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Chibi My Baby

Sasuke stared at his hands. They were so small compared to the strong grip of Naruto's bear sized ones. He glared at them, hoping with all his might that if he stared long enough, they might just suddenly turn bigger.

Hey, maybe he might suddenly become big like that person who looked like him in that photo that had Naru-nii-san, the pink-haired girl and a funny guy with a mask in it.

The Naru-nii-san in the picture looked a lot smaller than his Naru-nii-san, and maybe he looked a little childish too.

"What are you doing Sasu-chan?"

Chapter 7

: My Heart Beats

Naruto felt himself tense as Sasuke turned around; holding the last remaining thing that showed the older Sasuke had lived at all. It was the picture that had been taken not too long after team seven was formed.

Kakashi was there in the back, grinning stupidly as he patted both Sasuke's and Naruto's own head. Sakura was in-between the two boys and looked rather indifferent.

"Sasu-chan, wh-where did you get that picture?"

"I found it on the table!" Sasuke grinned. Then he glanced back at the picture. "Who is this person?" he pointed to the older Sasuke.

Naruto felt his heart beat faster. Sasuke couldn't even recognize himself, but then again, how do you recognize an older you?

Naruto shook his head. "I'll tell you when you are older…" He then mentally punished himself for his choice of words.

"Naru-nii-chan," Sasuke's should've held a whining tone, but it held a firm yet questioning ring to it.

"What is it now Sasu-chan?"

"Was… no, is that boy special to you?"

Naruto was astounded. Did he just hear the overtone of jealousy in a five year old's voice?

"Yes, he was… in a way" Naruto said, looking suspiciously at the Uchiha prodigy who began to sulk.

"Let's go out for a while, being cooped up in here is making me stir-crazy," Naruto chuckled, picking up Sasuke, hoisting him onto his hip and then waltzing out the door.

Neji had never seen anyone waltz down the street the way Naruto did with Sasuke on his hip.

"Naru-nii-san why are we dancing?" Sasuke asked, puzzled by the older boy's random tendencies.

"Because, it's fun!" was Naruto's laughter filled reply.

Sasu-chan sighed and then began giggling along side his best friend.

"Naruto, Sasuke, why are you dancing?"

Sasuke looked deep into the blank eyes of the Hyuuga prodigy, Neji.

"Oh Neji, we were just bored and decided to dance…" Naruto smiled a cheesy grin.

Neji still looked confused. "In the middle of a street?" he raised his eyebrow.

"Sure, why not?"

"Because people are staring and whispering?"

"Wrong answer! Maybe you are just jealous that we can dance in the middle of the street and we don't really care?"

"Naruto that is hardly relevant-"

"Neji, just admit it, I'm right. Dancing is fun!"

Neji merely stared at his companion with a blank expression. He knew Naruto was immature, but this took the cake. Then he noticed the little Uchiha in his arms.

"Naruto-nii-san is right!" Sasuke pumped his little fists in the air, giggling happily.

Neji now knew why Naruto was acting so strangely.

It was all to entertain this boy?

"Neji, have you seen you soon-to-be wife around anywhere? I need to enroll Sasu-chan…" Naruto brought his finger to his lip, like he was contemplating the need to actually make this child a ninja… again.

Neji fought back a blush as he saw the way Naruto looked over Sasuke. He felt like he was intruding a special conference between the two.

"She'd be at the Academy with Iruka-san. I was heading over there myself, so I guess I am asking if you would like to join me."

Naruto's ears picked up. He smiled his foxy grin and turned to look at Sasuke, who had appeared to be struggling in his arms. It was then he noticed the Uchiha was trying to move in a victory-dance-ish sort of way.

Chuckling at this newfound fact, Naruto adjust him on his hip and turned back to Neji.

"Lead the way partner!"

Sasu-chan found himself being hoisted of Naruto's hip as soon as they entered a slightly formal looking building. He watched as Naruto talked softly to the pretty lady who gave him icecream. She was nodding and blushing and standing next to an older man who merely smiled at him while listening to Naruto-nii-san.


Sasuke stopped himself in thought. Where had that come from? He didn't know this man, so why did his mind just automatically know his name?

"Is that okay, Sasu-chan?" Naruto's question had fallen on deaf ears as he looked at the small Uchiha who was deep in thought. He watched as his brow creased in a way that only Sasuke could do.

"Um… what?" Sasuke shook his head. Naruto laughed.

"I said, would you like to go to the Academy to learn how to be a shinobi?"

The Uchiha prodigy's eyes opened fully at recognition of the word.

"J-Just like Itachi-nii-san!?"

Naruto could hear Hinata's sharp intake of breath, Neji's hiss from the corner and Iruka's sigh. Naruto bit his lip to actually concentrate on how to answer that, rather than answering with the first thing that came to mind.

