Locks of Love

It was one week after Shelly Pomroy's party and Veronica still felt dirty. She took showers three times a day, washed her hands every chance she could get, but nothing worked. And no one from school was being a help either. Veronica had started bringing in her own cleaning supplies to school because people wrote all over her locker. Whenever they started to taunt her, she didn't know what to do. No one had ever made fun of her - at least to her face - before Lilly died, and now when they did, Veronica had no one to protect her. Usually, she just hid behind her long, blonde hair, but sometimes she couldn't stand it and ran to the bathroom, crying.

Her mom had left, only leaving a unicorn music box. Like Veronica was still a kid. Like Veronica would ever be a kid again. Too much had happened, and she'd never be the same again. After the party, Veronica wondered if her dad might notice - she was always closer to her mother though - but he hadn't. He was too out of it to notice much at all, even though she knew he was trying to move on because of her. Not that Veronica could complain - she was out of it too.

Two weeks after the party, Veronica made her decision. She wasn't going to hide anymore. She was going to steel herself against anything and everything they threw at her. If only for her and her dad's sanity, she'd do it. Veronica took the pair of scissors from the kitchen drawer and went to the bathroom. Her dad wasn't at home, and she didn't want to make a mess of things. Lilly had been the queen of beauty, always making up Veronica and telling her what colors and clothes to wear. Veronica had liked it before, felt protected by Lilly's sometimes motherly attitude.

Veronica held a long lock of hair in her hand as she stood in front of the mirror, scissors in the other hand. She closed her eyes and cut. And cut and cut and cut until her whole head felt lighter. When she opened her eyes, she gave out a gasp. Most of her hair was gone, and she looked like...well, like a pixie. The new Veronica. ...

Of course, when Veronica's father came home, he noticed. And took her straight to a haircutter, telling her that even Tinkerbelle wouldn't have hair like that. They shared a smile, their first smile in weeks. They were going to be alright.