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If anyone would have asked him, he would have said that it was too damn early in the morning. For Madara's sake, it was not even dawn yet! The sun hadn't begun to rise and their obviously worthless sensei wanted them to do some survival training of all things.

Well, as far as Uchiha Sasuke was concerned, their sensei would have to survive him first, damn it.

It didn't register in his mind that he was up one hour and a half earlier than the stated five o'clock in the morning or that for all his apparent uselessness, their sensei was still a Jonin-level shinobi (which practically guaranteed the mans survival when faced with a Genin's wrath, however prodigious that Genin was rumored to be). All he knew was that he didn't sleep more than a couple of hours and that he had to get to the training ground early if he wanted to be on time; that, and that Kakashi needed to be smacked around for making him wake up at such an ungodly hour for survival training, of all things.

Again, his sleepy brain didn't even notice that he was early and repeating himself.

At all.

So he got ready, didn't have anything to eat as Kakashi recommended (some part of his subconscious did recognize the man as his superior after all…for now at least) and started to make his way out of his apartment. After closing and locking the door, he moved a few steps toward the stairs and paused, looking at the door on the opposite side of the hall.

The other corner apartment.

It had been strange, to say the least. After their sensei showed up, some three and a half hours late, they had gone to the roof of the Academy and introduced themselves; and while he didn't learn anything about his sensei or Haruno (after all, he already knew that the girl was completely delusional), he did learn a few things about his other teammate: Uzumaki Naruto.

For one, that the blue-eyed boy had only arrived in Konoha the day after the Academy graduation and that he had been trained in the Temple of Fire. The only reason that he was placed in team seven was because there simply wasn't anywhere else to place him; he was a bit too strong to be placed in any other team, unbalancing them severely. His training had been somewhat unorthodox as well, for some reason. As far as he could figure, it was only because Sasuke and Sakura where the top of their class that they placed Naruto on their team.

If anything, they were the most likely to be able to keep up with the blond Genin, or so Kakashi had implied. It thrilled him to know that his other teammate was strong, and he couldn't wait to test himself against the other boy; after all, it had been a long time since he had found a challenge among his peers.

However, these things had not been all that strange to begin with. What was truly odd was when they were dismissed. At first, he thought that Naruto was following him, seeing that the blond simply stayed a few feet behind him, something that had started to annoy him after walking a few blocks. He had turned and called him up on it, wanting to know why the other was following him.

The boy thought very highly of himself, ne?

To his embarrassment, his new teammate just smiled warmly at him and told him, in a very cheerful manner, that his apartment was apparently in the same direction as Sasuke's home; Home, a term that he had never given his residence before, but one that he found himself considering; was his apartment a home?

He didn't notice how his flared sense of superiority was masterfully redirected, because lets face it, the boy did think himself important enough to be followed by someone who didn't even know him.

Then again, he did have enough fans/stalkers for him to be a teensy bit paranoid.

Still, without even excusing himself, and after quickly pushing his embarrassment and thoughts to the back of his mind, he had turned around and kept walking, hands still stuffed in their pockets. Only this time Naruto had come into step with him, telling him that they might as well walk together if they were going in the same direction.

For some reason, he grudgingly enjoyed the blonde's silent company; so unlike Haruno's constant chatter while they were waiting for Kakashi to show, his other fans/stalkers pathetic attempts to get his attention, and the posturing that he endured from those male classmates that thought they were better than him.

The blond, however, only offered companionship and nothing else. He liked that, he learned.

What truly surprised both he and Naruto, however, was when they walked into the same apartment building. Naruto seemed even more astonished, and before he could even speak of it, the blond had told him that this was where his apartment was located as well. Still, what shocked them more than anything was when they found out that their apartments where adjacent to each other too.

He supposed that it was too much of a coincidence, but Naruto did tell him that the Hokage was the one to arrange his living quarters, so he might have been responsible for placing him so close to him. After all, the Hokage probably knew that they would be teammates even before Naruto arrived at Konoha.

It was perplexing to say the least, but not wholly illogical.

He supposed that since they were both orphans and in the same team, that the Hokage would go out of his way to do something like this. Still, the other boy intrigued him somewhat, so even if he weren't his neighbor, he might have still sought him out, if only for some training if the blond proved to be a challenge to him.

