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'Inner Sakura...Demons..'


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As Naruto was showing all the places he knew to Nami, (only the places the shopowners would let him in) they were met up with a square rock.

"Um.. Naruto, Sakura in your village is it normally for square rocks to be following people around?" asked Nami.

'No you baka, there is no such things as square rocks, and rocks aren't even supposed to move!' yelled Inner Sakura.

"Don't worry Nami," said Naruto as he grasped Nami hand, "that just Konohamaru and his friends, who always try and beat me in fights."

'Oh. My. Gosh. I'm holdong her hand, and it's all soft too... NANI! I'm in love with Sakura, must get Nami out of my head.' thought Naruto as he let go of Nami's hand.

And at que the rock thing poofed open with three kids in them.

(skip introductions of kids)

"So boss, is that girl with the pink hair your girlfriend," said Konohamaru as he wiggled his finger.


"Baka! I am not your girlfriend! I won't be any sooner!" yelled Sakura.

"Yeah, your right you're to ugly and you have a wide forehead. That means the girl next to is your girlfriend, ne?" asked Konohamaru.

"Sorry, but I am not the fortunate girl to be called Naruto's girlfriend." said Nami.

"UGLY, YOU CALLED ME UGLY, YOU BETTER RUN!" yelled Sakura as she ran off after the now running Konohamaru and co.

"We should go after them, Naruto. Let's go!" said Nami and she pulled Naruto with her.

(skip chase scene)

"Please let go of him, we were just playing around." pleaded Sakura.