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Chapter Six

Exactly, twenty minutes succeeding to his meeting with Sir Walter, found Harry standing in front of a large wall mirror wearing small black slacks, held up with a black leather belt. The pants were made a soft cotton jean type of material, and fit his upper thighs well but were not over tight before beginning to loosen at the knee until it ended in a small bell shape that allowed only the very bottom of his comfortable yet stylish dress shoes to show. He had decided to allow his wings free in a hope to impress his Mistress who, while had read the report on his new transformation, had yet to actually see them first hand. He wore a light cotton crimson sleeveless tank top and a loose high collar, half zipped black jacket; both had holes in the back for his wings. A quick run of a brush through his slightly damp and wavy hair completed his look and he considered himself ready. He turned away from the mirror and reached out to his left and to the only lit candle within the room. He took a breath; Then blew towards the candle. The flame flickered once, twice, and then went out casting the room and it's only occupant into total darkness. Calling a portal to himself, he instructed the shadows to encircle him and carry him to the door of his Mistress' study. He had an appointment to keep.

Walter C. Dornez glanced around the dark corridor as he stood outside his Mistress' study. Standing straight and tall, head held high, chin up, chest out, his hands clasped behind his back slightly, dressed In his normal style of white long sleeve button down shirt, black vest, black pants and of course black boots, his monocular clipped to a chain attached to an earring in his left ear he was an imposing sight to anyone who dared to enter his Mistress' study uninvited. He relaxed his hands enough to bring one hand forward and pull at the silver chain and the small pocket watch attached to it. He pulled the watch from his vest pocket it glowed a soft silver white from the little light that lit the shadowed hallway. He ran a gloved thumb over the raised Hellsing insignia that stood up in the metal before moving his thumb to the top of the watch and the trigger button that would release the latch and open the watch.

Walter glanced down at the time taking note of the hour hand, the position of the minute hand, and watching as the second hand slowly ticked on moving in its ever constant circle, ticking the seconds, minutes, and hours away. His jaw tightened slightly as he noted that the child had but eight remaining minutes to show, before he personally would go to retrieve the little one. Walter took a deep calming breath as he closed the watch and place it back in its resting spot deep within his vest pocket; he had been on edge as of late. Ever since the attack on the manor and Miss Hellsing's near kidnap and/or assassination, they still did not know the exact reason behind the attack on the Hellsing Manor.

The revealing and unveiling of the mysterious child that no one other than Alucard knew of, was a shock to everyone even himself, whom had been in Alucard's chambers numerous times since the beginning of his employment by Integra's late father. He had neither seen nor heard sign that the child existed. Alucard had hidden the child well from everyone. It put Walter on edge of what else Alucard could have hidden and what secrets he had kept from his Master/Mistress.

The muffled sound of someone cursing without actually cursing and the soft sounds of struggling from the shadows brought Walter from his maddening thoughts, and had him reaching for his wired gloves as he looked around the empty hallway for the unknown person. The voice sounded once more this time a bit louder but still no more than a few tones above a whisper. Walter thought over the voice, recognizing it but unable to place said voice with a face. A slight spike of energy and magic to his right in the small shadowed alcove drew his attention instantly, had him on alert, turning quickly towards the darkness his hands grasping the edges of his wire lined gloves concealed safely away in his back pocket.

A small darkly dressed figure began to slowly develop then emerge from the shadows of the small alcove the magic level spiked slightly then dropped dramatically before. "Come on you blasted shadow, Let go!" the small figure stepped further out and into the light pulling himself backwards hopping slightly as he shook his right leg trying to unsuccessfully detach the mass of shadows that were bound around his left ankle and unwilling to let go. "Come on! You're making me late! Let go!"

Something large attached to the child's back flared out behind him spreading wide and causing Walter to get an idea just who it was that had suddenly appeared from the shadows. Walter caught the sight of a single light switch just a few inches within his reach out of the corner of his right eye, quickly reached out, and flicked the switch up filling the darkened alcove with light and casting aside all shadows. The person in question gave a startled squeak as he stumbled back the now visible black wings quickly wrapping around his upper body shielding him from the bright light even as he lost his balance and fell backwards on his bum, his back leaning against the hall wall. A second later single pale-ivory hand flicked out of the protective barrier of raven black feathers and flicked towards the lit alcove in a quick wave-like manner. There was a soft buzzing sound of electricity, a cracking sound filled in the lit area. The light in the alcove flickered once, twice, a third time, then sound of shattering glass was heard, before the lights went out completely casting the once lit room in darkness again only broken by the small spark of electricity every few seconds as the now bare wires brushed against each other.

