Legacy of the Maelstrom: Yamikitsune

By CyberDragonEX

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. If I did, Ibiki would've seen the potential of using Gai and Lee's manhug senset thing as the ultimate torture device.

Author's Notes: Sorry I took so, SO long. I have a SERIOUS procrastination problem. I swear, I would procrastinate in dying if it were possible. Oh well, everyone has there own issues. Just so you know, this chap takes place two months after the wave mission instead of right after.

"Human Speech"

'Human thought'

"Human thought speech"

"Demon Speech"

'Demon Thought/Inner Sakura'

"Demon thought speech"

Chapter 8

Chunin Exams:

Reinforcements Arrive


As Naruto and Gang walked towards Konoha, all but Naruto could have sworn they heard something. Naruto was an exception because with his enhanced hearing, he had managed to hear what was said and who said it.

"WHAAAAAAAT!" in the form of Zabuza's, Haku's, and Inari's voices had reached his ears, and as he walked back to Konoha, he couldn't help but smirk. 'The family just grew by three.'

Streets of Konoha

Two months have passed and Naruto is walking down the street. Stopping, he calls out "I know you're there. Show yourselves." Passerby on the street look at him like he's crazy until Konohamaru and his friend shunshin in front of him.

"Very good you three, you've come along way." said Naruto with a smile. "Thanks Boss! Hey, can we play ninja now (code for IS IT TIME TO TRAIN)?" asked Konohamaru excitedly. Before Naruto could reply however, Sakura (who had been told no by Sasuke AGAIN) chose that moment to overhear what was said.

"A ninja playing ninja… how pathetic can you get, Naruto?" sneered Sakura

"Hey boss, is she your… you know?" asked Udon as he held out his pinky. "No Udon, she is just my teammate." replied Naruto

"That's good." said Moegi. "yeah!" called out Konohamaru, "you can do much better that… thing." unfortunately, Sakura had a short fuse, which resulted in Konohamaru flying 10 ft. Also unfortunately, was the fact that Konohamaru couldn't keep his mouth shut, a fact he proved when he yelled at a leaving Sakura "That's right. You better run you Ugly, big-headed witch."

Suddenly, Sakura stopped walking, and her head turned 180 degrees (think Exorcist) to stare straight at Konohamaru. Realizng the danger they are in, the Konohamaru corps run away as if Sakura was a hound of hell, with Sakura chasing after them and Naruto following to make sure no-one dies.

Not watching where they are going, Konohamaru and friends run into a foreign Ninja, and Sakura freezes in fear at what is about to happen. However, Naruto walks in at that moment and ends their fear by saying "Hey Kankuro, long time no see. How are ya?"

"Hey Naruto, I've been better. This little gut tried to run me over." replied Kankuro. "Hey Naruto." called Temari as she walked up to them, but seeing the scene, she asked "Uh… what's going on here?"

Smirking, Harry replied "Konohamaru here almost ran over your brother as he was running away form the local she-devil" and as he said this, he pointed to Konohamaru, then Sakura. "Why don't you come out, Gaara." called out Naruto, and a second later, Gaara appeared.

"How are you?" asked Gaara, to which Naruto sighed and replied "Oh you know. Disliked by village locals, given under-ranked missions, the usual." then with a smirk which only the sand sibling saw said "I could have sworn I hadn't started seducing all the ladies yet. My reputation must be catching up to me. Soon I'll have to change my name and appearance and start all over again."

Laughing, Gaara and his siblings walked away, leaving Sakura and the Corps. Confused. Sakura, ever the curious, asked "Naruto, who are they and what village are they from? I've never seen that headband before." smirking, Naruto replied "The red-head was Gaara, the girl was Temari, and the Kabuki poser was Kankuro. As for a village, they aren't from one. They are members of the Yamikitsune." and with that, Naruto walked away leaving four shell-shocked friends/allies behind.

Meanwhile-Official meeting

Sarutobi looked over all the assembled ninja before starting the meating. "As all of you have probably noticed, the Chunin exams will be held soon. I would like all of the team leaders who feel their team is ready to step forward, starting with the rookies."

At this, all of the ninja muttered to themselves thinking no jonin would be stupid to volunteer rookies. They were severly shocked when Asuma stepped up and said "I Sarutobi, volunteer team 10, Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akamichi, and Shikamaru Naara for the chunin exams."

They were further shocked when Kurenai said "I volunteer team 8, Hinata Hyuga, Kiba inuzuka, and Shino Aburame for the Chunin Exams." followed by Kakashi saying "I volunteer team 7, Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and the de… I mean Naruto Uzumaki for the Chunin Exams." his slip-up was slight, but Sarutobi and a few others caught it.

