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Laughing Time

Alice POV-

The vision subsided, and I started laughing, I just couldn't stop. The rest of the family looked up from their poker games and stared at me strangely, but I couldn't stop. If I had been a human, I probably would have died from lack of breath.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, I was able to control my laughter and tell the others what I saw. Edward getting humiliated by Bella in a restaurant, I knew he should have just listened to her when she said she didn't want to go.

The first one to start laughing was Emmet, then Rosalie, then Jasper. In the middle I had to take a break, because I started laughing.

"Wow," Rosalie said breathlessly "That's great, Edward's going to be so mad, it'll be great."

Bella POV-

"Bella! I can not believe you would do that!" Edward said this for about the millionth time. I moved my hand like a mouth, and I'm sure if her could have, Edward's face would have been bright red.

"Are you mocking me?" he asked, and I burst out laughing, Edward looked horrified.

'I'm sorry," I said, wiping tears from my eyes "It's just so funny to see you so helpless, and in the restaurant, so humiliated."

I was saved from Edward's fury as we pulled up to the Cullen house. Charlie was away (fishing) so I could stay here as long as I wanted.

Even though he was mad at me, Edward still helped me out of the car and took my hand, leading me to his house.

When we got to the door, Edward froze, and growled. He opened the door to…..

A room full of laughing vampires, no danger after all, unless of course, they were laughing at me, but well, they weren't. For once, they were laughing at Edward.

From what I could make out, Alice saw what I did in a vision, and told the rest of the Cullens.

"STOP IT!" Edward yelled, and the Cullen's laughter mostly stopped, except for a few giggles that leaked out here and there. "It's not my fault, I tried to do something nice, and look what happens." Edward looked so helpless and angry that Rosalie burst out laughing.

'I'm sorry, "she said between giggles "It's just that seeing you so helpless, well frankly it's funny." The rest of the Cullens and I started laughing again, and now Edward was very angry.

'Who's side are you on?" he asked furiously, and Alice hopped up "I want to be on Bella's side!" she said, skipping over to me, and Rosalie shrugged and joined her.

Emmet stood up "Hey bro, I'll be with you!" and he ran, quite like Alice, but less gracefully to Edward. "Sure why not." Jasper said, joining the Edward side.

"Team Edward rules!" Emmet said, screeching loudly. But Alice fired back "No way, Team Bella's better!"

And that, my friend, is what started the war of the Cullens (and me) Team Edward, verses Team Bella.

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