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What was wrong with him?

This thought continually ran through Tenten's mind as she attempted to concentrate on the boy she was speaking to, Tanaka Shakil. But then Shakil began to speak about what he had been doing since he dropped out of the Academy and Tenten's mind began to wander, though she maintained an interested fa├žade.

The strangeness began when she had nearly collapsed because of hunger, something she had actually been expecting since she and Neji had been training since before dawn and she had not eaten anything the whole time. She asked if they could go get something to eat and then came the first sign that something was odd.

He agreed.

Tenten had not said anything becuase she was too tired and too hungry. Instead she just assumed he hadn't eaten in the past three days and then dragged him to Ichiraku. They had gotten their food quickly and then Shakil had come along. Tenten had not spoken to any of her former Academy class, barring those in her team, since the genin exams so she thought it would be interesting to talk to him. He had proven her wrong about three seconds into the conversation but she thought it would be rude to just ignore him. As she presented a fake laugh when appropriate she felt more than saw the second sign of danger.

He activated his byakugan outside of battle.

Now that Tenten was rested and fed she had recognized this as a sign that something was unusual. Generally Neji was much more practical than that and preferred not to waste his chakra unnecessarily. When she felt the familiar burst of chakra signaling the activation, she made her own subtle scan of the surroundings but found nothing amiss. Neji had activated his byakugan when there was no reason. He was wasting energy that could be used for training. Something was wrong. But then, once she had finished her bowl of noodles, there came a sign that caused Tenten to calm down considerably.

"Tenten, we need to get back to training." Neji said gruffly. Tenten suppressed a relieved smile and instead tried to give an apologetic look to Shakil. But Shakil wasn't look at her. Instead he was looking at Neji.

"We're talking here, why don't you go and train on your own." Shakil said and Tenten frowned but then remembered that Shakil was a drop out. He probably didn't understand how hard it was to train by ones self and how nice it was of Neji to help her with her techniques and how much she had helped him with his techniques. She glanced at Neji and saw that he had stiffened. She wondered if something in the ramen had disagreed with him before she replied,

"You're right Neji, just let me" she began to reach for her purse when Neji made a comment that had her tense and defensive.

"I'll pay for it. You go to the training grounds, I'll catch up." Neji said. Tenten looked at him in shock.

He never paid for what she ate.

Slowly she nodded and then walked off and began to try to think of theories as to why Neji was acting so odd when she again sensed the familiar chakra burst that signaled that Neji was activating his byakugan and again she couldn't find the reason why.

Maybe he had a twin brother he had never spoken about and they traded places? Maybe he had been drugged? Tenten paled as another thought came to her head. Maybe it wasn't really Neji. Maybe it was a cloud ninja after not only the byakugan again but also after information on Konoha's defenses. Tenten's eyes narrowed as she absently twirled her favorite kunai between her fingers.

There was something wrong with Neji and come hell or high water, she was going to figure out what it was.

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