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Izzie was frantically digging through her purse. "I know I put it in here! I have to find it! The bracelet belonged to Mark's grandmother. I can't walk down the aisle without it!" she exclaimed to her bridesmaids who were all putting on the finishing touches on their makeup.

Cristina cast a sidelong glance to Meredith. They were both standing in front of the mirror in the church's bridal room. "I still cannot believe I agreed to do this."

Meredith shrugged slightly. She was too excited over her position as maid of honor to pay any particular attention to Cristina's gripping. "She caught you in a weak moment. After all she did ask you shortly after she woke up from being shot. How were you supposed to say no?" She faced Cristina and gave an over exaggerated gasp. "I bet she staged the whole thing just so you would agree to it." She barely held back the laughter that threatened to escape her lips.

Addison sighed and she walked over to Izzie and gently pulled the purse from her hands. She held out a small box with a smile. "Here, put on your something borrowed while I look for your something old."

Izzie smiled in return, slightly calmer than before. She opened the box to reveal a pair of diamond and pearl earrings. They were understated but quite elegant. When she put them on, they hung a little below her earlobe like a perfect accent. Her hair had been piled on top of her head so the earrings weren't obscured at all. "They're gorgeous Addison. Thank you!"

Callie grinned as she looked up then down again at the baby. "She how pretty you're mommy looks Pamela?" She shifted her arm a little but made sure to keep the bottle in place. Pamela was known to throw a fit if food was taken away when she was hungry. Other than that she was a dream baby. People often told Mark and Izzie how lucky they were to end up with two great children.

"Don't forget to give her our something new!" Miranda called to Addison as she worked on adjusting Ashley's flower head band so it was just right. She turned her attention back to the little girl in front of her. "Your mommy's going to have some competition for being the prettiest girl in the place."

Ashley giggled as she twirled around so her dress poofed out around her. "I've been practicing throwing the petals for weeks now! I think I've got it though. I step, push the stroller, then pause, then throw some petals then repeat."

Izzie smiled over at Ashley. "You'll be wonderful honey. You did great at the rehearsal yesterday." Her eyes wandered over to Callie and the baby. While she had accepted that Pamela would have to be fed by a bottle sometimes she hated seeing it when she was in the room. She knew though that she'd have to almost get undressed to be able to feed her so she resigned herself to letting it happen just this day.

Addison finally located the bracelet in all the clutter. She tugged it out and held her hand out for Izzie's. While she worked on clasping the bracelet she glanced over her shoulder at Meredith. "I'll let you give her the something new. It should be the maid of honor's…honor."

Meredith grinned as she pulled out the box that was peeking out from Addison's purse. Addison had been generous enough to offer to wrap it, something Meredith had never mastered. She had spotted the gift a few weeks ago and knew it would be perfect for Izzie. All the girls had chipped in on it. The hardest part for Meredith was keeping her mouth shut about it. She held the box out to Izzie.

Izzie laughed a bit as she took the box. "I feel like I'm having a flashback to my pregnancy when I'd take something Mark said the wrong way. I started to think he had stocked up on jewelry." When she opened the box she gasped slightly. Inside was a platinum heart shaped locket on a long, thin chain. When she pried it open Ashley's picture was on one side and Pamela's was on the other. Izzie's eyes welled up with tears as she looked up at Meredith and Addison.

Meredith smiled softly at her, feeling a few tears of her own brim on her eyes. "I made sure the chain was longer so it hung below the necklace Mark gave you."

"This is perfect! I don't know what to say." Izzie gasped out.

Addison quickly reached for some tissues and yanked some out. She handed several to Izzie but kept a couple for herself. "Now don't start that because if you do we're all going to end up having to redo our makeup."

Cristina couldn't help but roll her eyes a bit. She walked over the group and took hold of the necklace. "I'll put it on. With the state the rest of you are in you just may end up choking her." She made quick work of the task.

Izzie placed her hand over the locket as she looked around the room and quietly spoke. "It's really happening. I'm finally going to be Doctor Izzie Sloan."

Miranda glanced at her watch. "We should be getting downstairs soon. The ceremony's supposed to be starting any minute now."

Izzie nodded and she took a deep breath. "Thanks for calling in your favors at Mercy West and having the Chief do the same. It really means a lot to me to have everybody here."

Addison leaned over and gave Izzie a hug. "We wouldn't have missed it for anything."

Callie stood up and set the bottle down by the bag full of Pamela's things. "Miranda's right though. We should get going. I'm sure the guy's are bordering on stir crazy right now." She carefully placed Pamela in the cute little stroller that had been bought just for this day.

Cristina nodded in agreement with Callie. "I wonder what they've been doing to keep themselves occupied."