Walter stared at the child silently in shock. He had read up on the child's file under Miss Hellsing orders, but had not placed much belief in several claims. It would seem through that they were all true. The child was extraordinary and with proper training would become extremely powerful. He was something extraordinary, one of a kind, the only one of his kind, and he was under the Hellsing's Pet vampire's control. Walter shook his head his life had suddenly got more complicated.

Harry took several deep breaths as he tried to slow his breathing and heart rate, his left arm wrapped around his middle protectively while in his right hand he clutched tight to his master's pendent. The warm hard metal dug into the soft flesh of his palm leaving behind a slight imprint of a cross and dragon. His eyes, he had clenched tightly at the sudden blinding light that lit the once dark alcove, now were beginning to grow sore and quiver slightly from muscle strain. He had acted out of instinct when he was suddenly blinded, had wrapped his wings protectively around his upper body protecting his major organs, allowed himself to fall backwards and curl into himself, and used his magic to force the light out. It was instinct, but now that it was all over it left his heart racing, his breathing short, and he couldn't stop shaking from fear or embarrassment he wasn't sure.

Gradually he regained control back over his body and slowly unfurled his wings slightly so he could peek out from between the space where his feathers overlapped one another. What he saw caused his to blush hotly in embarrassment as he slowly folded his wings back and allow them to settle against his back and peek out from behind his bangs up at the man standing in the hallway frozen in shock. Harry quickly stood up dusted himself off before he glanced over at the mess of glass and sparking wires, only to blush once again.

His head bowed in guilt and on quite cat-like feet he silently made his way down the hall and over to the taller and older retainer standing quietly now looking at him in apprehension. Harry came to a stop three feet and just within arms reach of the older gentleman. If Harry hadn't noticed the tension in the air before he certainly did now, the dark emotion slowly wound its way around his being beating at the very barriers surrounding his mind protecting the delicate sanity tucked safely away. Its claws seemed to sink deep into his psyche and rip out chunks of the frail protective walls his master and he had only recently built.

With each large part of psyche energy that he lost, he could slowly feel himself growing more exhausted as he was forced to use his physical energy to build the walls back up. His gift and power of Empathy was not one of his more favored gifts, it more than often caused him much more grief than help. If his shields were not always raised and at their full capacity when he wasn't within his Master's chambers and he wasn't completely aware, then it was always possible that he could go insane from constantly being bombarded with all the emotions around him.

Harry watched instinctively knowing that now was not the time for him to speak as Sir Walter slowly knocked on his Mistress' door waiting for permission before entering. On silent steps he entered the room following Sir Walter staying three steps behind him, slightly to the left, and moving only to bow when presented to his Mistress. He could already feel himself growing tired from the strain of using his physical strength to hold his slowly deteriorating shields together. He could only hope that the meeting with his Mistress would be over quickly, his strength was waning fast, and all he wished to do was return the quite, safety of the dungeons; where he no longer would have to hold his shields in place, as the cold, thick, stone walls acted as a strong physical barrier blocking out the emotions of the other members of the manor.

Far away from the Hellsing manor within the surrounding woods of an old tiny country town a large predator slowly prowled through the woods. On paws as silent as death and instincts as sharp as any humanly known creature it slowly step my silent step made its way towards the town. Hunger gnawed at it's belly due to the little to no prey living within the woods. A low wind blew from the right of the Hunter taking it's scent away and to the left. Tree limbs rustled overhead, shaking loose leaves to idly drift down to the woods floor. As the wind shook the branches to and fro they parted slightly to allow a tiny sliver of light down onto the wood's floor casting the Great predator in light revealing it to be a large black panther.

A low moaning sound to the panther's left had it stopping mid step one front paw still halfway in the motion of lowering. Sensitive whiskers naturally placed over the cat's body, the soft black fur gave the panther camouflage as well as told the great predator just what it was the made the strange sound. The scent of death and rotting flesh met the panther just seconds before a large creature came stumbling and trampling through the vegetation to the panther's left. The large predator sprang into action just in time jumping back, using it's limber body and strong muscles to spring off a fallen log and up onto a low hanging branch of a tree nearby then up to a higher safer branch.

