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I hate my life. It couldn't get any worse, really. Being born with green skin ( yes that's what I said green), having a deformed sister, and having to become the future Eminent Thropp; did not help this situation in the least . I hate him. I mean I hate him. He's the most stuck up, egotistical jerk that I have ever had the misfortune to meet in all my life; and you'd be surprised at the countless amount I have met. The whole population of Oz would probably cover it. He has these blue eyes that I swear could stir the dead, a disheveled mop of blond hair, which astonishingly covers all of his ego inflated head; which really should be taking liftoff any second now, because there's no way in hell it's even plausible for him to stay grounded. I hate him. I utterly despise him.

That's all I have to say about him. He's conceited, overindulged, juvenile, and is just a plain dumb ass. I mean, who in their right senses, what kind of an idiot doesn't know the difference between Animals and animals! A monkey would know that! Actually that's an insult to the monkey, a newborn could figure it out before he could. Oz forbid that he'd actually take the time to care about someone, something, other then his scandalous reputation and swankified dance moves. I cannot stand to be within seventy miles radius of him, never mind the same room, same castle, same land and soon to be, same bedroom. I would rather die then spend my life with him.

As damaging as it is being green, I would still pick being green, hell I'd rather be any color of the rainbow, over marrying him. Being green is a blessing compared to being engaged to him.

For Ozma's sake I was only twelve when I actually found out I was engaged to be married to ' Fiyero Tiggular, Crown Prince of the Vinkus'; who most defiantly did not know the difference between your elbow and your ass.

I could of killed him the first day I met him; correction, I should have killed him the first day I met him; and I would of succeeded had my adoring sister, and wonderfully devoted father not come between my fist and his revolting face.

I sat on the right side of my father, who was seated sat in the middle chair of the royal banquet table, while my sister, Nessarose sat to his left. I was having a glaring contest with the immature idiot across from me. I was twelve years old; soon to be thirteen. We were on our yearly visit to the Vinkus to meet with the Royal family; the Tiggulars. Ever since I was three my father had forced me to attend meetings with the "most respectable family in all of Oz" as he had put it, and spend a week there; I never particularly cared because I knew he was only doing it for his own benefit; whatever that my turn out to be, considering that they don't take to kindly to ministers such as himself in the Vinkus. Oh sweet Oz if I had only known what his reason for dragging me there would be.

I loathed the prince ever since I fist laid eyes on him. I was three and he was five; two years older. He shoved me in the mud and continued to torment me for my green skin. He laughed, he teased, he ridiculed me! A three year old girl, who barely knew what the word ridiculed meant; though in my case, I probably did since I was forced to live with it since the day I was regretfully born into this mediocre world.

Ever since then; I had made an oath to make his life a living hell, as long as I was to marry him. My eyes showed such iciness toward him, it was almost enough to make myself burst out into laughter. My father, Frexpar the 'Godly' if you prefer, saw this and evidently decided to put me in my place. Thank the gods that the ' king' cleared his throat and decided to speak up; saving us from one of our many 'traumatizing' fights.

"We have fantastic news," he said, looking from me to his son. "Tremendously glorious news," I knew exactly what was about to happen; I was about to be forced into something that I know would kill me. For you see, when one of the members of the "Royal Family" had to repeat something, it was most likely because they trying to convince their selves that it was good, rather then a terrible horrible mistake, "Today I myself, my beautiful Queen Elyria, and Frexpar the Godly; Governor of Rush Margins and of Munchkin land, will declare the betrothal of my son Fiyero Tiggular, crown Prince of the Vinkus, and the future Eminent Thropp, Elphaba of Nest Hardenings, to the entire Kingdom, and soon all of Oz."

It all went silent, except for the shattering sound of my glass as it hit the floor.

"What!" I spat with the most passion I had ever seemed to gather up inside of me.

