Tournament: Round 1

By justica347

Disclaimer: I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender, or anything else important.

Authors Note: I thought it would be cool if all the characters got together and had a big tournament to see who's the toughest. This is basically just a bunch of fights I would like to see. It's all about the fight; don't expect a lot of plot.

The arena was circular with a hard earth platform in the center. A moat of water surrounded the platform. Four stone bridges allowed people to cross over to the platform. Behind the bridges were the seats for the crowd. The arena was packed tonight.

"Our first bout tonight promises to be an amazing show," a voice announced. "From the East gate is Princess Azula of the Fire Nation," this brought forth a large number of boos in addition to the cheers. "From the West gate is Toph Bei Fong, also known as the Blind Bandit," this elicited a much better response with a loud roar from the crowd.

The crowd gave a loud cheer as the two contestants entered the arena. Toph pumped her arms in the air as a large grin splayed over her face. She reveled in the attention the crowd gave her. Azula in contrast, paid the crowd little attention as she walked in, malicious grin on lips.

Toph could sense Azula's footsteps across the arena. The steps were light and calm. Toph turned her sightless eyes to the approaching princess as she cracked her knuckles. Toph did not like how calm Azula was. Azula was not worried about Toph. Toph intended to change that.

The girls stopped a few yards from each other and took up fighting stances. Toph took up a strong horse stance with her palms up by her hips. Azula took a low crouch with her right foot forward. Her eyes were slowly evaluating the earthbender as she pointed her fingers at the younger girl's heart. She could almost picture lightning blasting through the girl. Azula chuckled as she considered the fact that there was no rule against killing her opponent.

"Fight!" the announcer shouted. With that word Azula launched her attack. Stepping forward in a burst of speed she jabbed her left hand forward, sending a jet of blue flames at the girl in front of her. Toph raised her hands above her head with a sudden jerk. A wall of earth rose up and absorbed the blast of supper heated flame. Bringing her hands to her sides, Toph thrust her hands forward against the wall of stone and sent it flying at Azula.

Azula was already on the move. She rolled to her right and made as spinning back kick as she went. A horizontal blade of flame followed her foot and flew at Toph. Reacting quickly, Toph brought her left hand up across her chest and a curved mound of earth rose up and blocked most of the fire. A bit of the flame lapped around the side of her defenses and licked over her leg.

"Aah," Toph yelled as the smell of her own burn flesh reached her nose. She had no time to deal with the wound. Toph could feel the princess's steps as she hurried to get behind her for a better shot. Toph turned and leaned to the side to avoid a blast of flame, then slammed her heel forward into the ground. Where Toph's foot struck a lance of rock formed. The rock lance extended and its sharp point hurled at Azula's head.

Azula was forced to twist her body out of the way to avoid having her head impaled. The lance still managed to clip her shoulder. She growled as she continued the spin and stabbed her hand towards her opponent and sent an intense blast of flame at her enemy. The earthbender tried to erect a defense, but the intense blast burst the earth shield apart. Azula kept the onslaught up and pressed the advantage. She released fiery blast after fiery blast to keep her enemy off balance. The rapid attacks were pushing the younger bender back. A sadistic smile spread over her face as she saw that the advantage was now hers and that the other girl was now on the retreat.

Toph did not like this turn of events. In front of her the fire princess was a whirling blur. With each kick Azula sent another powerful burst of fire. Toph's earth barriers would be destroyed with each blast and she was forced back a few more steps. If this kept up for much longer, she would be forced off the edge of the platform into the water. Losing would be bad, but seeing as she could not swim, drowning would be worse.

Taking a firm stance, Toph threw her right hand forward with her fingers extended. A barrage of stone spikes sped at her opponent. Azula was forced to stop her assault and duck under the missiles. Toph brought her left hand up and a column of stone jutted up towards Azula. The princes did a spinning side step and leapt into the air. She kicked her foot out and sent blue flames racing at the other girl.

Toph could not tell exactly what kind of attack would come after the princess left the ground. Unable to "see" her opponent, Toph raised a boulder in front of herself for protection. She could feel the sudden heat on her face as the flames parted around her shield and licked dangerously close to her face. As soon as Azula landed, Toph new where she was. Toph slammed both hands forward into the boulder and sent it flying at Azula.

With no time to react, Azula could not get fully out of the boulder's path and it slammed into her hip. Azula let out a howl of pain and rage. "How dare that little girl do that to me, I'll make her pay dearly," Azula thought to herself. Azula took up a wide stance and started the circular motions with her arms that would summon forth the power of lightning. Azula smiled savagely as she felt the power course through her and prepared to let the powerful blast destroy the wretched girl that had the audacity to injure her.

Toph could tell that Azula was planning to release a powerful attack that would overwhelm her. Rather than try to erect a defense, Toph brought her extended arms together, palms up. Then as Azula pointed her deadly fingertips at her, Toph pulled her hands apart. A fissure opened along the ground and spread towards Azula. With the ground suddenly parting between her feet, Azula's shot went wide. The crackling blast of blue lightning missed Toph only by a hairs breadth as Azula fell into the fissure. Toph then brought her palms together and the fissure closed around the screaming princess. Only her head was left above ground, glairing a venomous look at the earthbender that had defeated her.

"The winner is Toph!" the announcer called out and the spectators let out a loud cheer. Toph stood there pumping her arms in the air as the crowd chanted her name. The burn on her leg and the other minor injuries hurt, but she would take care of them latter. What she wanted to do now was enjoy the victory.

Toph walked past a still trapped Azula as she made her way to the bridge that would take her off the platform. She paused and smiled. "How many times do I have to tell you people, I'm the greatest earthbender ever," she said before leaving the trapped princess.