Summary:Hisoka and hijiri are the kurosaki has a weak immune system while hijiri has a better if hisoka caught a cold?

Author Notes:whees!my first fnfiction..don't mind those mistakes i made...i know it the charcters are a little OOC don't bother them...i like them like that...

Chapter one

Hisoka and hijiri are the wealthiest bishounen brothers in the whole of japan and they attend a private school called fujimori private high and hijiri are in their third year of high school and they are going to graduate in a few and a few boys were drooling over them but none of them captured any of the two brothers hearts so they all gived up,only stealing glances at hisoka and hijiri as they walk two brothers depend on each other as they lived alone (excluding the maids) in a big mansion around the area of the school since their parents are working overseas and don't come back quite alot of times but leaving huge amount of money in their bank for their own one went to their house before,or you can say the twins don't mansion was a heaven to the kurosaki twins,they grew up together,lived together and played of things started to happen when three new teachers transfered into their school in the middle of the year...

It was a quiet and peaceful wednesday morning,it was still seven and both of the kurosaki twins in the house was still dead in the world except the maids working in the slowly peeked into the huge green room through the light green curtains,as a mop of silky wheat hair snuggled deeper into the thick,cosy blankets and a sigh of contentment escape the small that his other twin wasn't up to disturb him and he sank deeper into the blankets untill his whole body was out of happiness was short lived,as the sounds of footsteps approach the king-sized bed in the middle of the huge room.

"SOKA-CHAN!WAKE UP!ITS TIME FOR SCHOOL!"a loud voice caused the wheat colour hair boy sleeping on the bed to jump off the bed and landed on the carpet with a "thud"

"itai...HI-CHAN!DON'T YOU DARE TO WAKE ME UP LIKE THAT AGAIN!I HAVE A WEAK HEART YOU KNOW!I COULD HAVE DIED!"hisoka scolded his brother and rubbed the sore area he landed on.

"Gomen ne soka-chan...i won't do that are not mad at me?are you?"hijiri asked head lowering towards the floor..

Sensing that his dear brother was about to cry hisoka stood up straighten his crumpled bed clothes and walk towards his twin brother"Hey hi-chan..don't take it so seriously i was a little frighten by the way you woke me up..but i'm not mad at you..i can't be mad at you even if i wanted to..."hisoka took his twin brother into his arms and hugged him stroking his back in a calming manner several sniffs was heard and hisoka felt something wet against his skin he then realize that his twin was crying"hey..hi-chan you don't need to cry...i'm not mad or anything..""yeah..i'm glad you're not angry or anything..By the way you should get changed we don't wanna to be late for school or anything right?"hijiri said and left the brushed his teeth,changed into the expensive school uniform and straighten the lines that are visible,brush his hair and one last look of himself in the mirror,hisoka left his room.

Running down two flights of stairs,constantly being stared by the maids who greeted their owner shyly when caught looking at,hisoka nodded and smiled kindly before rushing down the stairs again.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs,hisoka went into the kitchen immediately,feeling a little hungry at the smell of fresh the table was hijiri,sitting on one of the chairs staring at a cup of tea placed infront of him,he didn't even noticed the presence of his brother before untill when he looked up and found himself staring into worried emerald eyes."You alright?"hisoka found himself asking his brother..hijiri wasn't like that before,he was always happy, was good hanging around with him...

"i'm fine..just having a little headache..thats all..."hijiri then looked back at the cup of tea which turned cold long ago.

"Yeah aren't yourself today..not after i yelled at not mad or something?or did i scare you at my outbrust just now?"hisoka asked concerned he didn't want his brother to be like this...he wanted his brother to be happy..

"i'am?you hungry?i prepared toast you want some?"hijiri asked trying to change the topic.

"yes please i'm starving..and i know you want to change the topic..but i'm not going to let this go untill i get to know that you are back to a happy and cheerful brother i have with me all the time.."

sighs"guess i can't help it...i don't feel like myself now...there is a weird feeling inside me..i can't make out what it is..its bothering much..."hijiri said feeling a little down..

"you wanna stay home today?i can call our family doctor you know.."hisoka sat down infront of hijiri and quietly ate the toast.

"guess not..the exams are round the corner..i don't wanna fail them...i don't wanna disappoint the teachers.."

