Pet sat cross-legged quietly on the cold stone floor his Master's head resting softly in his lap as he slowly ran his left hand through his Master's shoulder length shaggy locks of black hair. To his left sat a small black backpack filled with bandages, elastic wraps, gauze, first aid tape and other first aid supplies. The bag lay open and used wrappers lay scatter around him on the floor while his right hand lay in his lay beside his Master's head his wrist bandaged and a slightly bloodied graze wrapped around his wrist. To his right lay his Master's large red hat and orange tinted sunglasses. Slowly he carted his uninjured hand through his Master's hair as he watched his face for signs of waking. "Master." The boy's voice was small and soft as he whispered quietly down towards the motionless man laying in him lap "This one thinks you needs to wake soon. Others will be here soon looking for you. That they will." He spoke softly as he continued to run his hand through his Master Alucard's hair in hopes of coaching him awake. "Master asked This One not to show himself to others but if Master doesn't wake then Pet must stay with Master to ensure his safety." He muttered as he looked down at his master's face.

Pet's face lit up and his bright green red speckled eyes widened slightly as he noticed the left corner of Master's mouth twitch slightly "Is Master waking?" he asked out loud to himself as he looked closer. When he saw him Master's eyelids flutter slightly he let out an excited squeak of joy "Yes. Yes, Master is waking!" the hand running through his master's hair stilled as he waited for his Master to speak.

Alucard let out a soft groan as he slowly opened his eyes to look up into the bright green/red eyes of his little pet. Moving his eyes from the small form of his pet he took in his surrounding noticing that he was still on the roof of London tower. Obviously, he had passed out after dealing with the Vampire Incognito. He turned his head to the side slightly and saw the body of the dead vampire hanging off to the side still impaled on the silver spike. Slowly he rolled out of his pet's lap and rose to stand. Taking note of his clothes that strangely enough was not the straight jacket and pants he was captured in but his old English suit and long red trench coat. He glanced down at his pet whom was now knelling all but bouncing with happiness and noticed his hat and sunglasses laid off to the side out of harms way. He glanced at his pet through his long bangs "Where'd these come from my pet and how did you get them?" he asked, the happiness that he saw in his pet seemed to spike to new levels he'd never seen before in his little pet.

"Pet wished for it Master. He wished and wished and then they appeared. That they did. Faded right out of the shadows they did." He proclaimed as he waved his arms around as he spoke, or rather one arm actually while the other hung lax at his side barely moving. Alucard took note of this and knelt down on one knee in front of his pet. He gently reached out and took the lax arm in hand his brow wrinkling when he become aware of the fact that his pet's wrist was bandaged blood slowly seeping through the now light pink gauze. "Pet what is this? What happened?" he demanded while holding the motionless hand in his own as he slowly began to unroll the bandage from the wound.

When the wound was revealed he could only stare in shock the wound was caused by a sharp blade and it was still bleeding sluggishly. He brought the wounded wrist to his lips and gently ran his tongue over the raw gash picking up blood and increasing the healing process at the same time. He turned to look at his little sub when he was finished and was shocked slightly by the lost look he was receiving. "Pet was doing his lessons like a good pet when this one suddenly couldn't feel Master anymore. This one began to worry so he grabbed his emergency knapsack Master made for him and then asked the shadows to take him to master." It was here that he sniffed slightly as if holding back tears "When Pet arrived Master was alone and lying on the ground sleeping. Pet tried to wake Master but Master wouldn't wake. Pet then noticed that Master was very pale and he looked like he hadn't fed a long time. So This one gave Master what Pet thought Master needed, but still Master didn't wake up so pet had to sit and wait." His little pet was in tears by the time he finished and it was clear that his pet had been distressed that he couldn't wake his Master.

