Legacy of the Maelstrom: Yamikitsune

By CyberDragonEX

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Author's Note: I no very little Japanese. I will use what I know for the most part. Otherwise, it's all English

"Human Speech"

'Human thought'

"Demon Speech"

'Demon Thought'

Chapter 1

Rain, Blood, and Tears:

Birth of a legend Pt. 1

Konoha.-4th anniversary of the Kyubi's defeat-11:24 PM

Four year old Naruto Uzumaki is running through the streets in fear. The reason, a mob of civilians, genin, chunin, jonin, and, although no one could sense them hiding in the shadows, 5 ANBU, all intent on killing the demon child once and for all.

"Why are they after me? All I did was go to the festival." Thought the child as he ran for his life. Unfortunately, fate was not on his side as he tripped and fell giving the mob a chance to catch up.

"Now we have you, you demon!" shouted one villagers as the mob surrounded him. "You've been allowed to live for to long. It's about time you died" Shouted another as the beating began. Several slashes, kicks, punches, stabs, and jutsu later, Naruto finally fainted from the pain.

Naruto's Mindscape-Kyubi's Prison

"Huh, w-where am I" asked Naruto as he awoke in what he could only describe as a dungeon. "So you are awake. Good. I was worried for a little while" came a massive, yet kind voice from behind him.

Naruto turned around, only to come face-to-face with the very being whose defeat the village had been celebrating only an hour earlier, the Kyubi no Kitsune.

"B-but how? T-the 4th k-killed you f-four years ago". "Wrong kit. No normal human, and the 4th is normal by my standard, can defeat a demon lord, Let alone the Queen of all Demons."

"Then how did he win? And while your at it, Where are we, How did I get here, Why are you here, What do you mean by Kit, what the hell do you mean by Queen, and why in the name of hell itself did you attack the village?" 'Hmm, the kid has guts, not to mention a brain hidden in that skull of his.' "First off, the 4th could not kill me, so he sealed me inside of his own newborn child, you. We are inside of your mind, where I have been trapped for four years. You got here when you lost conscience and came here subconsciously for my help. Kit is a term of endearment among foxes, which I used in reference to you on account of the fact that I am impressed by your ability to take the villages' hate without going nutso. Finally, by Queen, I mean that I am a WOMAN, you moron!"

'MY DADS THE 4TH! ' "Alright, but why did he seal you inside of me, and you didn't answer my final Question." 'I think it's about time the kid learned the truth.' "You see, your dad was a very honorable man. He could never ask another family to sacrifice their child like that, so he gave up his own child instead. His final wish was that you be seen as a hero for containing me. Unfortunately, you know first hand how well the village listened." Kyubi said with what sounded regret. "As for attacking the village, I was deceived into it. Four years ago, a man who reeked of snakes ruined my life. I came home from hunting to find my den in flames and him standing over the lifeless form of my child with a bloody sword in his hand. He said to me "I am sorry for the pain I have caused you, but I was ordered to do so by the 4th hokage of Konoha." He then vanished, leaving me to attack your village in a fit of rage. When I calmed down, I realized that no ninja would have been stupid enough to tell a demon of even half my might who had ordered them to do what he did, and that he had deceived me into doing his dirty work. However, by that time, it was too late, and I had already been sealed. I'm sorry for the pain I have caused you."

"So that's what happened. Kyubi, I completely understand and I forgive you. So now what?" "What do you mean?" "Well at the the moment, I am being beaten to death by a mob who look at me and see you. Plus even if I survive this time, it is a regular thing and will happen again soon enough." "That's true. Hmm, kit, come here a second, I got an idea. I'm going to take control of your body and save you. Unfortunately, you will probably have to leave the village before everyone else finds out or every ninja in the village will be after your head."

'Leave the village? Old Man Sandi always said I might have to. Guess he was right.' "Alright, what do I have to do?" asked Naruto as he walked up to the cage.

"Just stand still and relax." said Kyubi as she lowered the tip of her claw gently on to his shoulder. Chakra then started flowing into naruto from Kyubi's claw until he finally heard her say "It is time."

Real world

As naruto began to rise to his feet, a young ninja with silver hair and a headband covering his Left eye stepped up to finish the job and kill the demon. Forming hand seals, he supercharged his own original technique before calling out "CHIDORI!" and raising it into the sky for all to see the technique that would finally kill the demon. However, just as he rose the jutsu into the air, a bolt of lightning struck it, and was split in half, an event for which he would later name his improved Chidori the Raikiri. "It's time to say goodbye, demon! This is for my sensei!" the boy shouted as he lunged towards naruto. As he got near, time seemed to slow.

5 sec. away-a chill went down the boy's spine as he heard a voice he hadn't heard in four years say "It is time."

4 sec. away- Naruto opened his eyes, revealing blood-red with black slits

3 sec. away-Naruto crossed his arms in front of himself and braced his entire body

2 sec. away-Naruto is surrounded by an sphere of red chakra which is so thick, all you can see of naruto is a Black blur.

1 sec. away- "DEMON BLAST!"

The second those words were heard, a blast of chakra came forth knocking the entire mob, including Naruto's would-be-executioner, unconscious, plus inflicting multiple wounds upon each of them.

Konoha-30 min. later

"What the hell happened here!?" shouted the 3rd hokage as he and the anbu looked over the remnants of the mob. Yes, it was truly a fearsome sight. Although none were killed, all were severely wounded, and all of their blood had mixed with the rain, staining the street crimson.

"Unh…L-lord H-hokage Cough-gasp-cough"

"KAKASHI! What happened hear? Who did this?"

"I-it was…Cough…K-kyubi"

1 hour later-Hokage tower

Rain poured down upon the village as Old Man Sarutobi looked into the horizon. As thoughts of the young blonde and his father passed through his mind, he could no longer hold back the tears he felt. "Arashi… Naruto…I'm so, so sorry. Please forgive me."

Meanwhile-Outskirts of Konoha

As the rain poured, Naruto looked out over his old home for what would probably be the last time. In the span of an hour and a half, his appearance had changed completely. He now wore black baggy pants and black shinobi sandals. Covering his chest was a black skin tight shirt, and his hands wore black fingerless gloves. Overtop the shirt was a black shinobi vest, on top of which was his signature red swirl, surrounded in blue flames. On his forehead was the forehead protector he stole from kakashi, altered so that instead of bearing a leaf, it was marked by a fox head. Finally, on his back, held up by seemingly nothing was the first gift he had ever received, the legendary blade, The Banishing Light, which had been forged to defend the world from evil and had been in Kyubi's possession for 500 years.

"Goodbye Konoha. We are finally free of your curse."

"Let's go Kit, our journey has only just begun."

'Konoha, you have just lost the greatest hero you will ever know.'

Author's Notes-Hello, this is my first story so I hope you enjoy. Now this IS a SuperNaruto fic, although it might not seem like it at first. Now to clear some things up:

The Banishing Light-This is a Zanpak-to(From Bleach) which is as tall as its owner with a blade a thick as its owner's arm. The blade is infused with high levels of Light Chakra. The blade is a clear, indestructible crystal and glows a heavenly gold. At the end of the handle are 9 strips of cloth which flow and move in the wind similar to kyubi's tails(It WAS forged for her).

DEMON BLAST-A powerful technique. Basically a chakra version of the Chaos blast from Shadow the Hedgehog. Depending on the amount of chakra put into it, it can push back foes a few feet, or destroy an entire village with one attack. It is an extremely powerful technique which requires ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY PERFECT Chakra control.

With that out of the way, I hoped you like it. Please review