These thoughts brought him to his present situation and contemplation of his new neighbor.

With a slight nod of his head, he turned on his heal and headed toward Naruto's door, knocking slightly. They might as well go to the training ground together, and if he could get a spar in with the other boy as a warm up, then all the better for it.

Frowning at the lack of answer, he knocked with a bit more force before returning his hands to his short's pockets, slumping slightly with tiredness. A moment later he perked up upon hearing the sounds of stumbling and slight cursing coming from inside. He didn't know what to expect, but what happened next was never something he would have considered.


When the door was yanked opened, a glassy-eyed, disheveled and obviously half-asleep blond was not exactly what he was expecting; after all, in his own overly-tired mind it was already close to the appointed meeting time, so clearly his teammate should have been almost ready to go at this point. However, this was not even his first concern. For Naruto, rumpled and half asleep and leaning heavily on the doorframe was only wearing some dangerously low-hanging green boxers and some sort of sleeping cap.

Some treacherously disheveled boxers that were precariously close to falling off, at that.

The lopsided sleeping cap didn't even register at second glance. And damn, no one should have such well defined muscles while still managing to look soft, his groggy brain reflected. All of this registered in Sasuke's mind in a split second, causing his brain to shut down momentarily, for surely, he hadn't just thought that, right?


The blush that tainted his cheeks at that moment was not even registered by either of them; Naruto because he was not at all aware, and Sasuke because, indeed, his brain was taking a hike.

If he would have been even slightly more awake, or even partially less tired, Sasuke would have been able to avoid what happened next, or so he would tell himself.

Naruto, who was very much not awake, and more than slightly grumpy at his sleep being interrupted, only gave Sasuke a once-over, unconsciously taking in his battle-ready appearance, and then looked into his bare apartment out of the corner of his eye, where the clock rested, noting that it was a whole hour and a half earlier than the appointed time; and what's worse, Hatake Kakashi's appointed time.

That wasn't just being up early, it was being foolish.

So he did what seemed like the best course of action all things considered. He leaned slightly forward, never taking his weight from the doorframe, less he stumble, and made a lightning-quick jab, expertly hitting the necessary pressure points.

The next moment, he was closing the door behind him with Sasuke over his shoulder and heading straight back to his bed.

Had he been even slightly more awake, Naruto would have just dumped the Uchiha on the couch, one of the few pieces of furniture occupying his apartment, but he was not exactly coherent at the moment, and the detour would have been a bit too much work, besides, his mind had already forgotten the whole incident and was mechanically shutting down, only leaving him with enough motor function to arrive at his bed, Uchiha or not; so he ended up simply throwing the other boy on his bed and flopping on the other side carelessly, subconsciously knowing that he could have at least four and a half more hours of sleep.

He didn't notice what he did after one of Sasuke's sandaled feet bumped into him, or what happened after the cold steel of Sasuke's forehead protector brushed against his back, startling him slightly.

Indeed, Naruto wouldn't really remember that he woke up at all in the first place; or at least, that would be what he would tell the Uchiha come morning. In a corner of his mind, the one that was always on alert even while he was asleep, he found the whole situation more than slightly amusing.

In fact, he couldn't wait for the other boy to wake up. But that wouldn't happen for a whole four hours more, anyways.


It was the sun that kinda' woke him up; its disgustingly cheerful rays shining on his closed eyelids in what he still considered an ungodly hour of the morning. In his mind, a few hours after sunrise was still too damn early to be awake, especially since he didn't have anything important to do, seeing that Kakashi's test didn't really count. However, he still made a mental note to buy some thicker curtains or something, because really, if he didn't find a simpler alternative he could risk waking up and doing an Earth Jutsu that would probably cover the whole window while half asleep (probably ruining the whole room in the process); he did have that tendency of doing crazy stuff while not fully conscious after all…

…he remembered the time that someone had tried to 'borrow' his ANBU mask (which he kept conveniently under his pillow at the time) for some nefarious purpose; probably to implicate him in a way that would get him demoted. The next day the perpetrator was found naked and swinging on the academy's swing set while singing 'you are my sunshine' under the effects of some mild hallucinogenic drugs. The funny thing was that he didn't really remember doing any of that to the poor sod, even if he did deserve it… especially since the numbskull left fingerprints all over his mask.

