Ninja Rider

By Ninja Wolf 25

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"Regular talking"


Demon speech

The story goes he'll be normal during the day, but at night, in the presence of evil, the Rider takes over.

Chapter 1: The Contract



With a thunderous roar, the two attacks clashed, fighting for supremacy. Naruto Uzumaki's chakra had turned red and had enveloped him in the shape of a fox. Sasuke Uchiha had powered up his curse seal to level two, with black, bat like wings protruding out of his back and his hair turned pale white. The Valley of the End shook from the energy these two superpowers were exuding.

Naruto knew that if he lost, not only would he lose his best friend to Orochimaru, but he would fail to keep the promise he made to Sakura.

Sasuke had to win. If he lost, he would be taken back to Konaha and punished for leaving the village of his own free will. He would also lose the only chance to gain the power he needed to kill his brother Itachi and avenge his clan.

As the two fought for dominance, a black pearl enveloped both of them. With a deafening roar and a bright flash, the battle ended. When the light diminished, Naruto was kneeling over Sasuke. Both of the shinobis were bleeding badly, but Naruto had taken it too far. Over Sasuke's heart was a deep spiral shaped impression from the Rasengan. Both knew that the avenger was going to die.

"Sasuke…what have I done?" Naruto choked out, his breathing becoming ragged and tears threatening to fall.

"Dobe…I guess you were stronger after all. Now I'll never be able to avenge my clan," Sasuke said through labored breaths, coughing up blood.

"You can't die! Help is almost here! The medics can heal you then we can go back to the village. Please just hang on!" Naruto begged the dying Uchiha.

"Naruto promise me…you'll get stronger and kill him…for me," Sasuke said coughing up more blood. "Even though it ends like this, even though I betrayed everyone, you were always my best friend…no, my brother." And with that, Sasuke let out one last breath, and was gone.

"Sasuke! Nooo!" Naruto sobbed and cried for what felt like forever, the rain mixing with his tears. He kept crying, until a voice interrupted his lament.

"What a shame. Life extinguished at such a young age."

Naruto looked up at the speaker to see a man a few feet away from him.

The man had sandy blond hair, flecked with grey. He looked to be about 5' 8'' tall. He wore a black trench coat, black gloves, and black boots. In his hands he held a cane half as tall as he was, topped with a crystal skull. He didn't even seem to be getting wet from the rain.

But what held Naruto's interest most was his eyes. Naruto had seen eyes that had Hell in them before, and this man had the same eyes.

"If you want, I can save your friend for you. We just have to make a deal."

Every fiber of Naruto's being was screaming at him to not trust the stranger, to deny the deal. But then he looked at Sasuke's body, trying to make a decision.

"Who are you? And what kind of deal are you talking about?"

"You may call me Mephistopheles, and the deal will bring your friend back from the dead. All I ask in payment is your soul and when the time comes, you will be my new Rider. A Ninja Rider if you will."

Now Naruto may not have been rookie of the year, but logic told him that it was impossible to bring back the dead, nor could someone just take your soul. But the desperation in him told him that he also carried the soul of a thousand year old demon in his belly, and that time was running out for Sasuke.

The fox in him screamed "Don't do it baka! This man is the Dark Prince himself! Making a deal with him will doom us both!"

"Shut up you stupid fox. I promised Sakura-chan that I would save Sasuke. It's my nindo." Naruto told him.

"I see. You have the Kyubi no Kitsune sealed in you. Well then, since I owe that bastard a favor, I'll make an amendment to the deal. Usually I kill the one I saved the day after the contract is signed. But in this case I'll let him live out his natural life. How does that sound?" Mephistopheles asked.

Naruto weighed his options. He didn't fully understand the repercussions he would one day endure, but he knew that this was his only option to save Sasuke.

"All right. I'll do it," Naruto said in a defeated voice.

Chuckling darkly, Mephistopheles pulled out a scroll and opened it. The rain likewise didn't affect the scroll and the ink did not run. Written on it appeared to be Latin, but since Naruto couldn't read Latin he skipped down to the bottom where he surmised that he had to sign on the line. In a panic he realized that he did not have a pen.

Mephistopheles, sensing the boy's panic said "Don't fret. You need only to drop a bit of blood on. That will do just fine."

So Naruto swiped a bit of blood from the corner of his lip and ran his thumb across the bottom. Had he been paying attention, he would have noticed that Mephistopheles' shadow in the flash of lightning was that of a goat on its hind legs.

Mephistopheles then began to laugh so evilly that shivers ran down Naruto's spine. "I will call on you when I have needs for your service. Until then I suggest that you acquire a steed."

Mephistopheles then put his finger on Naruto's forehead and the young blond fell unconscious.

When Kakashi arrived five minutes later, the only things he saw were a decimated valley, and his two students, alive and breathing.

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