Chapter 1


17 year old Sakura Haruno angrily slammed her hand down on her alarm clock, muttering beneath her breath,

"Hmph..mmm…flying hippos…ice cream…mph…"

Glancing at her alarm clock, she swore loudly,

"SHIT! Goddamn it! I've only got 20 minutes!"

Jumping out of her bed, she quickly fell to the floor, her legs wrapped up in her blankets. Swearing and mumbling something along the lines of 'devil blankets', Sakura ran into the bathroom, quickly brushing her teeth and washing her face. Now fully awake…as if she hadn't been before…she dressed quickly and put on some eyeliner before rushing out the door. Quickly she began the three block jog to school. She would barely make it in time.

Twenty minutes later, Sakura was seated in her class room, and she realized she had done all the rushing for nothing.. as her teacher was late… as usual. She swore beneath her breath and realized it was her own fault for not remembering. Resting her hand on her chin, she began to stare out of the window beside her. A few minutes later, she was broken out of her daydreaming by the sound of a door opening. She turned around, expecting to see her late sensei, but instead saw someone new. Someone she'd never seen before.

A new student…

And a hot one too!

Shut up!

Oh, come one! Look at him! You can't tell me I'm wrong!

shut up.

Standing at the front of the classroom was a boy of nearly six feet, he had hair the color of crimson blood and wore it in a way that looked as if he hadn't bothered to brush it. This was, to Sakura, incredibly sexy. There was a tattoo, or scar, she couldn't tell from this far, of the kanji for 'love' on his forehead above his left eye. He wore a black t-shirt and baggy black jeans that had a few chains coming from the side. His eyes were a beautiful shade of Jade that entranced her beyond all reason, especially when his eyes landed on her.



That! Her! That beautiful vision before you! Geez, what are you, blind?!

Hn. The one with the pink hair?

Yes! Her!

I don't know. I'm new here, remember?

Well you better find out or I'll take over and find out for you!


Realizing he had no other choice, the boy decided to take the empty seat next to said girl. But not before giving her another once-over. She wore baggy camouflaged pants and an army green tank top. In fact, the tank top looked suspiciously like a green wife beater. But he didn't care; she looked damn good in it. Her pink hair stopped just above her shoulders and her emerald green eyes were giving him a once over much like he had her. He stopped himself from giving a grin, but just barely. Not paying attention to the whispers of the girls or the glares from the guys, he walked through the desks and sat next to her, His eyes stayed on her, even as he saw her turn to him with a raised eyebrow. After a while, she glared and murmured angrily,


He couldn't help himself this time. He grinned. And Sakura nearly melted in her seat.

Good sweet kami he needs to do that more often…

I'm not sure if we could survive if he did…

She turned red as she noticed she was staring at his mouth now, which was set in an even wider grin. She sore beneath her breath, as she had so many times that day, and turned her attention to the front of the classroom. She could feel his eyes on her but she refused to turn around and be met with that grin again. She still hadn't recovered from the first one! Almost immediately breaking her out of her thoughts, her sensei walked through the door. Instantly a loud chorus rang through the classroom,


Gaara raised an invisible brow, but said nothing. The sensei decided to speak, scratching the back of his head with a grin that was clear through his mask.

"Well, see, there was this old lady trying to cross the street and-"


Blinking at the students' sudden outburst, though he should be used to it, he noticed someone new in the black of the classroom.

"Ah. You must be the new student. Whats your name?"

Gaara knew he was referring to him, so he spoke without hesitation.

"Gaara. Sabaku no Gaara."

Sakura visibly stiffened. That voice… good sweet kami that voice sent so many shivers down her spine and made her insides flip. What was this boy doing to her?!

The teacher nodded,

"Well, since you sat next to her, I'll make Haruno Sakura your guide for the next few days."

Gaara grinned and looked over to the girl whose name he now knew was Sakura. Her jaw was dropped in shock and her eyes were wide.

"B-But, Kakashi Sensei!"

"Yes, Sakura? Do you have something else to do?"

The girl stuttered, and Gaara kept, though just barely, from giving a chuckle.