Bah, and the idiot wanted his position as ANBU captain? Pathetic.

Shaking his head, he turned over slightly to get out of the glare of the sun and blinked sleepily. He was surprised, however, to find none other than Uchiha Sasuke tucked into his side, sleeping deeply and comfortably. He blinked again and his brain snapped to work on just how the hell he got there, seeing that he didn't remember ever inviting the other boy for a sleep-over or other more, well, scandalous activities.

He did notice that the other boy was still wearing his white shorts, even if everything else seamed to have been taken off during the night and thrown haphazardly around his room. If he had to guess, the Uchiha had probably come looking for him at three or four in the morning, planning to be early to Kakashi's training session (he had to stifle a snort at that idea), maybe thinking that he'd be good company or something, which he doubted was his reason, and ended up being knocked out and placed in his bed while he was half-conscious at most, sleepwalking at best.

Phenomenal deduction skills, ne? He thought so too. But then, he did have some help from his subconscious.

Nodding to himself, he knew that that was what made the most sense, all things considered, especially seeing as he doubted that the Uchiha would break into his apartment and snuggle up to him while he was sleeping.

He mentally snickered at that thought.

Now, what to do, what to do… surely the boy would be embarrassed as all hell if he woke him up right now, and that would be counter productive to his mission, even if it would be a great deal of fun. He could try to make a joke about it and ask the boy what his intentions towards him were…maybe see if the Uchiha only wanted him for his body, or if this was his attempt at striking a deeper relationship with him…?

He actually started shaking slightly at the thought of how that conversation could turn out.

Ah, he sighed to himself while gently extricating himself from the raven-haired boys grasp, letting go of any number of ideas to make the other boy turn as bright as a tomato for the rest of the day. After all, they had just met and he really didn't want to overwhelm the sleeping boy too early, so he suppressed his pranking urges, made sure that the Uchiha was still sleeping and grabbed some clean boxers before heading toward the bathroom.

A quick shower to get rid of his bed-hair wouldn't be amiss, he was sure. Besides, the water would finish waking him up easily enough.

With these thoughts in mind, he made quick work of his morning routine; combing his hair with his fingers and brushing his teeth, among other things. After he was done and with his trusty camouflage boxers on (there was no knowing when he would be stripped to his underwear and still need to blend in with the foliage, after all. Besides, it gave a whole new meaning to 'going commando') he went into his bedroom once more, this time finding an awake Uchiha looking extremely confused.

He almost smirked at the slight blush that tainted the other boy's cheeks when he noticed his entrance, so he just winked at the black haired boy and went straight to his wardrobe, looking to the entire world as if this kind of thing happened every day for him.

"So, Sasuke…mind if I call you Sasuke?" he asked as he continued searching for something to wear, "what would you like to have for breakfast? My fridge is fully stocked and I can cook pretty well, if I do say so myself…" he paused, "hmm, what do you think, dark blue or green?" he asked, turning to look at the stupefied Uchiha with two outfits on hand; a dark blue and black ensemble and a green and tan set looking very similar to the dark orange and black clothes that he was wearing yesterday.

Sasuke, still shirtless and groggy, looking for the whole world as if he thought that everything that was happening was a hallucination or a weird dream, just stared at Naruto as if he had a second head for the entirety of his spiel, that is, until the last question finally snapped him out of his daze.

He had to admit, he was completely out of his element at the moment, and the only thing that he remembered was vaguely waking up that morning and standing in front of Naruto's apartment before everything went black. He was more than a little confused to wake up from a comfortable sleep in a strange bed to the sounds of a shower running.

His morning just got weirder after that, and the next thing he knows, an almost naked Naruto was standing in front of him and asking his opinion on what he should wear. He didn't even know if he wanted to question the blond boy on how he ended up in his bed, so he followed the other boys lead and acted as if nothing out of the ordinary was up; "The green," he answered shortly, his blush now under control even as he started picking up his shirt and gear from the bedroom floor.

"Right," Naruto said with finality, "green it is," nodding his head and putting away the blue outfit while placing the green one on top of his bed, before heading out the door and toward the kitchen, signaling for Sasuke to follow.

Of course, he was still dressed only in his boxers, wanting to see how Sasuke reacted.

