Scream 4

The final cut

After scream 3"

Sydney Prescott

Dewey Riley

Sarah weathers (gale's Sister)

Trisha Rosenberg

Gale weathers

Candy wills

Bobby James

Gales walked out to the front table in her kitchen and stared out side gazing at the moon light. She sat down with her drink and started to write. Her title of her book was not yet made; she couldn't find any name for it. "Hmm" gale said under her breath. She went to her room and turned off all the lights.

Then a she heard a glass break. Gale got up and placed her feet slightly of her bed but not yet touching the ground. She pulled out a massive knife out of her shelf and slowly took a little look shimmying across the wall. All she could see was a small shadow creeping across her apartment floor. "Damn you" said Gale. She got up and creaked down the hallway. Then the killer looked straight in her eyes and whipped his knife at her. She used a heavy book to block the knife and she hit him back with the book. "Get off me" said gale. She pushed the person that was dressed in the killer's suit of the past killers off her. Gale ran to her door and ran down the hallway screaming for help. "Someone help me" said Gale. The killer slowed down the threw the knife at her back. Gale instantly fell on to the ground. She could fell the knife go through her flesh as she tried to pull it out. "Gale" said the ghost face.

"Put this in our books" said the killer and stabbed her in the chest and threw her down the elevator shaft. She broke threw the window of the elevator coming up and broke into the elevator.

Earlier that week …

Sidney Prescott went inside of her cottage home and went to her backyard playing with her dog. She went inside and picked up the phone and called Sarah Weathers on the phone. "Hello" said Sarah on the other side. Sidney started to talk, but before she did she heard Sarah sniffing. "What's wrong" asked Sidney. "Martha was killed yesterday" said Sarah. "Martha Meeks" asked Sidney with tears coming out of her eyes. "Yes, and they said that she was cut in half and hanged in different parts of her house" said Sarah. Sidney turned on the news and saw the pictures of Martha in her house. Sidney was gazing at the TV and the door opened.

Sidney quickly snapped out of her gazing and looked at the door. She slowly walked next to the door and saw a man holding a package with her name on it. "Hello" said Sidney. "Good Morning Mrs., I got a package for you" said the mail man. Sidney dropped the box and walked outside with her coat. She stopped and thought to her self, how he know I lived by my self. Sidney ran to her car and went to the Dewey's house. She ran the door bell three times and Dewey's door opened. "Hi Sidney" said Gale. Holding on to Dewey. "You guys back from your honeymoon I guess" said Sidney tearing. "What's wrong? Asked Dewey. "Martha's Dead" said Sydney.

"What" said Gale in shock? "Martha Meeks" asked gale. "Yah" said Sydney. "Well why don't you stay here for a while and I called Sarah over for dinner" said Gale. "I already talked to her" said Sydney. "How did she take it" said Gale. "She's the one who told me" said Sydney. The door busted open and Trisha Came threw. "Hi Trisha" said Sydney. "It's been from high school" said Sydney. "Yah, I brought my friends Candy, and Billy, if that is okay" asked Trisha. "its okay said Gale.

Everyone looked around at the dinner table and said "So who is hungry" said Gale.

"I am" said Trisha. Gale suddenly Stopped and looked at the window. She stared at the person looking at her with a familiar mask on. The killer pulled out a knife and pointed it to Candy. Gale said no in her mind, knowing that if they find out the police will get involved in all of this mess. She gave the middle finger to the killer as it slowly walked off. "Gale what's wrong" said Sydney. "Nothing" said Gale. Only that there is someone is after her this time not Sydney.

TO BE Continued!