Mark sighed as he impatiently glanced at his watch for the millionth time. All his groomsmen as well as himself had been ready ages ago and they had pretty much wiled away the time by staring at each other. A couple of them had tried to toss out conversation starters but they had quickly died out. He took yet another look at his wrist.

"Only fifteen seconds have passed since you looked at it last," Derek dryly said his eyes turned up towards the ceiling. He had felt it was his duty as best man to keep Mark distracted but after a while he realized his efforts were futile. He couldn't be irritated though. He was just happy to have his brother back. After Izzie had made it through surgery, Mark finally admitted to Derek that his wife's dying on his operating table hadn't been his fault and Derek finally forgave himself. Things were almost just like they used to be; only this time they were stronger.

"Isobel never takes this long to get ready." Mark muttered as he started pacing up and down the room.

"That's because she's never gotten ready to be your wife." Preston responded with a slightly amused tone.

"It will all be worth it when you see her walking down that aisle." Richard said sentimentally. Memories of his own wedding to Adele had been popping into his head a lot recently. He still held onto that day in his mind no matter how tough things were between them.

"Besides you know what a perfectionist Izzie is." George piped up. "If one hair is out of place it will drive her crazy until she fixes it. I'm sure they're also busy doing whatever it is girls do when they're in that room."

"Jeez O'Malley don't make it sound so sordid." Alex said as he scratched his neck by his collar. He had decided that Mark and Izzie owed him big time for this. He finally gave up on trying to get the itchy feeling to go away and he looked around the room. "Anyone have a deck of cards?"

George looked at him with a perplexed expression. "Why would you need that?"

Alex shrugged. "I don't know. I figured we could play a few hands of poker to pass the time."

"Doctor Karev we are in a church," Preston slightly admonished.

Alex shrugged yet again. "I didn't say we had to play for money."

The eminent debate that was sure to spring from Alex's statement was interrupted when there was a light knock on the door before it opened. Father Julian came into the room with a smile. "I just thought you'd like to know that the ladies are ready whenever you are."

"Finally!" Mark exclaimed as he let out a long sigh of relief.

Father Julian chuckled at Mark's reaction. It was hardly new to him but he still got a kick out of it every time. "If you gentlemen will follow me I'll show you the way to the altar and we can get started."

All the guys formed a line as they filed out of the room with Father Julian in the lead. When they reached the alter they took their respective places.

Mark looked anxiously at the door. He felt his heart skip a beat when the notes from the piano spread through the church. The older door creaked open and he started unconsciously holding his breath.

The first through the door were Ashley and Pamela along with Miranda's son William. His father was behind him, hunched over so he could hold onto William's waist as he urged him down the aisle.

William looked down at the pillow in his hand and over his shoulder at his father. "Rings!" he exclaimed.

"Yes those are rings," Tucker acknowledged quietly while he tried to keep his son walking. He did have to admit he was adorable in his little ring bearer tux.

Ashley completely played up to the audience as she ventured down the aisle but she took her job very seriously. She did seem to have an instinct as to when someone wanted to take her picture as she would turn her head at just the right time and give them a most angelic grin.

Mark never thought he could feel as much pride as he did over someone pushing a stroller and throwing petals. He puffed himself up a bit every time the crowd 'awwed' at either of his daughters. His eyes followed them right to the pew where Marie had greeted them. She had volunteered to keep an eye on the girls throughout the ceremony though Mark had a sneaking suspicion that it was just so she could have an excuse to hold Pamela. He couldn't say he blamed her though.

Miranda was the first of the bridesmaids, followed by Callie, then Addison, then Cristina and finally Meredith. Izzie had managed to dredge up in her mind a few walking style tricks from her model days which she had shared with the other ladies so they all managed to look even more stunning.

Suddenly the song on the piano changed and when all the guests stood up and turned towards the back, Mark felt his heart triple its speed. He had no idea what the dress looked like since Izzie had been so adamant about that old superstition. He hadn't seen so much as a trace of the hem of it. When she finally stepped into view Mark undeniably lost his breath.

Izzie's smile had no traces of nervousness to it as she began her walk though her hands were tightly grasped around her bouquet. She couldn't help smiling more when she caught parts of whispered words like 'gorgeous' and 'incredible'. She had opted for a dress that was strapless and had a semi long train. It was hand embroidered and it had been the first dress Izzie tried on but the second the zipper was up she knew it was the one. She looked over to her side and smiled at her daughters before she reached out and took Mark's hand.

"Thank you," he whispered with a voice full of emotion as he helped her up the altar.

"For what?" Izzie whispered back.

"For saying yes." He squeezed her hand before they turned to face the priest.


