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Chapter 2

"What do you mean James and Lily Potter? Harry they're dead!" Ginny exclaimed. "And if they've come back, why didn't you tell me last night?!"

"Well, I would have told you about it last night, save for the fact that: one, you stunned me before I had a chance to, and, two, I'm not exactly sure what to think about them yet. I mean, if they were going to come back, why now? Why not when I was younger and actually needed them? Why wait until I am an adult before they came back? Did they just not want to have to look after me? Gin, I-," Harry ranted, pausing only when he caught a glance of his parents faces. "Aarrgghh! Gin, let's go. I really need to go flying…" Harry said walking away.

"Remus," James asked, still standing, in the kitchen beside his wife who was just as shocked as he was. "Why does he hate us?"

"He doesn't hate you; he just hasn't had any real parent figures since Sirius died. He doesn't know how to act, so he just ignores it. I suggest you try to talk to him. Though if you make him angry, look out, because he is quicker than Mad-eye when it comes to drawing his wand and firing off a curse. Maybe you should try to go flying with him James, it is one thing that he does that you would be able to keep up with him on, that is, you would do a better job of keeping up with him than anyone else does. Your son is- well – he's just typical Harry Potter. He doesn't follow the rules of 'normal' wizards James," Remus replied, trying to soothe his friends but knowing he wasn't helping.

Ginny laid a comforting hand on his shoulder. "You know, Harry doesn't just accept someone who is just sprung into his life. At least he hasn't since Sirius, and you know, he even refuses to allow Remus to get too close. Harry keeps his distance from everyone. Just a little less so in my case. And I guess you could say in Ron's and Hermione's cases as well," she explained. "You should try to just be patient with him, try to go flying with him, and if that doesn't help, I'll talk to him."

- Twenty minutes later -

"Hey do you mind if I come flying with you? I was bored just sitting in the kitchen with your mom and Remus. Your girlfriend abandoned me about twenty minutes ago," James explained quickly.

"I suppose you can, but only if you can keep up with me." Harry took off again and James couldn't help but marvel at his son's talent on a broom. Coming out of his shock James quickly mounted and kicked off.

"Alright Harry, I can see you're pretty good on a broom. But let's see if you can keep up with your old man. One lap around the house, winner gets to pick what we have for dinner tonight, and the loser has to answer ten questions from the winner."

"Fine," Harry said, positive that there was no way he could lose. He mounted his broom, and got ready to kick off.

"Wait now Harry. We must play by the rules. According to the rules set down by the original Marauders the one who makes the challenge is allowed to make any exceptions that he wants, and I say that I get to use my broom, while you cannot. You cannot use any broom, you can either try to win on foot or any other way, but you cannot fly." James said, taking his son's broom away and handing it to Remus who had walked up behind James once he saw the two of them land.

"And what makes you think I will do this?" Harry asked looking at James incredulously.

"You have already accepted, if you back out now, according to Marauder rules you have to do anything I say for the rest of the week," James explained.

"And why would I obey marauder rules?" Harry asked, amused and irritated.

"You are dealing with a marauder, you are the son of a marauder, and the godson of another, and you have been taught by a marauder. You were inducted into the marauders when you were two weeks old, so therefore you are also a marauder, and a marauder always follows the rules set down by the marauders," Remus butted in before James could ruin this moment.

"Alright, now that that is all cleared up, the first one to make one lap around the house and make it back to this spot wins. On the count of three we will start, Moony count off."




Harry and James took off. Unfortunately for Harry, he could not run as fast as a broom could go. His father beat him to the finish line. He had a large grin on his face.

"Now Harry you have to answer any ten questions that I ask, and I get to pick what we have for dinner!" James exclaimed while Remus groaned and tried to tell him to back off of Harry before he became angry, but to his surprise Harry just laughed and nodded at his father.

"Alright, alright, I'll admit that you won, but only because you wouldn't let me use my broom. Had I been able to use it I wouldn't have lost," Harry boasted, trying to tell himself that answering questions couldn't be that bad of a punishment for losing a race.

James threw his arm across Harry's shoulder and felt him stiffen. 'Well,' he thought to himself, 'the ice hasn't been broken yet, but it has melted a little.'

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