Alucard gathered his little pet into his arms letting his tiny sub cry himself out. With one glance down at the used wrappers, the knapsack, and his hat and glasses they sunk downward swallowed in shadows leaving no traces behind. Looking down he noticed that his little pet had stopped crying and was only sniffing slightly and hiccupping every now and then. His little Pet raised large watery eyes to look up at him "Pet's glad that Master is better now through.' He stated quietly and laid his head against his Master's large chest and promptly fell asleep. Alucard gave a soft sigh even after almost two years his little pet still fell back into talking about himself in third person when he grew seriously distressed and upset. "What am I going to do with you my Little Harry? My Little Pet Merlin." He stated as he and his passenger began to fade off into the distance speaking softly as to not rouse his little sub.

Two years pervious

The room was dark and cold but that wasn't unusual for the small child as he knelt quietly in the center of the room on a small blue brown rust stained pillow. The child was no older than four years old, and he wore no other clothing save for a loose, overly large, threadbare cotton shirt and old worn jeans. Bear toes curled into the souls of his feet in an attempt to get away from the cold bare stone floor. The boy's long shaggy hair fell to just brush his shoulders and a small light brown leather collar wrapped secularly around his neck. Green red freckled eyes were downcast staring at the floor as his small arms hung lax at his sides.

The boy forced back a shiver that tried to rise to the surface, caused by a slight lingering fear of the dark and being alone in it from when he was very young and forced into a tight enclosed place, as he was forced to kneel in the dark and cold room. He'd been told by Sir to wait here until he came back again. He was supposed to be getting a Master now that he'd finally finished his training. He felt a bit saddened that he'd be leaving the place he knew most all of his life, but the fact that he'd finally be able to be claimed by a Master outweighed any and all doubts. A small smile brushed the corners of his lips as he felt the lightweight metal of a small charm attachment hanging from the ring of his collar resting the hollow of his collarbone. He didn't know what it was or what it looked like considering that he seen it when Sir attached it, but he knew what it stood for. The attachment to his collar meant that he was bought and paid for and that he was now an owned Pet. It also stood for something else; it was the symbol or crest of his new Master. It showed that he was owned and under the protection of the house that the crest or symbol represented.

The Pet felt his heartbeat speed up as the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway outside his door. A normal Pet human wouldn't have been able to hear any sound through the thick wooden door but he wasn't a normal Pet human. When he was first brought to the place he now called home he was an under nourished, half starved, and near death. In order to save his life he had to under go a strange operation in which he was infused with several different types of magical creature DNA. Vampire, were-wolf, were-panther, siren, and fey DNA were all injected into his body while he was lying on the operating table. This caused a massive shock to his system and ending up sending him into a magical shock which led to him dieing on the spot. After several tries he was finally revived but when he awoke he was very different from before. It was an experience and experiment that no other human before him had survived. He became a magical creature, special and unique in that he was the only one of his species.

He was physically beautiful, he had a strong pull to either gender when he spoke as his voice was laced with a special allure. He had the ability to change into both a wolf and a panther at any time and he was physically stronger that any human. His senses were ten times more sensitive than normal, but what stood out the most was the fact that he had to have red meat at least three to four times a week and the bloodier it was the longer he could go without needing more. He also tended to know when another magical creature was near, their rank in power or status, and wither they were a danger to him or not.

His heart almost skip a beat when he identified the steps belonging to his trainer Sir, but there was something else odd and different coming too. Something nonhuman was following after Sir. It must be his new Master that would be the only explanation seeing as there wasn't any other nonhumans in the building save for him, but what was his Master if he wasn't human? Pet closed his eyes as he tried to concentrate and find out what kind of creature his Master was so he'd have a bit of an idea of what to expect and how to serve his Master best. He spread his senses out past his holding room, through the thick walls, and down the hallway towards his new Master.

Complete shock ran through his body as his senses brushed up against that of his Master's. Old, that was the first thing he felt. Dangerous, came next. Strong, Deadly, Cold, and caring soon followed which was odd seeing as someone couldn't be cold, deadly, and caring at the same time, but he brushed it aside as maybe only those close to him saw that side of his soon to be Master. Finally he identified what his Master was and the realization shocked him to the core. Vampire.

