Yes, we have no destiny
Only those swallowed up by
Ignorance and fear
Who take false steps,
Shall plunge us into
The muddy waters
Called "destiny."

- Bleach, Volume 6

People, humans, souls.

I revolve around them. They think I control everything, know everything. But in reality, it is they who control me; and I do not exist. I am their past, their present, their future. I see them, hear them, feel them; I do nothing.

I am Fate.

And, yet, time after time, they still befuddle me. They see each other, hear each other, feel each other. But, they, too, do nothing. Would it be possible? Would they understand? Like orange and black, they refuse to blend and become something beautiful.

He would smile and protect her, his pink cloak billowing behind.
She would hit and love him, her hand throwing petals.

He would run, and she would follow to the ends of the earth and beyond.
She would hide, and he would wait for her for a thousand lifetimes.

He would hover in the shadows, waiting to protect her.
She would smile to his shaded eyes, waiting for him to emerge.

He saw her, and she was "Ichigo's sister" to him.
She saw him, and he was "old dude" to her.

He would make it snow for her.
She would hold him so tight they forgot how to breathe.

He fell in love with the girl in his world, but then he found another world.
She fell in love with the boy from her world, but then she grew up.

He would keep fighting, never looking back.
She would stay on his back, leading him to the future.

They danced and swerved and turned and fell and twisted and leapt. In the end, they still ended up together.

What would happen? What will happen? Would it last? Will it last? Or will they keep running 'til they are forced to stop?

They are mismatchs. They are too different, too alike. Too old, too young.

Run faster, spin tighter, reach higher, love harder.

They confound me, these humans do. Yet by their side, I will stay, and watch them 'til the end of time.