Mirror Image


Malcolm Miller was a jaded man. Once he'd loved, and now that part of him was dead and gone. The only woman he had ever loved had walked out on him five long years ago. She was back, but she wasn't alone this time…

Mina O'Malley had tried to leave the past behind, she'd thought that she'd never see the big blonde man that had once captivated her young heart, she was wrong. Five long years she'd suffered, five years to make her just as jaded, just as cold, if not for the little blonde image of her lost love… She needed Malcolm now more then ever. Someone was after her, and there was no where left to run and hide, except in the one place that had always felt like home, the one place she was most vulnerable.

Most people had never even seen the blonde man smile, much less laugh, but within a no time at all, he was laughing, singing in the shower and playing with a small blond effigy of himself. (Not that he even realized it. Multi-Millionaire he was, quick he wasn't)

The past was replaying itself, but this time it was going to end with a wedding ring, and a white picket fence, one way or another, Mr. Miller was going to become a family man. Who would have thought that a heart could be won by the mirror image of itself?

(A/n: So Based on your reviews and my mood, I decided I was going to write Mina and Malcolm's story, what do you guys think? Like it? Hate it? Review! Starving university student here!)