Chapter 6- res'cure' Matt

Chapter 6- res'cure' Matt

Buzz sighed as Delete roasted two hot-dogs. Delete always took his time at cooking. He turned to Matt, hoping to get some entertainment. No luck for Buzz. Growing bored Matt had drifted off to sleep. Buzz chuckled. He was going to have some fun. Quietly he sneaked up to Matt and raised two of his hands so they were either side of his knee. His fingers closed in. His broad grin reflected in the blazing sun.

"Buzz, what are you doing?" his boss' angry voice startled Buzz. He stared anxiously at Matt's face. His head had moved but he was still asleep.

"Just trying to wake up the prisoner Boss," Buzz explained.

"Well as usual you are doing it wrong," Hacker snarled, "if you want to wake up prisoners, you just give them a sharp kick."

As those words left his lips he gave Matt a sharp kick in the knee. With a yelp of pain, Matt awoke from his dreams.

"Good morning Matt, Good sleep"

Matt growled at Hacker, staring him up and down. He had to admit Hacker did look important in his robes and crown but Matt wasn't interested in how important Hacker looked. Why? Because for some reason Matt's eyes refused to stay in focus. At first he thought it was tiredness. However as his eyes blurred, he began to realize the open wounds caused by the chains earlier had caused a virus to infect his body.

If Hacker had noticed the signs, he wasn't apparently worried. He was also unaware that (after finding the compass in Matt's pack) Jackie, Inez and Digit were hiding behind a bush watching.

"Come on," Jackie whispered as she carefully crawled closer to Hacker.

Hacker turned and headed back to the grim wreaker, "Burn him," he told Buzz. Buzz wanted to protest but decided not to.

Jackie, Inez and Digit waited unsure of what to do. They knew they had to rescue Matt but they didn't know how. Jackie watched Buzz walk to the campfire and take from it a burning piece of wood.

"What is he doing?" Jackie asked.

Inez stared, "he's going to burn Matt," she screamed softly and quietly.

Jackie imitated a goldfish, "Hacker can't. It's not sunset."

"You didn't think that The Hacker would keep his promises, threats and bargains did ya." Digit interrupted gasping, "We're talking the Hacker here."

"Digit's right," Inez said.

"Then what do we do," said Jackie desperately, "Matt will be burnt to death if we don't do something."

"Wait here," said Digit suddenly. He flew off to the grim wreaker, careful so as not to be seen, "Good evening Hacker, Buzz and Delete, want ta play chase the birdy.

As Hacker, Buzz and Delete chased Digit into the Grim Wreaker, Inez and Jackie ran to Matt's side.

Releasing him, Jackie noticed Matt wasn't well. He wobbled, moved two steps then collapsed. The girls hoisted his arms over their shoulders and lead him to the portal, waiting for them. Digit after locking Hacker and Co in the Grim Wreaker, was waiting for them.

"Digit, Matt's weak. They must have done something to him," Jackie panted.

"Quick, take him to Motherboard and Doctor Marbles."

As they entered the portal, three figures watched.