to kiss her. Why am I such an idiot!" He continued to sob as he faced the wall. Through the entire time he was muttering the same thing, "Tenten-chan..." After a while he heard a soft and kind voice enter the cave.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" the voice asked. He turned slowly, tears still evident on his face.

"T-Tenten-chan," Naruto breathed. He couldn't believe it, she was actually back. "I thought you left me."

"I'm sorry to worry you Naruto-kun, but, I had to think about some stuff," Tenten explained. Naruto couldn't tell why she was saying that. Did she actually like him back, he could only hope. "I came to a conclusion." She walked slowly forward, her eyes watching Naruto as he got himself off of the stone floor. "Are your wounds healed?"

"Yes, they are fine now, thanks to you," Naruto said with a smile. Tenten blushed slightly as she stopped in front of Naruto.

"Well, I want to tell you Naruto-kun, I love you as well," Tenten said softly.

"Tenten-chan.." Naruto breathed, he couldn't believe it, Tenten just said she loved him. He was so overjoyed. He smiled at her and in one instant they were in a warm embrace, their lips pressed lightly on top of the other. And in this instant, nothing seemed to matter, for they have both found love. And no one would ever take that from them.

End Flashback

Naruto smiled at the memory, that was the best day of his life. And he never forgot it, even though its been a few years since it happened. "You okay?" Tenten asked, her eyes finally noticing that Naruto was staring at her.

"Oh, it's nothing," Naruto said quickly. He turned his face away, trying desperately to hide the blush, even though he didn't know why. They were dating after all.

"Well kit, when do you plan on asking her?" came the voice of the most sadistic bastard you ever met, the Kyuubi.

"None of your business," Naruto snapped.

"Man, temper temper brat," the fox chuckled. "Is there something wrong?" he asked innocently.

"Nothing you need to know about bastard fox," Naruto growled.

"Come on, you need to be a little bit nicer," Kyuubi said in mock sadness.

"Why are you torturing me," Naruto whined. "It isn't fair."

"Well excuse me for being curious," Kyuubi growled. Naruto sighed to himself. After they merged for that fight against Darak, the fox had been constantly trying to getting friendly with him, why, he would never know. At first he thought that the fox was gay or something and that he was in love with him. But, Kyuubi just went berserk at that comment. But, Naruto had to admit that it was hilarious to hear the Kyuubi frustrated.

"Kyuubi?" Naruto asked slowly.

"What is it brat!" Kyuubi snapped. It was obvious that he was angry about earlier.

"Maybe we start off on the wrong foot," Naruto replied slowly.

"Oh, how in the earth did you figure that out sherlock," Kyuubi said sarcastically.

"Come on furball, I'm trying to mend things here!" Naruto yelled.

"I'll think about excepting your apology," Kyuubi thought. "But, you better start being nicer to me brat."

"The same can go for you," Naruto advised.

"Whatever," the Kyuubi moaned. With that last thought the fox finally shut its mouth, giving Naruto time to think.

"Race you," Naruto challenged his girlfriend.

"You're on," Tenten said. Together the two sprinted towards the training ground, both trying to outrun the other. This was the perfect way to relieve their tension. For they had no idea the danger they would soon be in.


Gaara moved his arm a little so that it could get some feeling back. His eyes glanced to the bed he had been resting on for about 30 minutes. He then glanced back out the window, and he could feel something gnawing at the back of his mind. It all started during his tale of what happened to Suna. He couldn't place it, but something is wrong. He walked over to his gourd and picked up, and then placed it on his back. He then walked out of the room and towards the exit of the hospital. Most people he passed quickly got out of his way, which was weird. What's wrong with them? he asked himself. His eyes caught someone with pink hair walking towards him.

"Gaara! What are you doing out of bed," Sakura scolded the red head.

"I'm feeling better," Gaara said in his normal, creepy sounding voice.

"I don't care, you need to get some rest," Sakura commanded him.

"I have to see Tsunade again. I have to find out who she plans to send to help me at Suna," Gaara told the pink haired girl.

"I don't care if you have to go see Kami," Sakura said with a stern look. "You are still getting to bed, and you won't be moving until you are fully recovered."

"But-" Gaara tried but was cut off by the glare and killer intent that could rival that of Kyuubi and Shukaku combined. It really scared him. "Fine, I'll rest for a few hours. Then I'm going to see Tsunade."

"Okay, that's better. Now, let's get back to your room," Sakura instructed him. She grabbed the sand shinobi's arm and began to guide him back to his hospital room. Gaara sighed to himself.

Why Kami? Why does this happen to me? Gaara thought. But, somewhere in the back of his mind, he could tell something was wrong. And within an hour it would be revealed. He just hoped it wasn't anything related to what he was thinking about. If so, then there will be even more problems. He entered his room and lay down quickly, his eyes glued instantly to the ceiling.

"Now, do you need anything Gaara?" Sakura asked sweetly. The anger from before quickly forgotten.

