This is just a fanfic I had stored away and my friend said to post it for fun so I did!

One day Kenshin was getting tofu for dinner. While he was out the others were at the dojo. Kaoru was watching over Yahiko's training and Sano was sleeping on the porch. Megumi came over along with and his granddaughters. Somebody mysterious walked into the dojo; so Yahiko stopped and Kaoru walked out to the mystery person.

"Excuse but can I help you with something?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes I'm looking for a person by the name of Kenshin Himura." The person said.

"Oh Kenshin is out at the moment; would you like to stay and wait for him?"

"No that is alright thank you anyways; sorry that I interrupted your training. I will be going now." They said and started to walk out.

They walked out passing by Kenshin without looking at him. He could sense something familiar about their presence. The person went to where they were staying and decided to wait till tomorrow instead. On the way to their inn they came across a group and they were planning to get back at the Kamiya dojo. So they figured they follow the group and see what they were up to. Meanwhile Kaoru was telling Kenshin that somebody was looking for him.

"Well I will start dinner Miss Kaoru that I will." Kenshin said and went to start dinner.

"So Kenshin you not worried about the person looking for you?"

"Oh hello Sano, no I am not if it was anything important they will come back, that they will."

Kenshin went to finish the dinner and laundry. When he finished everyone one ate dinner and then both Kenshin and Sano stopped. They got up and walked outside to see a large group. Kaoru ran out and saw the group and asked them a question.

"What do you want?"

"We are here to get rid of you all; die." One guy said.

They attacked the group and one was behind Kaoru about to hurt her until the mystery person shows up there. They block the attack on Kaoru and get a bad cut on their arm. They helped the others to defeat the group. The mystery person got two cuts on them; one was on their left arm and on their right side. When the group was defeated Kenshin went to Kaoru to ask if she was alright and the mystery person was leaving. They were walking to the gate.

"I am alright thanks to that person." Kaoru said to Kenshin.

"Hey you" Sano yelled at the person.

The person stopped walking and stood there not turning around. Sano and Yahiko went up to them to ask them questions.

"What do you both want?" the person asked.

"Who are you and what are you wanting to talk to Kenshin about?" Sano asked.

"Fh… why should I tell you anything, Sanosuke Sagara?"

"How do you know my name and why did you protect the Missy?"

"I have no reason to tell some konhai or bozu either; be more careful Miss Kaoru or Kenshin Himura will be upset to lose you after all you are his woman." They said about to leave again.

"Oro" Kenshin said when everyone looked at him.

Kaoru went to the person and step in front of them.

"Wait you need your arm looked at right away."

"It will be fine Miss Kaoru." They said.

"Please let Miss Megumi look at it before you leave."

"Alright only because you are Kenshin Himura's woman."

Both Kenshin and Kaoru blushed at what the person said. Kaoru showed the person to Megumi. Megumi was about to examine them until she noticed something.

"Everyone else except for Miss Kaoru is to leave the room." Megumi said.

"Why he is a gu…"

"I said leave now." Megumi said as she cut Yahiko off.

The guys left and Megumi turned to the person after they pushed the cloak behind their shoulders.

"So why don't we tend to your wound now Miss." Megumi said.

"So you figured out that I'm a girl; the name is Dracona." The person said.

Megumi took care of the wound on the arm. Kaoru realized Dracona had blood on her right side. Dracona noticed that Kaoru saw the blood.

"So you know Miss Megumi I have a wound on my right side; Miss Kaoru saw it before I did." She said with a smile like Kenshin had.

Megumi took care of the wounds and sighed. Dracona asked that they say nothing about her being a female. The two agreed to not saying anything to the others. When Megumi finished Dracona said her thanks and left. Kenshin stopped her before she left the dojo.

"Thank you for your help; may I ask your name Miss?"

"Miss; why are you calling them Miss?" Yahiko asked.

"You are sharp; just like Hiko said." She said turning to face the group.

"You know Master Hiko?" Kenshin asked.

"Yeah we go a ways back; the name is Dracona. I was going to challenge you to see who was a better swordsman, but I saw first hand that you are a master of the Hiten Mitsurugi Style. I will be going now have a nice night to you all."

"You should rest."

"Thanks for your concern but I will be fine Kenshin Himura. Good bye to you all." She said then turned to walk out.

"Hey Dragon face you forgot your sword." Sano said.

Dracona turned after she felt for her sword and felt it gone. She disappeared and showed up behind Sano with her sword. He was shocked but Kenshin saw her move at god like speed to get her sword. She was about to walk off until Kenshin said something that shocked everyone.

"You use the Hiten Mitsurugi Style."

This stopped her in her tracks and she turned to face him.

"That is correct; you know I feel like challenging you to a match now."

"I will not fight you."

"I knew you say that so…" she grabbed Kaoru and jumped to the roof. "I will be taking Miss Kaoru with me for now and don't worry I will not hurt her; meet me at the river."

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