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Name: Nami (last name unknow)

Age: 12

Birthday: December 30

Hair: She does it in the same hair-style as Haku during fights (Bun in the back of the hair and bangs at the side of her face) When out with friends her hair goes down to her waist.

Face: Same as Haku

Clothes: She wears a blue kimono that ends at her butt, with a dark blue obi and has black tights that go down to above her knees

Height: 152.5 cm

Weight: 42.3 kg

Secret: Nami has the water spirit in the form of a dragon, who name is Mizuka. (It is NOT A DEMON)

Personality: She acts just like her brother, caring, and will protect her precious people. She also loves weapons, and acts like a tomboy. She also when she is mad or is highly emotional, she turns all blood lustly.

Hobbies: Loves studing, Training and studing healing jutsus.

Kekkai Genkai: Hyoton (Ice Release) she is able to control ice and water, but with Mizuka inside she is able to do it automaticly.


(1) Makyo Hyo Sho Demonic Ice Mirrors,

(2) Kirigakure no Jutsu Hiding Mist Technique,

(3) Dokunuki no Jutsu Poison Extraction Technique,

(4) Kuchiyose no Jutsu Summonig Technique (she summons dragons),

(5) Sensatsu Suisho Thousand Flying Water Needles of Death,

(6) Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu Water Clone Technique,

(7) Suiro no Jutsu Water Prison Technique,

(8) ect...

Team: Her sensei is a female named Aoi. She has a teammate named Ayama. (These two will not be showing up a lot, but during the Sand/Sound invasion they die.)

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