"Hn," was all Gaara said as he watched the ceiling, he wasn't about to go to sleep anytime fast. The stupid bastard demon, whose name is Shukaku, and also a member of Gaara's kill list if it gets released, is keeping him from enjoying those pleasantries. He really wanted to kill the bastard demon, but alas, it was only wishful thinking.

"Fine, whatever you say," Sakura said. She quickly turned and left the room, making sure the door was closed behind her. Gaara watched her leave before turning back to the ceiling. He then felt something, a feeling of blood lust was in the air, and it was near one of the training grounds in Konoha.

"What is it," Gaara whispered. "I can't do anything about it, but still. I must know what it is." He gave up on his thoughts after a while, he would probably find out eventually. But for now, he would try to keep himself from getting the pink haired Kunoichi pissed. At the moment, that was the last thing he wanted to do.


Tenten was in the lead of their little race. She turned her eyes to see Naruto coming towards her. "Come on, if this is as fast as the future Hokage can run. Then you will probably be the worst Hokage," Tenten commented.

"Don't worry, I'm only letting you win," Naruto grinned.

"Yeah, whatever," Tenten chuckled. She turned back to watching what was in front of her, when she was suddenly shot off the roof, and into a tree that was near the building. Naruto saw this and quickly turned to go check up on her. He landed beside her and quickly began to examine her, trying to see if anything was wrong. He turned to the side to see the building she was on, its roof was completely torn apart.

"What the hell," Naruto said in shock. His eyes began to glance around the area, but he couldn't pick up anything.

"Looking for me," a voice said softly. Naruto turned to the sound to see a man in a black robe with red clouds. A hood was attached to his robe, which concealed his face.

"A-Akatsuki," Naruto stammared.

"Hm, miss us," the man laughed.

"Are you trying to resurrect the organization or something?" Naruto asked in an angry voice.

"What's it to you brat," the man challenged.

"I won't let you," Naruto growled. He jumped towards the man, ready to smash his fist into the annoying mans head. The man however did a single hand seal.

"Wind Smasher Jutsu!" the man commanded. A wave of wind shot from the man and smashed against Naruto's body, sending him flying into a nearby building. Tenten slowly raised her head just in time to see Naruto fly.

"Naruto-kun..." Tenten whispered. She brought her hand to her weapons pouch and pulled out a kunai. She then tossed it at the robed man, who simply blocked it with one of his own.

"Now, now, don't be quick to die," the man chuckled. He walked over and did a few hand seals. "Now then, I think you should sleep." He pressed his right hand gently on Tenten's forehead, and mumbling a few words. Tenten instantly fell asleep. He then did a few more hand seals. "Frozen Crystal Jutsu!" Tenten's body was then surrounded by a white light, and when the brightness died down, Tenten was revealed to be encased in a frozen crystal. And you could tell she was alive. The man lifted up the crystal and placed it on his back, now his hands wouldn't be full encase some ninja try to get her back. He looked to the rubble to see Naruto heading towards him.

"Let Tenten go!" Naruto commanded the man, who simply laughed at the boy.

"Sorry, kid, but, I have no intention of doing that," the man said.

"Why do you want her anyway? And who are you for that matter?" Naruto asked.

"I just want, her, I don't know why," the man said. He then did two hand seals. "Binding Jutsu!" Naruto made to jump for the man, but found out he couldn't move. He looked down to see his feet frozen to the ground. When he looked up he saw the man jump onto the roof of the building right behind him.

"My name is Diran, remember it," the man said. He then lifted up his hand, and a burst of wind shot out, hurling Naruto through a building behind him, and through a few trees. Diran laughed to himself as he turned to face the exit of Konoha, it was time to go. He then set off at a slow and steady pace, he wanted to have some fun on his way. "Let's just see who they send after me." Diran laughed slightly as he made his leave. Naruto, meanwhile, struggled to get himself up. Blood was dripping from a cut on his arm, but it was healed rather quickly. He looked up slowly and saw the outline of Diran as he left the village.

"Tenten-chan," Naruto whispered. He heard footsteps and turned to see Neji and Lee running towards him.

"Naruto!" they shouted in unison. They quickly ran over to the blond and helped him up. They noticed the tears falling down Naruto's cheek.

"What's wrong Naruto-kun?" Lee asked, his normal, annoying springtime of youth speech forgotten.

"T-Tenten-chan, she wasn't taken," Naruto sobbed.

"By who?" Neji questioned. His body language never changed due to the information, but he was good at hiding it. Inside he was furious and ready to kill whoever took her.

"I-I couldn't save her," Naruto said as he continued to sob.

"It's okay Naruto, we'll get her back," Neji said.

"Yosh! Don't worry we won't fail! It's our duty to save Tenten!" Lee exclaimed.

"Anyway, we should go tell Tsunade," Neji added. Naruto simply nodded. Lee walked up to Naruto and grabbed the blonde's arm. Naruto reluctantly let Lee guide him to the Hokage's tower. Both Neji and Lee knew that Naruto was hurting. He really loved Tenten, and before he could even pop the question she had to be taken. Neji turned his attention to what he would tell Tsunade.

We'll get you back Neji told himself. That's a promise.

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