The great cat gave an angry hiss/ growl as it stabilized it's self before looking down at the large creature that had nearly and quite literally walked into it. With great surprise the panther saw that it was a human, but something was off no normal human would stumble into the woods like this for no reason especially without a weapon. The wind changed from blowing into the west to blowing into the east carrying with it the scent of death and rot. The panther studied the human noting several large and small wounds on the obliviously dead human, but the dead could no rise what was this creature that reeked of death and rot.

The Panther cocked his head to the side as it watched the strange dead human as it stumbled about trying to find it. The dead human showed little to no intelligence that they were usually known for. The panther's belly decided that that was the time to show it's displeasure at being empty and a loud rumble. The sound alerted the dead yet walking human-like creature of it's hiding place. The undead human's head jerked up it's strange black white eyes locking with the panther's own onyx one's.

The panther hissed angrily as the undead human stumbled towards the tree that it had taken refuge in. The dead/rotten remains of what was once a decent human body threw itself at the tree it was in causing the tree to shake slightly. The panther's fine needle sharp claws dug deep into the bark of the tree limb hoping to keep itself within the tree. The dead human however didn't give up and began to not only throw itself at the tree but had seceded in grasping a low branch and somehow was working it's way up the tree. The great cat hissed angrily as the stench of rotting flesh and decay slowly bit by bit came closer to it. Swatting at the air angrily hoping to deter the dead human, which only ended in it hit air and not affecting the human in any manor, the great cat made a decision. It was either it or the dead human and this was his territory!

The Panther gave one last loud growl at it bunched it's muscles, flexed its claws, then in one great show of strength the cat threw its whole hundred and twenty pound body at the dead human. The panther hit the human square in the chest knocking the human out of the tree. The panther sank his front claws into the human's chest as it brought up its back feet and began to kick, scratch, and claw at the venerable stomach of the dead human. Dead flesh gave way and the sickening smell of rotten meat grew stronger. The attack didn't seem to effect the dead human at all as it kept groaning and snapping at the panther its rotten teeth barely missing the great cat. Hissing in frustration the great predator used its last line of defense with all the speed and strength that it's species was known for, it struck snapping closed is massively strong jaws around the dead human's throat tightening until it heard a loud crunch and the dead human again when limp in its clutches.

The panther dropped the dead human to the ground and stared down at it for only a moment, before stumbling away from the scene, and promptly vomiting up what little resided in its stomach the entire way. The panther stood over the pile of bile hacking and coughing trying to remove the taste of dead and rotten flesh from its mouth. The great cat collapsed on the ground beside the puddle of regurgitated stomach acids and food. It lay there eyes closed as its body convulsed painfully.

Suddenly the animal began to shift changing. Legs and paws stretched, joints and knuckles snapping and popping out of place and repositioning elsewhere. Organs twisted, stretched, repositioning themselves back to their original places with the torso. It's coat of thick black fur sinking into the skin until only pasty pale skin remained. The change only lasted seconds, but to the large predator it seemed like an eternity. The great cat now man with a hooked nose and greasy, shoulder-length black hair shivered from the cold as it lay on the cold ground covered in a thin dressing gown.

A twig snapped behind the man. The man's eyes snapped wide open his pulse racing in fear. Another twig snapped and then the sound of footsteps as the creature behind him circled around him. "Well Well Well – what DO we have here?!" The creature behind him asked in a chuckling manner. The footsteps continued until the man was looking up at a 7 foot tall figure wearing a large red hat and jacket. The creature looked at the man his red eyes boring down at him, and the man instantly knew that this creature wasn't his Dark Master. Oh no, He was something much worse. Vampire! his mind supplied unconsciously Nosferatu! He swallowed thickly as he held his wand limply in his hand and thought over what he instructed to carry out. There was no way he would be able to infiltrate and retrieve either information, or the Potter child.

The Vampire smirked darkly as if he could hear his thoughts "So you are here to take my little merlin from me, and spy on my Master no less." He threw his head back and laughed "She'll love to hear this." The man's eyes widening marginally was the only warning he had before the creature struck. The man let out a scream that echoed throughout the dead woods before it was cut off and only silence followed.

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