"No… not like Itachi…"

Sasu-chan's face fell.

"You'll be a much better ninja than him!" Naruto smiled, trying out Gai-sensei's famous good guy pose. Sasuke looked at him and laughed.


Iruka watched as Sasuke's steel eyes seemed to soften under Naruto's gaze. They seemed to become water; warm water. It was a different sight to see. The defrosting of the Uchiha.

"So then Sasuke…" Hinata began, smiling at the display of affection that clearly had just passed between her newest pupil and Naruto. "You can come in tomorrow and I will introduce you to the class. You will catch up in no time!"

Sasu-chan simply smiled back at her and nodded. It was the best and most obvious answer he could say, since he couldn't say anything.

A voice deep inside of him seemed to say I will make Naruto proud. But this voice wasn't Sasuke's… Who was it?

Naruto merely smiled at Sasu-chan's obvious excitement, even though the crease in the young child's brow had returned.

Gee he's cute when he smiles…

"You will need a lot of sleep tonight, Sasu-chan!" Naruto called from the kitchen where he was just about finished washing the dishes from dinner.

"Uh-huh!" Sasuke called from the bathroom where he was just about finished brushing his teeth.

At least that was where Naruto thought he should be.

Sasuke had walked into Naruto's room and picked up the photo once again.

The boy in the picture had the same eyes, same hair, same skin colour and he wore the Uchiha crest. The boy looked like Itachi, but Sasu-chan somehow knew it wasn't.

It's you… the voice told him. Sasu-chan mentally pictured a grin on the older boy's face as it spoke.

"Who am I?" Sasu-chan moaned, stroking the frame of the picture. He could picture how the scene in the photo could come about but he couldn't understand whether it was because he had been there, or because he had a really awesome imagination.

He was so lost that he didn't realize Naruto walked in.

"S-sasuke! Not again!"

Sasu-chan didn't hear him.

Thinking quickly, Naruto scooped the boy up causing him to drop the photo in surprise. It hit the floor causing glass to fly.

"Damnit…" Naruto cursed softly, sitting on the edge of the bed, placing Sasuke in his lap.

"Oh no, it's broken…" Sasu-chan said. For some unknown reason, Naruto thought he heard tears in the child's shaking voice.

"Sasu-chan… what's wrong?" The question seemed highly strange to the blonde man, but he had to ask. He was curious after all.

"That photo… that boy… Naruto-nii-san… do you love him more or me more?"

So, that was what was bothering you, Naruto thought, smiling to himself.

"There is a difference between him and you Sasu-chan. See, your heart beats…"

This seemed a very odd explanation to the child, but Naruto now seemed to be the one lost in thought.

"My heart… beats?"



Naruto was knocked out of his reverie by Sasuke wiping his face and smiling.

"I'm sorry for your loss…" Sasu-chan said trying to wipe away tears that Naruto's mind had registered had shed.

"Thank you…"


"Huh?" Another question?

"Would it be alright if… if I wanted to become like that boy in the picture? The one who looks just like me but bigger?"

Naruto nearly fell off the bed into the puddle of glass.

Sasu-chan hopped of Naruto's lap and moved carefully through the glass to retrieve the photo.

"That one," he said, to clarify his point; stabbing a finger at the older Sasuke. Naruto had already known who he meant.

"I think that would be a great idea…" Naruto mused later into the night, playing with the sleeping Sasuke's hair. He seemed to twitch in his sleep, not unpleasantly like he was having a bad dream, but like he was so involved in what was going on that he couldn't help it.

"You're almost like a dog Sasu-chan…"


Naruto's hand stopped on the boy's head. Sasuke had just called his name in the dream. That wasn't possible. Why would Sasu-chan have a dream about him and call him by his first name, not using 'Naruto-nii-san' like little Sasuke always did?

"This can't be happening over again… I can't… This mistake…" Naruto could barely get a full sentence out of his mouth as he fled from the room and flew out the door.

Sasu-chan was a snuggler, so he grabbed Naruto's pillow, the one that had the scent of him, and began to hug it mercilessly.

He still smells the same… a voice said in his waking dream. The child was still blurry-eyed.

His dream had been so nice. He had gone on a mission to find a little cat with Naruto-nii-san and a girl named Sakura, who seemed to like him more than he liked her.

"I like Naruto-nii-san more," the boy said huffily, sitting up to hopefully ease his tiredness. It was then he noticed Naruto-nii-san wasn't there.

"Naruto-nii-san?" Sasu-chan called. Getting off the bed, trying not to step on any bits of leftover glass that Naruto didn't pick up and racing into the front room.

The door was wide open with the moon shining through.

"Naruto!" Sasuke found himself yelling, and then he ran; his little feet carrying to a subconscious destination in the back of his mind. A place he knew Naruto had to be.

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