And finally! I have it up! Even though I've had it writtem this whole time! I'm terrible I really am. Oh well, here's the last part of Counting Sheep. Enjoy.


3rd Person POV

"Let's watch it again!" Bella said as Rosalie grabbed the remote, and rewinded the video as Emmet fought off Edward who was trying to get the remote. Alice said "Edward, don't be a bad sport, you know it's funny." Edward just sat down next to Bella and crossed his arms, "No it's not." He said firmly. Bella reached over and grabbed his hand. "Come on Edward, just one more time." She said and Edward grudgingly agreed.

He was sorry though. He was the only one who wasn't hysterically laughing, Esme was even caught laughing, and she said "Edward, I'm but, well, it is funny." After that there was a game of charades, where all the answers were Edward. "Okay" said Alice standing up "Who am I?" She starting barking commands at an animal cracker that Jasper had gotten her; there was another round of hysterical laughter. 'It's NOT funny!" Edward said, but the others chose to ignore him, and Bella went up. "I'll take over the world, and kill the sheep, burn the sheep, sheep are evil, sheep are the devil's spawn, I must get some animal crackers to become my army!" Everyone continued to laugh, and Edward stood up, "It's not funny!" he said again. And then Jasper came up 'Jasper, burn the sheep crackers for me, burn them burn them all." Then he started to twitch and mutter to himself, randomly jumping and attacking nothing. Everyone laughed and Edward screamed "IT'S NOT FUNNY! I'M NOT GOING TO BE HUMILIATED BECAUSE OF THIS!" he stormed out of the room, and Rosalie threw a paper sheep at him. He managed to restrain himself enough to not turn around, and a loud crash was heard as the front door came crashing down. Bella laughed and yelled "Well, someone needs anger management." The Cullens and Bella laughed as the bronze-haired vampire came stomping in and up the stairs. "Probably to his room to talk to his army." Emmet whispered to Rosalie, who let out a giggle, and Edward just continued to stomp up the stairs.

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