"Anyways, I'm sorry for this morning," Naruto started with a shrug, even as Sasuke put his folded shirt and gear on top of the couch, staying in only his shorts as he fallowed the blond to the kitchen, seeming to have regained his bearings, and, lets face it, looking more then a little hungry, "I was trained to react in different ways, depending on the level of the threat while I'm not fully conscious," he explained as he started pulling foodstuffs from the fridge and pantry, gesturing to Sasuke to take a seat, "you're lucky that I didn't bind and gag you until I woke up, since that's what usually happens to people who disturbed my sleep but aren't perceived as a real threat," he finished sheepishly.

Sasuke just raised an eyebrow at that and crossed his arms over his bare chest, "and what would happen to someone whose perceived as a real threat?" he asked in challenge, slightly peeved to not be perceived as any kind of threat.

Naruto, detecting the tone of voice turned toward the Uchiha while twirling the knife he was using to do the chopping and locked eyes with the other boy, his gaze chilling, "they would be dead," he answered flatly, taking the Uchiha aback slightly. "Now," Naruto exclaimed while turning around, ignoring the slight shiver that went down Sasuke spine at his previous tone, "how's some onigiri for breakfast sound?" he asked as he prepared the rice, his tone upbeat once more.

"Hn," was the grunted reply, seeing as the Uchiha had turned his thoughts inward after Naruto's reply. Now more than ever was he curious of his teammate/neighbor, both because of what he knew about him and what he had learned during this morning. True, it all made him feel slightly off kilter, but it gave him a slightly new perspective into his future teammate's personality.

At least now he knew not to wake the blond up if he was deeply asleep.

He had already accepted the blonde's explanation, though he had to admit that the reaction was more than slightly strange. He wondered if what Naruto said about his reactions while asleep were true and tried to figure out what the blue-eyed boy's subconscious labeled him as, seeing as he was placed in bed and undressed during the night, if the arrangement of his clothes in the floor were any indication.

It took some effort not to display the blush that he knew wanted to surface.

Still, he was surprised that the situation hadn't turned awkward at all; not that he had the best socialization skills, but he was sure that something like what happened this morning should have turned both awkward and uncomfortable. Instead, he felt even more comfortable around the blond, though he wondered if the other boy had a tendency of being in boxers while in his home.

He tried to shake the images of the older boy undressing as soon as his apartment door was closed, but it was not exactly easy.

A plate being placed in front of him snapped him out of his musings and his stomach growled in demand, even as his host plopped down in the chair opposite his own. He noticed some juice and milk were also placed in the table and he wondered why he hadn't noticed when they were placed there. Still, he was starving, so he picked up one of the rice balls and bit into it with gusto, surprised by their taste.

"Do you like?" Naruto asked, pouring some milk in his glass, "it's a recipe one of the monks at the Temple gave me; the fact that they're easy to make is also a plus."

"Their alright," he answered, picking up another rice ball and serving himself some juice; in actuality, they were more than alright, they were delicious. Still, he was slightly worried about breaking Kakashi's order, "but weren't we ordered to skip breakfast?"

Pausing in mid-bite, Naruto actually snorted at this, "For a supposed genius you aren't very observant, are you Sasuke?"

He knew that he should be offended by the question, but the way it was asked somehow went below his offense-o-meter, and didn't even scratch his pride (which is very difficult to do, he could admit). Indeed, the question actually made him think instead. So that's what he did, idly munching on his onigiri even as he remembered; Kakashi didn't order them to not eat breakfast, he suggested it. But skipping breakfast would only be detrimental to them in the end, since they would tire more easily.

Naruto gave him a huge grin when he told him this, making him feel a great sense of accomplishment. But why would that matter to him at all? Shaking his head, he dispelled these thoughts from his mind and helped Naruto clean up, feeling pleasantly full.

Now, if only they weren't so late, he thought to himself, while looking over his shoulder at the clock.

It was 8:00 in the morning after all.

"Let me tell you a secret," Naruto spoke from beside him, their shoulders brushing as they washed the dishes, "a tip that I got from Hokage-sama himself," he told him when he had turned around to listen. He was slightly surprised to find Naruto's face so close to his own, getting closer by the moment; staying stock still, he waited until he could feel the blond's breath on his ear, "Hatake Kakashi is always late," he told him in a mischievous tone.

And the next moment the other boy was washing dishes like normal.

