Forbidden Fruit

By Aly

Disclaimer: Publicly recognized figures from the highly acclaimed twilight are not of my own invention.

Version: One-shot

Forbidden Fruit

My name is Rosalie, and it means Rose. I guess it makes sense, Emmett calls me a Rose, for my beauty, and Edward names me for my 'thorns.' I'd disagree on these two theories; I am beautiful, and notably stubborn, but that's not why I bear resemblance to a rose. With care this flower grows and blooms with delicate grace, but it is only beautiful when cared for as Emmett cares for me.

In my human life, the one I can only vaguely remember, I was a rose in another way, I bloomed, but when Carlisle found me wilting he did not let me return to the earth. He plucked me from fate and pressed and settled salt into my petals. A flower drying pressed between the pages of a book, to settle into dust yet still remain.

I have only some recollection of my human days, but what I recall was whimsical and happy. I only have one strong memory that withstands all the others. I had asked a woman, likely my mother, what an 'angel' was. All I can really recollect is her voice as she says the words in a faraway tone; very much unaware of how I had hung onto the words. Seeking solace in those words; even when my humanity was rejected by my vampirism. She had told me that angels lived forever because of the goodness inside of them, their virtue kept them forever young. I am now forever young, but I do not believe any being so inhuman can hold any virtue within them. Furthermore she told of their beauty, another product of their high caliber.

When we are little we are taught that evil is ugly and good is beautiful. I think this is wrong, but for all my reveling beauty, my eyes repulse me. They mark me. I once had eyes the color of the ocean and sky, I am certain of it.

There was no photograph, no record of me as a child, me as a human, but Carlisle told me my eyes were blue. Carlisle, who is the only one of us who is filled with control, who can make a human a vampire, something I could never do. The vampire who changed me, with the intent I might make Edward a companion.

Though I haven't told them, I know why Edward and I never would have worked. I believe that we must choose our angel. We do not believe we are good, and we see the good in the one we choose. Though we refuse to see the good in ourselves.

Carlisle sees the loving qualities in Esme, and she sees his pure intensions. Alice and Jasper found something I don't even understand. Edward, I believe, sees the innocence in Bella, though he has yet to realize the extent of her selflessness. In that aspect, I must respect Bella, even if I can never be brought to admit it; I think she knows.

As for my angel, I can see the sincerity in Emmett, I can see how he never wants to hurt anyone, how he so wants to end the troubles of those he loves. I have no idea what he sees in me, I can only see my monster inside and my human vices. Sure we take our human virtues, often they become our power. Emmett's strength and Jasper's sensitivity. But our vices, the very worst, come too. Carlisle excludes information unless asked, I am selfish and stubborn, Alice's wrecking-ball attitude, Jasper's troubling depression. I can only see no fault in Emmett, and since angels are filled with only virtue, Emmett is my angel.

It's strange, how as a human child I wished to be immortal and strong, and how now I can only blissfully recall the innocence, maybe I don't seek humanity as my brothers believe, but happiness. The happiness of a child, something I will never have again, and the relief of dying, knowing that you are fragile and precious. As it is I am always looking for what I can't have.

I am always looking for forbidden fruit.