"Are you insane!?" roared Iruka. "Lord Hokage, you cannot seriously plan on letting the rookies enter this exam? They'll be massacred."

"I understand your worries, Iruka, so how about you test each rookie to see if they are ready?" asked the old man.

"Very well then, Lord Hokage." replied Iruka, and he began thinking how to test each of the rookies while the other senseis entered their students.

With Naruto-Later that night

Naruto and the Konohamaru corps are training when Konohamaru senses a presence. Before he can react, a rain ninja jumps out, graps Moegi, and leaps into the woods. Without hesitation, Naruto, Konohamaru, and Udon gave chase. Using hand seals, Naruto signaled Konohamaru and Udon to go around, and then he jumped into a clearing with the rain ninja.

"Good, you're here." sneered the rain ninja. "Listen up brat, bring me the forbidden scroll or the girl gets it."

At this, Naruto laughed. "what girl?" laughed Naruto, "all I see are two dummies, you and the one behind you."

Turning around, the ninja saw that there was a scarcrow where Moegi had been. Before he could react, two blurs past him, wrapping him in net, before being buried up to his neck in the dirt. The two blurs then stopped in front of him, revealing Konohamaru and Moegi, while Udon burst from the ground.

"Good job team, oh, and nice try Iruka, but you underestimated me and my students." and with that, Naruto and the others left, leaving a shocked Iruka, that is, until he felt something brush his leg 'oh no, gophers. And its MATING SEASON.'

Throughout the village, Iruka's screams could be heard, and if you paid enough attention, you could hear evil snickering.

With Hinata

As Hinata was heading to the Uchiha Compound, she sensed someone following her and discretly activating her Byakugan, saw that it was Iruka henged as a Rain ninja. Having received a message from Naruto, she knew Iruka was there to test her, some in a blur of speed, dhe struck him with her Jyuken, right where the sun don't shine.

Throught the village, a shrill, girly scream could be heard and all of the men in the village euphoniously grabbed their manhood.

With Sasuke

Sasuke was standing in front of his parent graves, paying his respects when he sensed someone behind. Turning quickly, he qaught the person in Tsukiyomi, then smirked.

"Hello Iruka. How are you this night?" asked Sasuke as he channeled Naruto's prankster spirit.

"hughhh. I'm fine Sasuke. I was supposed to test you to see if you were ready for the Chunin Exams, and it seems you were. Congradulations."

"Thank you, but I'm afraid you interrupted me while I was paying my respects to the dead. The will not be satisfied until you have been punished." chuckled Sasuke, causing Iruka to pale.

"W-what are you going to do?" asked a fearful Iruka.

Smirking, Sasuke replied "For the next 72 hours, you will be forced to play an illusion less Tsunade, Jiraya, Lord Hokage, and Orochimaru in Strip Poker. Oh, and you will win every, single hand."

Throughout the village, a horrified scream could be heard, causing everyone to shudder.

Later on

Sarutobi was waiting for Iruka when said shinobi arrived, looking like he just survived the Kyubi.

"IRUKA! What the HELL happened to you?" asked Sarutobi in shock. Staring with Horrified eyes, Iruka replied, "Naruto, Hinata, and Sasuke pass, sir." and with that, he fainted, leaving a stunned hokage, who started laughing like a maniac a second later.

How this, fun, fun, and lots more fun. I say, Iruka deserved some punishment for sticking his nose where it doesn't belong. I hope you enjoyed it, and for any good authors, I give you, the Sorcerer of Persia challenge.

A Harry potter/Prince of Persia crossover for anyone who wants to try typing it. Harry is forced to go with the dusleys on their vacation to the ruins of a persian city. While there, he finds a rusted dagger tail, which becomes good as new, wraps around his arm, then vanishes into his skin as soon as he touches it. The dark prince has returned, but his centuries of exile have changed him for the better (but he is still sarcastic, cruel, and mean.). When Harry, goes to Hogwarts, it is a new Harry who is able to use magic to power the Sand of Time powers he inherited from the prince (think inf. Sand tanks.). Includes :

-Harry receiving the Dagger of time before his first year at Hogwarts (after Hagrid leaves him).

-Travelling to the Isle of Time and Ressurecting the Empress (without being an embodiment of the sands and instead as a witch instead) using a book of parsel magic he finds in Kaileena's library during his second year.

-Rebuilding Babylon (under fidelus) over the summers away from Hogwarts

-Slightly manipulative Dumbledore


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