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Prologue :Love at First Sight

Random Sheepherder POV-

I noticed that at first the other sheep had been curious about the new sheep, but then, they avoided him like he was the bubonic plague.

It seemed to suit him fine though, even though he was always on the edges of the group, and it looked like he was concentrating on trying to escape. Until one day, when I saw the ancient truck, stopped with the girl in it outside of my driveway, she seemed to be talking to someone on the phone.

I grinned and waited eagerly, not too far away, not too close. As soon as she put the phone down, I went to her car, and used my best fake sad voice. "Excuse me miss, would you be interested in some sheep?" I could see she was about to protest, so I begged, this trick always worked. 'Please, ma'am, I'm already a poor man, and if I don't sell them my boss will fire me, and then the sheep…"

I bowed my head in fake sorrow, but from the corner of my eye I could see she was starting to cave "What will happen to the sheep?" she asked softy, and I buried my head under my arm. "I'm afraid that they will be butchered, and I just can't have that happen! Those sheep are like my children, but I can't keep them, I have a family, and I need money!"

Her eyes softened with sympathy, and she said "Sure, I'll take one." I smiled widely, and ran up the hill to the barn, where the sheep currently were. I scanned through the sheep until I saw the new guy.

Perfect! He was annoying anyways. I nudged him out the door, and down towards the truck, making sure to put back on my sad expression. The woman looked at him and smiled.

"I think I'll name him Chops." She said, and started laughing, I was a little afraid when a few moments later she was still laughing, harder then ever. I cleared my throat, and she wiped her eyes. "Right, payment."

She took out her checkbook, and I got her to pay a little more then he was actually worth, but hey, a man needs to make a living, right?

Then, she loaded him up in her truck, and was off; I waved, until she was out of sight. Then, I did a little dance, and called at her "SUCKER!" The whole fake, sad thing always worked.

Bella POV-

I wasn't always much of an animal person, but for some reason I really liked Chops.

I began to think of him as a person, even calling him my little baby. I was happy that I had seen that Shepard, even though I knew he had scammed me. I looked into his innocent eyes, and I loved him instantly. I knew that I shouldn't get attached to him, because, what would Edward think? And, more importantly, what about Charlie? I sighed; I would just have to figure this out later.

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