And so it was , on the 12th day on the 12th month , they gathered.

I stayed up late the night befor the gathering going over and over my plan , making sure that everything was exact .

I knew it wasn't till just after sun set so I had plenty of time to ready myself .

As the sun was setting I left my apartment to see kazu-san and pick up the sword.

I just got to the main house as kyo and the others were arriving.

I jumped into a tree near the main gate and followed them by leaping from tree to tree when I could ,and by sneaking across the ground when i couldn't.

Eventually I landed in a tree in the area of the main house where akito lives.

Below the tree I could see the member of the zodiac forming a circle , and they were all facing the building.

It seemed like they were aranging themselves in the order of the zodiac years , starting ofcorse with yuki at the top of the circle followed clockwise by haru , kisa , momiji , hatori and so on , kyo was in the middle.

Once they were done there was silence , and akito stept into view .

" My juunishi , its so nice to see all of you again , its been such a long time. You may be wondering why I called you all here , especially so close to new years , its because the end is near. I'm sure some of the older juunishi have scenced it to. It's clear to see that this time is different then the others considering all the juunishi being born at the same time. Some of you may not understand what I'm saying , but you will soon. "

and with the end of his speech he sat.

Figuring this as good a time as any I griped the hilt of the sword tied at my waist , glanced at the dragon design , and drew it.

I waited only a moment longer befor aiming it at akito and throwing it.

It whistled through the air and struck true its mark.

Akito's eyes grew wide as he looked at the sword pierced through his heart , all the juunishi look on in horror as he slowly fell back .

I jumped from my hiding and landed next to kyo who looked at me in surprise.

" Kaida , what are you doing here ? " I was looking at akito as he died " I'm doing what I must , " slowly I look him in the eye " to free you."

Then all around me the juunishi begin to glow.