"So you see," the blond continued, "if you had gone to the meeting place at 3:30, which is when you knocked on my door, regardless of the fact that you were one and a half hours off of the 5:00 o'clock mark, you would have had to wait, at the very least, three and a half hours more," he finished his explanation with certainty. "Why do you think that I wasn't so concerned yesterday when he came in late? I actually asked around and found out that three and a half hours late seems be his average arrival time."

Slightly stunned by this information, he could understand why the blond looked so proud of himself. If his information was reliable, which he could hardly deny if it came from the Hokage, then they were hardly late at all.

"Still, if I'm at all wrong, and we really are late, then I'll take full responsibility for it," Naruto said with a winning smile, even as he finished putting away the last of the dishes. "Now, we should probably get ready to go, ne?"

And with that, the blond disappeared into his bedroom, probably to change into his clothes. He briefly wondered as he pulled his own shirt over his head, why he wasn't more unsettled by the other boy's lack of dress. After a while, it seemed like the most normal thing in the world. Shaking his head slightly, he proceeded to strap his shuriken holster and his utility pouch, along with retying his forehead protector.

"Are you ready?" came Naruto's voice from his bedroom.

"Hn," was his only reply.

"Cool!" said the blond as he appeared in living room, tying his own hitai-ate to his head, "then lets go!"


"Hmm, we really need to expand your vocabulary, you know, it sorely lacks, I dunno, words."


"See, exactly my point. Now, how about a race? It will help us warm up before this survival training thingamabob."

With a smirk, Sasuke just eyed the blond briefly, watching as the other boy finished locking up his apartment, "if you think you can keep up, sure."

With a hand over his chest, an over exaggerated expression of surprise and a finger pointing in his direction, Naruto exclaimed, "It speaks!"

Sasuke didn't even deign the blond with a reaction as he sped off toward the meeting place, wanting to see if the other boy could keep up. He just smirked when he heard the shouted 'hey, wait up you cheater,' from behind, but it was soon whipped off his face when a laughing blond sped right passed him, calling him a slow poke.

He didn't notice that they were taking the long way there, or that neither of them seemed to gain the advantage for long; he didn't notice that he wasn't giving it his all or that Naruto wasn't either; he didn't even notice that he was having fun for once, or that he had a true smile on his face, even as Naruto tried to trip him up, again.

Naruto, however, did notice, making his own smile that much wider.


They arrived at the entrance of Training Area Seven trying to make each other stumble or fall, taunting and throwing meaningless insults whenever one or the other succeeded. When they saw the three logs in the center of the training area, they immediately knew that this was their finish line, so they put on a little more speed and doubled their efforts at sabotage, laughing lightly all the while.

This's why, when Sasuke started speeding up and was almost at the center log that Naruto decided to use more advanced maneuvers to ensure that he won this little race; in other words, he tackled the Uchiha to the ground before the raven-haired boy could reach the finish line.

Or was it finish log?

Tumbling and rolling, both quickly engaged in a small wrestling match, trying to throw the other off and escape so that they could reach the logs fist. Of course, as soon as one of them got an advantage, the other would quickly retaliate, making it so that many legs were pulled, some limbs where twisted into different holds and locks, and a great many other intercepting techniques where pulled off, even as they slowly but surely advanced toward their goal.

They didn't hear the shouts of their third teammate, but then, they were too busy cursing each other and laughing to do anything else.

When the log was temptingly close, they both shoved at the other simultaneously and made a dash for the finish line, their competitiveness finally coming to the fore of their minds. Of course, they were still holding a great deal of speed back, Naruto more than Sasuke could imagine, but their unspoken agreement of not using shinobi skills was strictly adhered to.

A double shout of "I win!" and "Ah-ha!" echoed across the field and both boys were startled when they saw the other touching the log on opposite sides. They shared a sheepish smile and locked eyes, knowing that a challenge had been issued.

Today, it was a draw, but there was always tomorrow to consider.

And the day after that.

And the day after that.

It was at that moment, eyes locked and breathing heavily, that their rivalry was born. A rivalry that was sure to develop in interesting ways…

"I'm Uzumaki Naruto," the blond said, stretching his hand out to shake in a very visible offer of friendship. After all, while they had exchanged a few words and been introduced, they never really did it with the intention of being friends, something that Naruto obviously wanted to change.

