A/N- Okay, well, like I said, don't say I didn't warn you it was stupid. Sorry for my crappy writing skills.

Edward Meets Chops-

Edward POV-

"Edward, I've got a surprise Bella said as I walked her to her door after school. I rolled his eyes, Bella's surprises weren't always good.

"Great!" I said "What is it."

"I got new pet, a sheep, his name is Chops, you know like baby sheep are called lambs, and people eat lamb chops." As she said this little joke she started laughing hysterically, I just stared at her, Bella was still laughing and tears were starting to form in her eyes.

"Bella it's not funny, not at all." I said, rolling my eyes yet again today. As the laughter died down, I started to register what she had said, and it surprised me.

"You… you got a pet! A sheep? Why a sheep?" I was panicking, animals and I didn't get a long, at all, never, not gonna happen. Bella just made an annoyed face.

"Yes I got a pet, is that a problem? Why does it matter when I got my adorable little Choppers, he's so cute and sweet, and you'll love him I promise!" She patted my arm reassuringly and I grudgingly entered the house. There was a big fluffy white puffball sitting on Charlie's couch.

As soon as Bella saw it she dropped her bag and ran to him cooing. "How's mommy's wittle Choppers? Have you been a good boy while I was gone? I'm so sorry that I left you alone." As Bella hugged the fluffy thing it let out a loud "Bah." I sulked in the corner, Bella was never this happy to see me, this stupid sheep isn't even that adorable, I am more adorable then that, right?

The sheep bahed again more loudly and Bella finally let go of the wretched thing, still cooing at it she said "Of course! I'm sorry, my baby must be hungry." I flinched at the way she called the thing 'her baby' and Bella walked (or tripped) out side to get the fluff ball food. As soon as she was out of sight the stupid thing turned at me, and I could see the evil in its eyes as it let out a low "Bahhhhh." The lazy thing climbed off the couch, and walked up to me cautiously, all the sudden it jumped up and bit my hand, mind you, it didn't hurt because of my granite hard skin, but having a stupid blobby fur ball hanging off your hand is extremely annoying, trust me I know, really. "Stupid, darn fur ball." I said as I tried to pull the thing off my finger, to no avail.

Finally, I resorted to flinging it across the room onto the couch. "How's momma's wittle baby Choppers now. " I taunted it, and Bella came rushing in, as I was really starting to question my sanity, talking to a sheep. "Choppers are you alright." She cried as she entered the room. Oh, sure, don't worry about me, worry about you're stupid pet! I wish Bella would just eat it anyways; people eat sheep, keeping one as a pet is utterly ridiculous. "My baby!" she cried as she noticed Choppers laying upside down right beneath the couch. "Edward! What did you do to Choppers! You're horrible; I can't believe you would do this! The poor innocent little helpless creature, how could you do this!" I stared at her in shock, me! I didn't do anything! "But Bella! I didn't do anything, your stupid baby" I hissed the word "was the one that started it! I was just defending myself." Bella nudged up the creature and glared at me as she said "Sure, blame it on the sheep. Defending yourself against this poor helpless creature, animal cruelty is what they call it!" She stormed out of the room with her 'precious baby' following and I just stared, I was fighting with Bella, my girlfriend the one I loved about something that was supposed to be food. How did my normal vampire life get so screwy?

What will happen to Edward now! 00 Read on to find out!