She watched in horror as he massacred the village he loved.

(Tell me it's shattered)

Screams filled the air. Bodies littered the ground.

(It's pieces scattered)

She froze as his blood red eyes turned on her.

(Tell me it broke)

It happened so qiuckly. She was on the ground bleeding, dying, pleading.

(That it's a joke)

"Why? I could have helped you... I could have fixed you..."

(Don't tell me it didn't shatter)

He laughed as the life slowly bled out of her, deciding to humor her.

(That it isn't scattered)

"Why you ask? Tell me something, Hinata-CHAN."

(Please don't joke,)

He crouched over her, clawed hand poised above her.

(For how can I fix it,)

"Have you ever tried to fix something," He whispered into her ear.

(If it was never broke?)

"When it was never broke?" And plunged his hand into her heart.