AN: Random one-shot written in all of ten minutes. Started as a brief idea of two people comforting another out of a nightmare. Expanded to this. My apologies for the potential badness/confusion/shortness of the fic; it wasn't exactly thought-out. But yayz! My first Trio fic. (Though I'm a Riku/Sora fangirl at heart, I find I like the three of them together as well…) I also apologize for not working on any of the hundred ideas for ongoing fics.

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They both held him as his nightmares shook him. He'd never wake up until they were over, so all they could do was wait them out. Kairi held his head in her lap, and Sora lay next to him, keeping his arms and legs as stable as possible, keeping him from injuring himself or them when he convulsed.

When Riku woke up he would shake and cry, but take comfort in the fact that both of them were with him.

Sora would hold him as Riku cried onto his chest, and Kairi would gently run her hands along his back until he stopped shivering. When he quieted a little, they would try to calm him the rest of the way.

The three's shared kisses took the taste of darkness from his mouth. Touches of their hands on his skin replaced the claws of shadows. Their love could distract him from the past, and what felt like the imminent future. Once Sora and Kairi were all her could think about, when they were the only things he could feel, on his body or in his mind, then he would fall back asleep, hopefully not into another nightmare.

The other two would exchange worried glances over his sleeping form, silently asking each other 'was that one stronger than the last? Is he getting worse?'

Then they would fall asleep too, holding him between them, and if they were very lucky, all three of them would only wake up once the sun already lit the room.

Riku's time in the darkness had scarred him. He didn't know how long the other two, both of whom seemed so full of light, could continue to love him. He just hoped they would. Because even though they couldn't wake him, the two of them were the only things keeping the nightmares from consuming him.

Though he worried, he didn't need to.

For neither Kairi nor Sora could even consider leaving him. The damage that had been done to him would maybe never be righted, but they'd never abandon him. He hadn't abandoned either of them to the darkness; they wouldn't either.


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