Slowly he pulled his senses back to himself just as he heard Sir reach the door to his holding room soon followed by his soon to be Master. Just as the last of his senses were reentering his body he heard a husky and deep chuckle whispering through his mind "You know my little Pet that it was curiosity that killed the cat. We wouldn't want something to happen to you my Pet now would we?"

Pet whimpered slightly as the door opened as light pooled into the once dark room and the shadows of both his new master and Sir fell over him and he quickly applied before thinking. "Forgive this one master this one had no reason nor right to pry into what was not this one's business." he bowed low laying his body as close to the floor as possible while still staying kneeling on the old pillow his back slightly arched as he waited for a blow. Pet squeezed his eyes closed tightly as he realized that he again had messed up and spoken out of turn and without permission. He was going to be punished for sure now, but after several minutes no blow came and he dared to open his eyes and look down at the floor inches from his small nose. Glancing up through his eye lashes and his dark curtain of hair he saw two pairs of shoes not three or four feet ahead of him. One was the familiar dark, dirty, brown leather boots of Sir while the other was a pair of Old English style black boots. Pet watched in shock as his new Master slowly began to squat down until he was at eye level if Pet was to be kneeling upright.

Pet felt a large hand rest on the back of his head and closed his eyes as he forced to body to remain relaxed as he waited for the punishing blow to come. Instead he felt something odd. His Master was gently running his hand through his long shaggy hair. The hand moved down to his cheek then lower to his chin and with a gentle but firm grip began to lift his head and body up until Pet was looking directly at his Master's face. Pet quickly lowered his eyes away as to not seem like he was challenging his master. He heard his Master chuckle again this time out loud instead of in his head "Come on my pet I don't want a mindless drone I wanted a pet. Tell me what's your name little one?" Pet slowly and hesitantly lifted his green red flaked eyes to look at his new master and saw for the first time the man whom he was destined to serve for the rest of his life and felt that for once he was and would always, be safe.

Pet looked at his master taking in his large red leather jacket, red hat, old English style clothes, and his shaggy shoulder length black hair it was easily noted that his Master gave off the image of an old world vampire. He almost giggled at the thought. Almost. Pet directed his gaze to his Master's eyes and tilted his head slightly to the left as he looked through orange tinted sunglasses to his Master's red ones. "This one has no name Master. This one has always been called Pet. This one wasn't given a-"

"Harry." The voice belonged to Sir. Master looked up at the man almost as if he'd forgotten that he was there. "What was that?" he demanded his voice no longer the gentle tones he had been using with Pet but cold and demanding. It was a voice that sounded like the one in his dreams it was a voice that made Pet want to curl up in a corner, cower, and shiver all at the same time. Almost immediately this seemed to draw the attention of Pet's Master back to him. Pet bowed his head as he tried unsuccessfully to hold back the long forgotten memories of pain and fear that he'd buried long ago, but it seeped into his scent anyway. He drew his pet to him until Pet was sitting in his new Master's lap and began to run his hand through his hair again seemly understanding that this was a gesture that calmed the little sub.

"Harry, Sir Alucard. His name is Harry, or at least that's what the Uncle told us when he was brought here. He didn't say much only that they couldn't take care of him, he was an unwanted burden to them and that he should be with other….. I won't say the word with the little one near but it's all in his file. You'll also be interested to know that you'll find that he's….different from other pets here….he's special you know, because he was raised since he was almost two as a pet, but there are…other things about him that you'll find interesting." Sir paused speaking long enough to slowly walk over to the low table and set the briefcase he was carrying on it and open it. From the inside he pulled a two inch closed flap folder and a small stack of papers. He set the folder to the side for the other man to read and then began to flip through the small stack of papers until he reached a certain page and then folded the papers over and took out a pen clicked it open and held it out to the new Master. "That is his folder it explains all of the training that he's gone through in the time that he's been here. His medical records including his birth certificate that we had to produce ourselves, some medical records before he came into our care and…." At this Sir paused before sighing softly "His oddities and gifts." He stated quietly.

