Summary: Set during or before the movie, Loz's views on his brothers and their relationship. Drabble/one-shot.

Disclaimer: Advent Children isn't mine. Final Fantasy in general is not mine. These characters aren't mine. Gee, go figure.

Warnings: Implied m/m/m incest threesome (Kadaj/Loz/Yazoo). It is entirely non-graphic, but if it squicks you, don't read it. I am giving you fair warning. I have rated it T because it is non-graphic, but if you feel the rating should be upped, tell me.

AN: I'm kind of surprised I wrote this… but I think I covered everything in the warnings. I'm not especially fond of this, and I think the writing is fairly choppy, though it ends better than it starts. But I'm dumbly impressed; the story itself is exactly 500 words, making me not want to change anything.

Started and completed on 1/4/06. Posted over a year later because I kept forgetting, and because I was too chicken about the quality. But there is enough that I like about it to post it.


Loz likes the game he plays with his brothers. It is a game they play only with each other, and he hopes it never changes.

The game is different when it is just Kadaj and him, or when it's only Yazoo and him. It's different still when all three of them play. Kadaj is harsher when they play, he is angry, and doesn't always calm down for a while. Yazoo is often sad, and sometimes he cries. Usually it's Loz who cries, because there is nothing he can do to help. When all three of them play, the anger and sadness disappear more quickly, replaced by knowledge that they are always there for each other.

Kadaj and Yazoo play differently without him. Loz likes to watch his brothers. He likes the way long silver hair shines and tangles together against the pillows, and how dark leather makes a contrast until it disappears, revealing pale skin.

The movement and contrast of black leather and silver hair, it is the same thing he loves to watch when they fight.

But that is only when he watches.

When he is playing too, he is more obsessed with feeling and with hearing; the feeling of his brothers' hair running through his fingers and across his face, the feeling of the smooth leather under his hands, and the soft skin against his; the sound of them whispering his name or each other's. This is the closeness he never feels anywhere else, and never wants to.

Kadaj calls their game Release. It is how he loses his frustration and anger when he can't find Mother, or when he forgets himself.

Loz worries that Kadaj is forgetting himself, and that he is becoming a different person, another, angrier person with longer silver hair. He sees Kadaj becoming that man sometimes, and knows that that is their other brother. Not the blonde one, but the one who was killed. Sephiroth. But Loz does not want Kadaj to disappear. Without Kadaj, there will be no one to protect him, no one to make sure his and Yazoo's fights don't get too serious. That is what Kadaj does. He is the one who keeps all three of them together.

Yazoo doesn't call their game anything. His only name for it is a look in his eyes when he is hurt or feels alone. It's usually when he is angry or sad.

Loz doesn't need a name for it. For him it is just their game. It is how he knows that his brothers are okay, it is then he sees them, and looks for injuries. It is then that they are together, and no longer fighting the world and each other. That is when they are just them, and even their Reunion can be forgotten for an hour. Loz finds himself hoping that once they find Mother, that everything will stay the same. Kadaj wants it to be different. Loz doesn't. He doesn't want to lose this, or his family.


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