Fan Fiction Gave Me False Perceptions About Love

Harry PotterJames Conner

Hermione GrangerHarmony Gibson

Ron WeaslyDon White

Ginny WeaslyVirginia White

Hermione and Ginny are reading a fan fiction on after class using the world wide wand. They notice a story where the names of the characters are eerily similar to their names and the names of the two most popular guys in school. After reading the first chapter of the romance they decide that those types of situations never come true...or do they.

Disclaimer: We do not own any of the names that you recognize from the Harry Potter books. Those belong to J.K. Rowling. The other names, however, that you may not recognize are meant to be similar to the names that you recognize. Please excuse our blaring use of the word recognize.

A/N: In this story it is their 5th year, Ginny and Ron are twins, Harry and Ron are best friends, Hermione and Ginny are best friends, and Harry and Hermione along with Harry and Ginny and Hermione and Ron barely know each other.

Chapter 1: A fiction after class

Hermione and Ginny, after a hard day of Double Potions and Transfiguration followed by Defense against the Dark Arts, were relaxing on their computers in the library when they decided to read a little bit of romantic fan fiction about their favorite wizard series James Conner. They both had wizard wireless, so they could access the world wide wand from anywhere in the castle. Hermione was obsessed with Don White, because he reminded her of Ron Weasly, the second most popular guy in school and the object of her affections. Likewise Ginny was obsessed with James.

Ginny-Oh my god! Hermione look at this!

Hermione came over to Ginny to see a story where James and Don were paired up with two nerdy, unpopular girls Virginia and Harmony.

Hermione-I hate these types of stories. They give me false perceptions about love. Just like Disney movies used to when I was still a muggle.

Ginny- I know, but look at the names. I wish I could be like Virginia. I mean, she has the sexiest guy alive and she isn't perfect.

Hermione-You mean to say that she is like you?

Ginny-Of course.

Hermione-Well this story doesn't look horrible, but I am sick of reading. Wanna go back to the common room and play some chess?

Ginny-Sure. Have you finished your homework?

Hermione-DUH! I finished it before we even got down here.

Ginny-Well, I haven't.

Hermione-Don't worry about it. I can help you. It doesn't take too long.

Ginny-Yeah right.

Hermione-Come on lets go.

Hermione dragged Ginny back to the common room where they saw Harry and Ron surrounded by every popular girl in Gryffindor playing what seemed to be a championship game of chess. They then sat down with their chess set and started playing yet another game where Hermione was doomed to lose. Somehow Ginny didn't win this game, but then Hermione noticed that Harry was standing right behind her and Ginny was only staring at him. It was then that Hermione noticed Ron looking over his sister's shoulder.

Ron-Ginny, I have never seen you lose a game of chess. What is with you? Ginny. Ginny!

Ginny-What? Oh, I guess I wasn't really paying attention.

Harry-Ron, let it go. We all can't be chess masters. How about that game yesterday where these two were watching us. I totally creamed you.

Ron-Harry, just shut up. Come on. Let's get our homework done before quidditch practice tonight.

During this whole exchange Hermione was staring into Ron's deep, sparkling, pure eyes. She didn't hear a word about her or Ginny. She didn't hear anything. She only saw what she wanted.

Ginny-Hermione, are you dead? Hellooo. Anyone in there? HERMIONE!

Hermione-What? Oh, do you want to play another game.

Ginny-No, that's not what I am talking about. Did you notice how much that last conversation mirrored the James Conner fan fiction we were reading earlier today?

Hermione-I didn't notice.

Ginny-That's my twin you were oggling! Stop it! Get your head out of the gutter! We have to read that story again!


Ginny-Because, just trust me ok.


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The next chapter you will get to read this James Conner fan fiction that Ginny and Hermione have been talking about. Just so you know this is a Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione fiction. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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