Author's note: is my second try at fanfiction! Came up with it at work. I think I found my muse! hehehe But have to warn you...I really try to put some humour..don't know if it was achieved! So, as you know constructive criticism, please!

A/N: Daniel's POV...probably S6 spoilers. But really nothing concrete

A bored a higher plane of existence

It's pathetic, I know.

I'm in a higher plane of existence with all the knowledge at my disposal and I'm bored! But it's only natural! You would also be if you were in my position. All this knowledge...all this power and you're not allowed to interfere.

So I can't exactly go anywhere as I can't do a thing...Now I can only sit here at Sam's lab on a desk. No one can see me so no talking to anyone neither...Just watching (gosh, I feel like one of those voyeurs).

But, oh! Wait! The amusing part of the day: Jack and Sam trying to avoid each others eyes and then Teal'c behind them, with his eyebrow raised high.

Oh well, it's not all lost. Do you think pushing one of them towards each other is interfering?