Fan Fiction Gave Me False Perceptions About Love

Chapter 5: Will you go…to Hogsmead….with me?

Ginny and Hermione were especially anxious to get up the next morning, because they were almost positive that Ron and Harry were going to ask them out today.

Ron and Harry, surprisingly, got up early so that they would meet the girls before breakfast. They both got a little bit dressed up, or more they both actually showered. They were waiting in the common room, playing a quick game of chess, when Hermione and Ginny came down. In a much synchronized manner, they both got up and walked over to the girls. Ron pulled Hermione aside and Harry pulled Ginny aside.

Harry-"Ginny, would you like to go to Hogsmead with me on the next trip?"

Ginny-"Sure, but does my brother know, because if he didn't he might kill you."

Harry-"He knows, but he prefers to not hear anything about it."

Ginny smiled and walked down to the Great Hall with Harry.

Ron-"Hermione, I know we have never really been friends, or gotten to know each other at all, but would you like to go to Hogsmead with me on the next trip?"

Hermione-"I would love too."

They stood there for about a minute, when Hermione saw Ginny leave with Harry for the Great Hall.

Hermione-"Let's go eat. I didn't have any dinner last night."

Hermione grabbed Ron's hand and they walked together to the Great hall.

After eating Hermione and Ginny were walking together back to the common room.

Hermione-"I don't really want to read that fan fiction anymore."

Ginny-"Why not?"

Hermione-"I don't know, I just feel like every thing is going to be alright from now on and I don't really need all of this false love."

Ginny-"I see your point."

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