"okay if you say so..but if you feel sick...SMS me and call tom to drive you back home ne?"


Hisoka finished the last of his toast and the honking from the entrance told the twins that the limousine is waiting for them..

"yoshi!time for school!"standing up hisoka grabbed their bags and headed for the entrance while hijiri followed behide closely..they slipped into their shoes walk out the big wooden door the maids opened for them and into the limousine with a letter K on it,it symbolize the kurosaki personal transport vehicle

The ride to school was quiet,none of the twins spoke to each was staring at the sky and hijiri lost in his thoughts were broken at the sound of the limousine door opening,hisoka looked up and saw tom,their most trust worthy personal driver smiling at him as he stepped aside allowing space for the twins to step out of the car.

The moment the limousine stopped infront of the big steel gates of the fujimori private high school,both genders attention were all focus on the limousine with a letter K painted half painted in green the other half in limousine is a very familar sight everyday..

"anowho's own that limousine?"a girl with brown highlights asked another girl in a ponytail standing by her side"ara, you don't know who owns that?you must be a freshman here?that limousine is owned by the kurosaki twins,they are the wealthiest twins in the whole of never know it?""nope!i just reached japan few weeks ago and my dad sent me here to study..i don't even know how the kurosaki twins looks like.."" must really see them they are the twin bishounens here you know..""Nyaa!i'm so excited.."

In a matter of seconds students of both gender crowd around the limousine nervously waiting for hisoka and hijiri to step out..The driver and another one seems like a bodyguard stepped out of the limousine both dressed in white,went to the last door of the car and open it seconds later hisoka stepped out on the left side of the car and hijiri on the right,screams rang out scaring hijiri who was not paying any attention to his surroundings threw himself on on the other hand was not expecting this fell to the floor along with hijiri.

"WAHHH!"hisoka screamed when he was thrown off his balance by his frighten brother no one other then hijiri.

" arm..."hisoka moaned as found out that he hurt his arm when he hit the ground

Hijiri then bruried himself into hisoka chest,trembling untill he heard hisoka moaned in pain"Hisoka!whats wrong?" hijiri asked climbing off hisoka"My arm..i think its broken..." hisoka moaned again

"OH MY GOD!"the crowd said in unison as they saw hijiri unexpectedly hurl himself on hisoka while hisoka screamed at the sudden force thrown at him,they both fell to the ground,with hijiri on top and hisoka underneath..that was a beautiful sight but later it wasn't untill hijiri shouted to their personal driver to help him get hisoka stand up.

" arm hurts hi-chan..."hisoka moan as his eyes water from the pain after tom and hijiri managed to help him stand

"its alright...i'm here..."

"i can't walk my legs are too wobbly..."

"nevermind..i carry you to the school's infirmary.."

"tom,you can go back now..i can bring hisoka to the infirmary on my own..thanks for your help.."

"its me if you need me.."with that tom went back into the limousine and drove off .

Scooping up hisoka in his arms,bridal style ignoring the crowd behide them.

Hisoka was very light,its like he didn't gain any weight from young...thinking hijiri stepped into the lift press the third floor botton as they head to the school's infirmary..

At the infirmary

The nurses there managed to bandged hisoka's arm up with the constant screams from hisoka and now hisoka is lying on the bed,tears visible at the corners of the now closed eyelids,white bandages hanging from his neck supporting the hurt arm lying on his let his thoughts wonder when the hand in his moved breaking his thoughts he looked at hisoka,the eyes covering the emaralds are finally opening...

"Hi-chan...itai..its like my arm is so heavy.."hisoka said through sobs as he buried his head into hijiri school uniform crying his eyes out when hijiri lean over to hug him..

"Soka-chan lets get you to a hospital all first i want to do that i the first place then i thought it will be better if we bandage you arm it okay?"

"yeah..lets go.."hisoka then shifted himself to the edge of the bed and swing his legs to the floor and tried to stand up but he failed ,at that moment hisoka felt so helpless and useless.

After having the permission to leave,hijiri called tom to pick them up and bring them to the hospital they always go whenever they were injuried.

At the entrance of the high school

Tom came and picked them up,bought them to the was alright its just that he couldn't move his arm too much..

Finally..home sweet home!

hisoka got helped into his room with hijiri's help...he thanked him got into his bed and slept...

to be continued...