Both silently acknowledged the other as a teammate, and now as a friendly rival, but this was different, not simply because it a different kind of bond, but it was because it was a bond that Naruto was recognizing out loud, giving it more meaning that the rest.

Sasuke for his part, just stared at the hand being offered, knowing that shaking hands was not a common practice, but still aware of its significance. Looking up at the bright blue eyes and sheepish smile of his new teammate and rival, he couldn't help but give a small smile in return, even as he slowly shook the others hand, "Uchiha Sasuke."

And as their smiles widened, they knew that they had found something that they had never had before in any real sense of the word.

A friend: Someone who was more than a teammate, more than a rival; someone who they could learn to trust; for some reason, they just clicked and they knew it.

"Now!" Naruto suddenly exclaimed, pulling on Sasuke's hand and draping an arm around the boy's shoulders while smiling widely, looking at the gaping face of their other teammate, "what do you say we go say 'hi' to Haruno-san, eh?"

And just like that, Sasuke found himself trying to catch up with what was happening while Naruto dragged him over to where Haruno Sakura was standing under a tree, looking for the entire world as if she had been waiting for a long, long time.

He tried to ignore the warmth of having Naruto's arm across his shoulder and the feeling of acceptance that came with it. He tried to ignore the smile that pulled at the corner of his lips at the thought of having an enigma such as Uzumaki Naruto as a friend, and the challenge that getting to know him posted.

Friend; something that he wasn't exactly sure how it happened, but knew that felt right.

But he just knew that his heart felt somewhat lighter because of it and his mind slightly clearer as well. He could feel immediately drawn to the blond, and he knew that a bond had started to form between them, even as he watched the blue-eyed teen trying to talk to a dazed Haruno Sakura.

It was strange to be sure, how easily the blond had slipped through his defenses, but as the arm around his shoulder tightened slightly in a sign of concern, probably because of his spacing out, he honestly didn't mind. Truly, the darkness that had surrounded him since the death of his clan seemed lighter somewhat; less oppressive, as if a light now shined from some unspecified source and showed him the hint of another path; one not ruled by his brother.

And for once, since all those years ago, he wondered and he doubted. Am I walking the right path?

With sudden insight, he recognized at least some of the things that he was feeling, especially as Naruto plunked both of them down in the grass, his arm still around his shoulders as he kept talking to their other teammate, who was now shooting concerned looks in his direction. And with this realization, these newly-identified feelings, some of the good memories of his childhood came to the fore of his mind.

And he remembered.

He remembered what it was like before the loneliness, the solitude and the despair.

But as his thoughts started turning more and more introspective, something shattered his pensive mood like a rock through a glass window, in the form of a reverberating, "WHAT?!"

Confused, he looked toward the source of the screech and saw the Haruno girl looking at him in a kind of horrified realization; as if all her dreams and fantasies had been shattered and stomped upon in the cruelest of fashions. In the next moment she asked a question that made him look sharply at Naruto, wondering just what the blond had been saying.

"What do you mean that Sasuke-kun slept with you last night?!"

The blond just shrugged, as if he had already said all he was going to say and gave Sasuke the most innocent look that the Uchiha had ever seen; full of wide, sparkling blue eyes and pure, blameless smiles.

It took him a few moments to completely register what the girl had shouted and why she was hyperventilating. And really, why did she have to be so loud?

And even if he felt kinship and friendship with the blond, and even if he felt warm and comfortable with the other's arm across his shoulder, he couldn't help the tick that suddenly developed in his left eye, or the glare that formed in the face of such innocent an expression.

If anything, he knew that his life would never be boring with Uzumaki Naruto around, so he asked in a remarkable calm tone of voice, "what did she just say?"

He had to wonder, a few seconds later, if there was any way that Naruto's face could reflect any more innocence than in already was, because he was sure that the look was intensifying by degrees as the time ticked by. Surely a halo will appear above the blond head any second now.

Uchiha Sasuke didn't notice when the tick in his left eye turned into a full fledged spasm, but he was sure of one thing:

Revenge was something he excelled in and something that he would deal to the blond when the boy least expected it. He wasn't a self proclaimed Avenger for nothing, damnit, so it was time that he live up to the title…

It was the first time that he though of revenge without thinking of his brother.

He didn't even notice.


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