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The Rules

Bella POV-

"Ok, here are the rules." Said Alice, walking back and forth in front of a board that convientantly had 'the rules' on it already. It seemed suspicious to me, well, she was the psychic. When I asked her about it she had a mischievous look in her eyes and she said "You know, I have it, just in caseā€¦.."

"No poisoning Bella's food." She said pointing to the first rule, and we all flinched.

"Alice," Jasper said, "don't you think that's a bit harsh, it's not like any of us would do that to her." Alice snapped around "Well, we have to have it in the rules just in case." Edward looked mortified, but he didn't say anything, so Alice continued.

"No beef is allowed in this-" Alice started to say, but was cut off by Edward.

"Alice, this is completely ridiculous, there is no point to these rules, as much as I agree with the no poisoning Bella one, it's just not-" Alice cut him off again, looking angry and dangerous. "The world would be a bad place without rules. We need rules, we don't want anyone killing Bella, which brings us to our next rule-"

"Alice!" I said, putting my hand up, and walking towards her, "There is really no need for this rule, no one is going to kill me, ok?"

Rosalie sighed, and got up, 'Why don't Bella and I look through the rules first before you make a fool of yourself, okay?" she asked, and Alice reluctantly sat down.

I scanned through the list of rules, most of them said things like 'No setting bears after Bella' or 'No using weapons against Bella' and, my personal favorite 'No dismembering Bella's limbs and/or head.'

Rosalie went through the rules, clicking her tongue, crossing out almost every rule with a magic marker.

In the end, five rules were left.

Each team was to have a base, this base could not be more then 30 ft. by 30 ft., the other team could not set foot on this space. The team can not stay in this base for more then twenty four hours at a time,

In the case of an illness, the game will be called off until the human (aka Bella) gets better.

The teams will play until one team gets three points. In the event that one team gets the other team covered in feathers and werewolf hair, the team that did the covering will immediately win.

The score will be kept at a central location (aka right outside the Cullen's back door.)

Clothes must be worn at all times.

The last one was kept mostly as a joke, it was stupid but well, we couldn't really cross it off the list.

Team Bella's base was chosen as my room, and Team Edward chose Alice's closet as their base. There was some arguing of whether it met the requirements, but in the end, Emmet went up and measured it, and it barely made it, by only a fraction of an inch. The closet was so filled with clothes, though, that it would be impossible for all them to fit in it, unless they took all the clothes out. From the look Alice was giving them I knew they would.

While we all talked to each other, Alice stood up on the couch, and announced "The game will begin once each team reaches it's respective bases, Team Bella will call Team Edward when we reach our base." She nodded and hopped down. For a moment there was silence, then all the sudden. Everyone started scrambling around, and Team Bella ran out the door.

"May I?" asked Alice, and I nodded as she picked me up in her cold grasp. We ran through the night as fast as we could until we got to my house.

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