Sir Alucard seemed intrigued by this and slowly stood his new and now sleeping pet wrapped safely in his arms one of his little hands clutched tightly onto the edge of his new master's red leather jacket holding on for dear life. "Oddities you say…." He seemed to ponder on this for a second or two before looking at Sir from behind thick orange tinted sunglasses "What kind of oddities…I noticed that his eyes….they have red in them why." He asked curiously.

Sir gave a soft sigh as he let his arm drop and set the pen on the table by the still unsigned papers. "When the Uncle arrived with the boy we were surprised to say the least. Not at the fact that we were given the child but at the condition the child was in." This seemed to cause Sir Alucard to raise an eyebrow at the other man in question. "He was very malnourished, nearly starved, and it was obvious that he'd suffered from physical abuse for a while. He was to the point of near death. That may have been why the Uncle brought him to us wanting to lay the blame of the child's death on someone else's hands. The boy was lucky we were able to save him but it cost him a bit." Sir turned fully to the Sir Alucard. "You know myths about were-wolves, elves, vampires, wizards and such do you not?" at Sir Alucard's half smirk and nod he continued "We weren't able to save the boy the way he was so we decided to inject him with a serum to change his DNA just enough to have the advantage of a mythical magical creature and still be human." Sir sighed and rubbed his temples.

"Things didn't go well. We realized quickly with blood tests that no one creature blood would match or balance out his there was just something different about him the others didn't have. We were desperate to save and keep the child so we began to mix several different formulas until we managed to find one that his blood would balance with and accept. Vampire, were-wolf, were-panther, siren, and fey DNA were all used while he lied near death on the operating table. This sadly caused a substantial shock to his internal system and ending up sending him into shock which led to him dieing on the spot. After numerous tries he was finally revived but when he awoke he was very different from before. It was and is an experience and experiment that no other human before him has or probably ever will survive. He's become a magical creature; he's special and unique in that he was the only one of his species. He'll require special attention due to his differences. He'll need quite a bit of red meat the rarer the better. His physical and mental strength need to be fine tuned. You'll need to teach him to control his senses and his allure, but other than that he's just a little boy. A Pet, and surprisingly enough he's willing to serve you." Sir glanced from the new master's face down at the small child/pet sleeping in him Master's arms. "I'll need you to sign the release papers. It's nothing much only paperwork stating that he's left our care and he's been placed into yours. That you agree to take care of him and all that that implies. You'll receive a copy of course when we file ours. It shouldn't take more that two to three months."

Sir Alucard gave a slightly nod and slowly walked over to the table as to not disturb his sleeping pet. Lifting the pen he signed his name on the lines specified by Sir then laid the pen back down and straightening up. Balancing his new pet in one hand and picked up the closed file slipping into some hidden pocket of his jacket before turning and heading towards the door. He paused just inside the doorway and glanced over his shoulder at Sir "That thing you said he had that no other human did." He stated calmly glancing at him from the side. Sir nodded slowly "He's a Merlin. That's what's different about him." Then he seemly faded away into darkness.

Sir looked down stunned at what he'd just witnessed he had just sold their best trained pet to a vampire. Sighing and shaking his head at his stupidity of overlooking something so simple he glanced down at the paperwork that he had just had signed by the other man. His eyes went wide with shock when he read the signature that he moments before hadn't even bothered to check.

I Vlad Dracula here by claim Harold Potter as my pet and submissive. I agree to take him into my care and protection to care for all him needs that are presented to me by Harold Potterand those that I deem he need. I hereby agree to do everything within my power to protect and give guidance when I see he needs it. I agree to teach and if need discipline him as he grows mentally as well as physically. I understand that he is under my care and protection until the time I see fit to either remove him or set him free.

Vlad Dracula

Name of new owner

Alexander Stonebell


This document is valid as of being signed and the pet and submissive stated above has agreed and given his consent to be owned and cared for by the person stated above. This document is valid in England and will and can be considered above a claim of guardianship if a dispute is brought to court. This document goes into effect as of December 16, 2001.