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Hinata walked towards the camp with her wet hair sticking to her neck and shoulders. She held a damp towel in her arms and a few cleaning products.

"I f-finished taking my bath, Sakura-chan." she called to her pink-haired friend.

"Okay. How was the water?" she asked.

"It was slightly c-cold..."

"That's alright, I feel gross and haven't had a good bath in forever. I don't really mind cold."

Hinata smiled and nodded. She gave Sakura a fresh towel, soap and shampoo. Sakura thanked her and turned to take her bath.

"I'll be back in a bit!" called out Sakura and turned to the river.

Sasuke sat overhead on a high-up branch, leaning back with his eyes closed and listening to the two girls talking.

"I'll be back in a bit!" called out Sakura.

Sasuke's heart sank. It was time. He sighed and discretely followed Sakura overhead, hidden by the foliage. As he neared the river, he heard Sakura humming to herself. He calmed himself with the sound of her voice, knowing that it would be louder and angrier and accompanied with a beating if she ever found out what he was doing.

The humming stopped as she stopped. Sasuke froze.

Sakura turned her head left and right, then nodded to herself as she began taking off her shirt. Sasuke sighed and forced himself to look. Luckily, her back was turned to him, so he had more time for mental preparation.

'Alright... things aren't too bad so far...'

"Are you kidding? They're great!"

'Shut up.'

"Hey, I'm not the one being a Peeping Tom."

'It's not my fault! It's stupid Naruto's fault!'

"Oh, but I know you want to!"

'Shut up!'

"Oh come on, assert your manhood! You really need to after wearing that messed up outfit back at Orochimaru's base."

'Hey! I changed after a while cause it was too frikkin' girly.'

"But it still took you a while."


"Hush up, she's taking off the shorts!"


"Heh, told you you wanted to be here."

'Aargh! I'm ignoring you! You-...'

Sasuke did indeed hush up, because the sight he saw was quite new for him.

Sakura came back humming happily. Sasuke was already back at camp, sitting on a rock and poking the fire with a dead twig. When he saw Sakura, he reddened and poked a little harder at the fire. Naruto took that action as a "I did what you told me to" sign from Sasuke's part, and giggled madly.

Sakura paused a little and shot puzzled looks at both Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke just turned cherry-red and Naruto grinned sheepishly. Sakura dared not ask. Good for both her and Sasuke's health...

"Alright! Now on to the next part of the bet!" announced Naruto.

Sasuke was in the center of a circle consisting of Kiba; smirking pervertedly, Shikamaru' not quite knowing why he was there, Chouji; not really caring as long as he had his chips, Neji; having been dragged there against his will, Lee; having no clue but still being majorly excited, Shino; no particular change, and Naruto himself; being the only one besides Kiba who really understood what was going to happen.

Sasuke looked around and sighed. He looked up at Naruto.

"Do they all have to be here?" he asked, sort of hoping he'd find a way out of this, even if it wasn't very like him.

"No... they don't." answered Naruto after thinking a little.

"But we want to see you stoop to me and Naruto's level." smirked Kiba. The ignorant people in the circle just shrugged.

Naruto cleared his voice and announced in a loud voice: "Now that everyone's here and no one else is around, I will present the second part of the agreement between Sasuke and I." This seemed to interest a couple of spectators and they stopped their squirming.

"The great Uchiha Sasuke, whom we have just re-integrated into our group, will face the initiation test!"

Everybody lifted their eyebrows at this. Initiation test? They had never heard of it.

Sasuke shot a hateful glance at Naruto. "You never told me this was some initiation. Who says I want to be part of you guys?"

"Says the future sixth Hokage. Now shut up and let me finish." scolded Naruto. Sasuke's eyebrow twitched. "As I was saying, the agreement consisted of..." Naruto let a moment of suspense pass by. Some faces were eager, confused, or just kind of dumb-looking.

"Peeping at Sakura-chan taking her bath!" he announced loud and pride. Jaws dropped and gasps were heard. Sasuke looked down. There went his reputation... "Now, Sasuke-sama," sneered Naruto, "... show us what you saw!"

Sasuke flinched. His heart pounded so hard he swore that it would rip out of his chest. Slowly, he raised his hands, formed a seal, and a puff of smoke covered him.

Sakura enjoyed a breeze of fresh air as she strolled through the winding paths of the forest. She contemplated how the cool wind felt wonderful on her healing wounds.

She stopped as she heard voices carried by the wind. She closed her eyes and focused.

"... show us what you saw!"

It was Naruto, she was sure of it. What could the idiot be doing now? However, she recalled how empty the camp was with all the guys seemingly missing. The girls and her all figured they went somewhere to test their skills or something, but she wasn't entirely convinced.

For some reason, she really wanted to know what they were up to, so she followed the voices until she came across a small clearing. About half a dozen people circled a lone person. She squinted and identified those people as being the missing boys, and the one in the center was... Sasuke? Were the ganging up on him? Sakura had to know.

She squatted down and masked her chakra, hiding behind some bushes, close enough to hear but far enough to not be heard.

Sasuke formed a seal. The seal was familiar. Naruto had done it many times...

'... Sexy-no-jutsu?!'

The smoke cleared and there stood Sakura (who was really Sasuke), naked, with only a minimum of smoke covering vital parts.

The reactions were all different.

Naruto: Gaping and grinning, with a slight awe about him.

Kiba: Cheering loudly with his dog barking in approval beside him.

Shikamaru: Hard to tell, he fainted.

Chouji: Eyes wide, munching a bit faster on his chips than usual.

Shino: Turned to leave.

Neji: Nose bleed.

Lee: Eyes wide, mouth wide and a "how youthful Sakura-chan is" expression that was quite easy to read.

Sasuke changed back and looked up, ashamed, just in time for a punch on the jaw and flying sideways ten feet. Everyone seemed to wake out of a daze and stared upon the pink-haired bullet that had just emerged from the woods. She was panting heavily, red as a tomato and with a lust for blood gleaming in her eyes.

Tenten, Ino and Hinata heard screams of pain from somewhere in the woods. Shino came out of the woods at that same instant, and sat beside the campfire. Ino gave him a look that clearly read: "What the hell is going on back there?"

Shino shrugged. "Didn't stick around long enough to find out."

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