"Yes Elphaba," said my father giving me a warning that if I over reacted, I would be punished brutally, "King Eltowad, Queen Elyria, and I think it would be a glorious idea, to join the two areas together." That's when I remembered, I was only becoming a teenager, I couldn't fathom even liking the idiot never mind marrying him. My mother had died in childbirth and dearest father had never remarried, so that made me the heir to the Government position my family held so very dear.

"A wonderful, glorious idea?" I fumed, glaring at my father, "What gave you that impeccable notion?"

"You two will go marvelous together, Fabala," Queen Elyria replied, hesitantly; she knew I had a very bad temper and was quick to violence in situations like these; especially when I was called by that horrid name. What in Oz were they talking about? They know how much we loath each other! Have I not screamed about all the stories of our affiliation and how he always torments me to the point where I could kill myself!

"Never," I said standing up, tears threatening to fall; which of course I would not let them see. "This...This Is not going to happen!" I felt Fiyero's tranquilizing and unbearable gaze rest on me, appalled. Never before in my life have I ever spoke to my father that way in public; I would scream about other stuff, but never directly about or to him. "I repudiate your decision."

"Elphaba, this is not the time for your temper tantrums, this is not a discussion for you to debate!" Frex, because I refused to call him my father at this point, screamed.

"When was this decided?" I asked.

"The day you first met, when you were three and he was five, remember? You were acting up and he pushed you into the mud," Frex stated plainly. I blew up then.

"That was nearly ten years ago! You just finally decided to tell us now!?" My eyes were blazing.

"You two will be married when Elphaba is nineteen. That is in seven years, we thought it would be best if you two knew before hand."

"Before hand!" I exclaimed mortified. Nessarose looked like she was about to burst into tears at this point.

"You call this before hand! Ten years ago would have been before hand!"

"Elphaba," Frex warned. I glared at him, then at my sister, who evidently knew about this, then at Fiyero's parents, then at his revolting pitiful face. I narrowed my eyes, and threw one last glance at his royal pain in the ass Highness, and walked out of the room. I heard Frex demanding me to get back there but I refused to listen; that man, was not my father.

"She has a point," Fiyero spat, speaking of stalking away, not of our engagement. He got up and followed me out; damn. The door slammed shut behind us, and I let out a aggravated hiss. "Be quiet you idiot! You'll shatter every stinking window in the Palace!"

"I attribute you." He challenged. I seethed at the very sight of him.

"Excuse me?" I asked, raising an eyebrow fits clenching. "I blame you! You must have come up with this to make my life even more unbearable then it already is!"

"Me? I'm just as happy about this as you are, oh so highly exalted future Eminent Thropp! Do you actually think I want to be married to a freaking green lizard like yourself?"

" And do you actually think I want to be married to a pompous, dimwitted, ass like yourself?" I let out a grunt.

"Well your going to be hard to tame," He said, rolling his eyes and smirking wickedly in my direction. Typical fourteen year old male.

"I swear, I am so angry I could just about kill you here and now!" I replied hotly, only to have him give me an ice cold stare that could freeze Oz over entirely.

"That's not what I meant. Exactly." he said hastily. I just kept on glaring. Then I said something he, nor I shall ever forget, three words that could haunt me forever and a day.

"I hate you!"

Fiyero froze in his place, eyes as wide as saucers. Before that moment, I'd never said that to him. Though we fought a lot; fought ALL the time, I'd never had the nerve to say that. Fieryo looked at me and sneered before stalking off. It struck him hard, since he had never thought he hated her, until now. At that moment he knew without a doubt, that his life was going to be a living hell with Elphaba as his wife.

I was so mad at this sudden discussion, the next time I saw dear Fiyero, I punched him in the face. I would of continued doing this until dearest darlingest father and Nessa ran up to us and pulled us apart. Oh what a relationship this is going to be. Kill me now. Please kill me now.

I hate him. I hate him. I'm nineteen years old, standing in front of a huge vanity Mirror in the Princess suit, the night before my wedding. And I hate it.

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