"Come on Izzie it's almost time to throw the bouquet!" Meredith said with a giggle as she plopped into the chair besides Izzie.

Izzie laughed a bit at her friend's behavior. "Jeez Meredith when I said have a drink for the both of us I meant singular." The ceremony had gone completely smooth and the pictures had been taken. Dinner had been served so the only thing left for Izzie to worry about was relaxing.

"Oh!" Meredith exclaimed obviously well past tipsy. "I missed the 'a' part of it." She shrugged. "Too late now!" she pronounced. "I'm going to get the girls together." She somehow managed to get to her feet without swaying and headed over to Cristina and Callie.

"Please tell me you're never going to get that drunk," Izzie whispered at her slumbering daughter.

"Oh she won't." Mark assured her as he leaned down for a kiss. "So how does it feel to be Doctor Isobel Sloan?" he asked with a grin that seemed impossibly large.

Izzie somehow managed to match his grin. "Absolutely wonderful. Though don't think of trying anything inappropriate when it comes time to take off my blue garter."

Mark pouted slightly though he was interrupted when Ashley ran over to them giggling up a storm.

"I got Alex to agree to dance with me ten times!" she exclaimed when she reached them.

Mark chuckled at her. He knew she was excited about it because one of the things he was jokingly adamant about was not letting her go on dates until she was well into her twenties.

Callie joined the group and she leaned down towards Izzie. "I know it's your wedding and everything but I have a plan for when you throw the bouquet that I want to run by you."

Izzie arched an eyebrow. "Toss it over my shoulder?" she questioned a bit confused.

Callie shook her head and leaned in closer while she whispered.

The DJ announced that it was officially time for the toss and Izzie passed Pamela off to Miranda while she headed over to the dance area with Mark.

Meredith had managed to drag Cristina along and Callie stood next to them while several other of the female guests gathered around. Addison sat at a table on the edge of the dance floor refusing to move from her seat.

"So what am I supposed to do exactly?" Mark questioned as he had been barely briefed on the plan.

"Tell me when I get to the point that I can throw it in Callie's direction." Izzie answered. She had agreed to it as she had found Callie's plan very amusing.

Mark nodded as he placed his hands over Izzie's eyes from behind and guided her in a couple of circles. He whispered to her when she reached the indicated point and she let the flowers fly.

When the bouquet reached the group Callie leaped up and did a volleyball like spike and sent the bouquet right into Addison's lap. She doubled over with laughter at the look on Addison's face.

Addison shot Callie a glare that somehow managed to not kill her on the spot despite its ample venom. She grudgingly smiled at everybody and held the bouquet up when people started cheering. She stood up and when she reached the group leaned over towards Callie. "You are so dead for this."

"You'll thank me once you see part two of the plan." Callie laughed.

Addison's eyes widened with a mixture of dread and fear but before she could start interrogating Callie it was the guys turn.

Mark did indeed behave himself as he slid Izzie's garter off and this time she was the indicator for when he should toss it. Though their target hadn't been let in on the plan they had no doubt it would work out.

Alex practically pounced on the garter when it reached them and he held it up over his head like a battle prize. Several of the guys patted him on the back before he turned and headed over towards Addison with his cocky yet adorable grin plastered on his face. "I believe I get this dance," he said with a smile while holding his hand out.

Addison took it with a smile and let him lead her to the dance floor which had been cleared for them.

Mark collected Pamela from Miranda and sat down at the table. He leaned his head back though he turned it to gaze at his wife as he cradled his daughter. "This has been an incredible day."

"Yes it has," Izzie concurred as she squeezed Pamela's little hand. She laughed when Ashley bounced into her lap. Izzie's arms quickly wove around her and she pulled her a little closer. "So are you looking forward to going to Disneyland?"

Ashley fervently nodded. "I can't wait to go on all of the rides. Those big roller coasters sound like so much fun. I'm especially looking forward to seeing Daddy were those mouse ears the whole time like he promised."

Mark softly groaned at Ashley's great memory. When Mark and Izzie had talked about the honeymoon they both knew there was no way they could leave the girls for any extended period of time so they had settled on Disneyland.

"Everybody smile!" came a voice from the side.

They all turned their heads and instinctively did as instructed. Derek grinned as he lowered the polariod gently tugging the picture out. "I couldn't help myself. I wanted to be the first friend to take a picture of the official Sloan family. I'll let you guys have it though."

Mark took the picture with a grateful smile and he held it towards Ashley and Izzie. He had to admit it seemed almost like a dream. His arm tightened a bit around Pamela and he smiled at Izzie and Ashley. "And the Sloan family lives happily ever after."



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