Chapter one: Hacker's prisoner.

A broad and happy grin smoothed along the face of The Hacker. His evil green sly face forced his eyes to eye the closed door. The lift was slowly going up. By his side, well two metres away actually, his henchmen Buzz and Delete stood to attention smiling.

"Do you smell victory," The Hacker said proudly.

Confused Buzz smelt the air. There was a smell but it didn't smell like much. "I didn't know victory had a smell," commented Delete.

Angrily The Hacker advanced on them, "that's not what I meant, I mean that I have something that Motherboard wants, YOU DUNCE BUCKET!"

The lift slowed and stopped. The Hacker turned to the door as it opened. "I wonder how the prisoner is doing," he muttered chuckling to himself. He marched along a corridor with Buzz and Delete in hot pursuit.

Eventually Hacker stopped in front of a large door. His henchmen stared blankly unable to speak. Chuckling to himself, Hacker reached into his pocket and pulled out a glittering golden key. He pushed the key into a golden lock and turned. It creaked. Happily he pushed against the door, which opened, and stepped into the darkness. Buzz and Delete followed.

Inside Hacker flicked a switch. It was quite empty except for a wide glass window. He strolled towards the window and peered into the room on the other side. Standing with his arms and legs stretched, held up by heavy shackles, his head down and his body slumped as if asleep, was a boy, an eleven year old boy with brown hair and pale skin. Parts of his body that clothes could not cover were scratched, marked and bloodied. His jeans were ripped and stained with red blood and his green shirt hung torn and ragged over his thin body. Hacker moved his hand to a green switch and flicked it. A microphone appeared. Smiling he pressed a button, cleared his throat and spoke.

"Hello Matt."

Hearing his name the boy stirred and gently raised his head. He hadn't been asleep. He had been unconscious. Slowly the boy, Matt, opened his eyes and groaned, "Jacks, Inez, Didge," he tried to hold his aching head but the shackles refused to let go. He blinked into focus as he realised his situation.

"Oh dear Matt. Are we in a spot of trouble?"

Matt recognised that evil voice, "Hacker!"

Hacker, hearing his nickname exploded down the mic, "that's the Hacker to you."

Matt winched as the words banged his eardrums. He always hated Hacker ever since Motherboard signed himself and his two friends Inez and Jackie to help save Cyberspace. Each time they had always succeeded. So how did he end up here, "What do you want Hacker, where are my friends?" he demanded.

"No one demands The Hacker," Hacker screamed, "You are in no position to demand me around," he pressed a switch. A laser- firing gun appeared in front of Matt. Matt gasped. He backed away twisting and tugged, pulling and straining at his shackles trying to break free. The Hacker laughed at Matt's fear. Pressing the microphone button, he spoke to Matt, "still want to demand The Hacker around."

"Let me go," Matt begged as, with a flick of a lever, the gun slowly descended towards him. Hacker's index finger walked towards a button. He pressed it. The gun activated sending a laser- beam dangerously close to Matt's neck.

"NO!" Matt screamed adding a plead for mercy, "please Hacker NO!"