Nice. The little cherry blossom will be our guide.


Sakura sighed and sent the boy beside her a glare, clearly not too happy about the arrangements the teacher had set up. Gaara just raised an invisible eyebrow and stared at her until she turned back around. Though Sakura may have looked pissed off on the outside, Inner Sakura was giddy as all hell.

Omg, Yay! We get to walk around with that yummy piece of eye candy!

Since when do you call them 'eye candy?'

Since the author made me o.o


Sakura's face broke into a grin at the conversation she was having, and Gaara caught it, though just barely. He also broke into a grin, for some reason unknown. He couldn't help it, her grin was contagious. He turned his attention back to the front of the classroom, and watched as the teacher pulled out an orange book with the words 'Icha Icha Paradise' on the front. For the first time in a while, Gaara rolled his eyes.

Class was over and Sakura stood outside the classroom, waiting for the new kid. What was his name again? Gaara... Sabaku no Gaara. Sighing, she peeked her head around the door to see him gathering his backpack and heading out. Giving an eep of surprise, she quickly ducked her head back before he saw her. Soon enough, he was walking out of the room, acting as if he had not seen her. A bit peeved, Sakura followed him,


He looked over his shoulder, giving her just a glance.


"I'm Sakura; I'm supposed to be your guide. That means I lead you."


Giving a sigh of exasperation, she ran ahead of him and stood in his way. He stopped and looked at her with a raised (invisible) brow.

"Listen, Gaara.. I don't want to do this anymore than you want me to, but we're stuck. So you need to follow me. Give me your schedule."

Sakura held out her hand expectantly, and Gaara sat there for a moment, just to tick her off. Before he pulled his backpack in front of him and began to shuffle around for his schedule. Finding it, he handed it to her with a bored look. She took it, glanced at it. Then handed it back.

"History next. Same as me. Come on."

Gaara raised a (invisible) brow but followed her nonetheless, appreciating the sway of her hips as she walked in front of him. A smirk came across his face, highlighting his features for anyone who would look. He quickly looked up, however, when he noticed they were in a crowd. He was new; he didn't want a reputation of him being spread around as a 'lecher'. At least… not yet. He concealed a grin and looked at her expectantly once she turned around. She sighed and shook her head,

"I'll enter first. You don't want us to enter together, or we'll look like a…a um…"

She looks adorable when she blushes…

Hell yeah!

.damn, I forgot you were there.

Since when have you forgotten me?

Since the author said so o.O


"A what?"

She stammered as she searched for the words, until finally she swore under her breath and let it out,

"A couple!"

Blushing, she quickly entered the room, expecting him to wait, but instead, he did the exact opposite, and entered behind her, earning a glare from said pink haired woman. He just gave her the 'raised eyebrow' look and shrugged. She sighed and sat in her seat, and stiffened when she realized the only empty seat was behind her.

Aw damn…

Damn? Damn right! We get to sit in front of the eye candy! Yay!

You do know that means he'll see us, but we wont see him, right?

Aw damn…

Sakura paid no attention as he slid in the seat behind her, but she hated the feeling of his eyes on her. She couldn't shake it, so finally she turned around and sent him a glare, only to find him staring at the front of the classroom. Blinking, she looked around the classroom, to see if anyone else was staring at her. And indeed, she found the bastard of the school, and most popular jock, staring at her with a wicked grin. She sent him her best glare and he just raised four fingers and waved.

Stupid teme! He should just leave us alone!

Seriously. He gets on my nerves.

Mine too!

Sighing Sakura slumped down in her chair and dreaded when class would end, that would only mean the inevitable encounter with the stupid teme. And indeed she was right. As soon as class was over, she rushed out of the room, not even waiting for Gaara, and was hoping to escape the stupid teme, but no such luck. She wasn't even ten steps from the classroom when she felt a hand grip her wrist. She stopped in her place and tried to wrench her wrist free of the grasp, only to hurt herself in the process. She grit her teeth and spoke in a low voice,

"Damn it Sasuke, let me go."