"Ne, Osaka. What are you thinking?" Kaorin asked her daydreaming friend.

"I was just thinking about what I had watched last night." Answered Osaka while observing their other two friends.I, Takino Tomo and Mizuhara Koyomi quarrelling about something again. Possibly about Tomo doing or saying something (or both) that shouldn't be said nor done on the school grounds.

"What was it about?" Kaorin asked again, barely missing the part where Tomo was almost sent flying to the stratosphere with one of Yomi's punches.

"About alien slaves who came from another planet and crash landed here." Once again Tomo ducked from Yomi's relentless attack.

Kaorin's mouth opened wide. 'could it be? Does she also watch DearS?!' Kaorin asked herself mentally then, "DearS?!" she asked Ayumu.

"DearS? Ah, yes! That's what they are called."

"You also watch that show?" Kaorin almost squealed.C. It's the first time that she talked about it to someone.

"Not really, only when there's nothing more to watch."

"Oh!" said the disappointed Kaorin before perking up. "May you tell me what was you thinking exactly?"

"I'm just wondering if alien spaceship carrying slaves end up here."

"I think it would be wonderful."

"That's not what I meant." Ayumu said.E. For the first time having a serious look on her face.


"If an alien slaves ended up here what would happen to society?V. Will they accept them?E. Reject them?R. Will they still be slaves or free people?Y. But if we do fee them, are they going to like it?"

"Oh, I see."


"You're still not finished?"

Ayumu smiled evilly then said, "Are we going to dissect them and turn them inside out?" she finished that with a chuckle

Kaorin's face paled.

"Ne, are you talking about DearS?" Asked Tomo after recovering slightly from the beating.

"Are you all right Tomo?" Kaorin asked.

"That was a nice show," Ayumu interjected, "but its too short."

"Of course." Said Tomo ignoring Ayumu's comments. "Are you talking about DearS?"

"Hai," Kaorin said while Ayumu only nodded. "Are you watching it too?"

Tomo smiled and said, "Why bother watching when that's True."

"NANI?!" Kaorin looked like she's going to explode.

"Really?" Ayumu said looking unfazed and still sporting her cute, gentle smile.T. It maybe because of this that some of her classmates tend to think of her as weird for being able to smile even in the most sickening and worst conditions possible.

"Of course!H. It's loosely based on me and Yomi." Tomo said locking her arm on Kaorin's neck.

Yomi's left eye twitched a little but her thick glasses prevented others from seeing it. "Like hell it was."

"Oh, come on Yomi." Tomo said, "You can't deny who you are."

"Eh?" Was Yomi's only reply. Obviously, she only heard her name being called after Tomo.

"Just look at that splendid beauty." Tomo said to the lesbian and the space cadet.

Yomi nearly fell back in shock, 'Did Tomo just praise me?' she tought.

"Beautiful body, sexy curves, big breasts. Everything that she had fits the description."

Yomi was obviously blushing, but not from Tomo but from the gazes of most of her classmates who had stopped at what they were doing to have a glimpse of her. Some of them even began whispering.

"Not everything," Kaorin said, "Only her body fits the description but not her face."

"You're wrong," Ayumu stated, "You judge too much by what you see that you didn't notice the beautiful, shy swan hiding within."

Now it was Ayumu's turn to hit the spotlight as everyone in the room stared at her with questioning glances. "I don't get it." Kaorin said.

"Me either." Added Tomo.

"Then how do you notice something about Sakaki-san?" Ayumu asked gazing at Kaorin.

"OH! You mean by that. I see." Then it dawned on her.I. "HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!" Obviously, she was talking about her secret admiration to the tall girl.

Ayumu's only reply was she looked away and gave a sinister chuckle.N. Of course this gave a slight chill up Kaorin's spine.

"I don't really get what all of you are saying." Yomi was getting confused by the minute.

"About you being…" Kaorin began but she was cut off.

"A slave." Ayumu finished.

Wretched silence.

More wretched silence.

And then the beloved chaos.

Everyone laughed especially Kagura.G. They all thought that it was a joke but not Sakaki who was so shocked that she didn't notice that she accidentally dropped her pencil.

"Um… what did you mean Osaka?" Chiyo-chan asked as she nudge her friend for an answer.

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU TOLD THEM ABOUT, TOMO TAKINO?!" Yomi's voice was loud enough to hear throughout the nameless school.

"What was that?" Yukari asked as she tried to remove some of the sleep from her head.

"I don't know." Said Minamo Kurosawa. "Probably Kimura-sensei." She added as she goes to another stack of paper.

"What do you mean about us?" asked Yomi as steam ventilated out of her ear.

"By the way, don't they eat a lot?" Asked Ayumu.

"They?" Asked Yomi stupidly.

"True, and it's taken me a lot of hard work to keep her from eating too much. Otherwise, she would have gained one hundred pounds in a single day."

Everyone knows that Tomo is just exaggerating but they can't help from saying, "Ohhh…"

"That is not true! And I'm absolutely not a slave." Said the irritated Yomi, steam can be heard hissing from her.

"Tomo-chan said that you are a DearS and by the way that she is saying it, all DearS are slaves." Said Chiyo-chan, eavesdropping their conversation.

"A DearS?" Yomi asked, sure she's sexy but she's not something like that. "How can you all believe such a thing?"

"Well, I have proof." Said the hyperactive girl.

"Show it!" Barked the bespectacled girl. An order that she will soon regret.

It was a photo of herself wearing a very provocative uniform (as many might call it) complete with a collar and a leash that is tied to a wall. Yomi blushed, not only from what she's wearing but also her pose. She looked like a kitten playing with a yarn ball by in the picture; it is a very large stuffed poring from ragnarok online.

"No! This is not true! THIS IS NOT TRUE!"


Yomi suddenly woke up, perspiring heavily and gasping for air. She scanned the classroom, it was still lunchtime. "Thank God! It was just a dream." She said to herself. 'But it felt so real.' It was then that she noticed Ayumu standing beside her with strange piercing eyes and her hands are on either side of her head doing what a psychic would do.

"Ah, you're a awake."

"What the heck are you doing?" Yomi stood up. "Osaka."

"Oh! I was just passing to you my thoughts." She said bluntly.

"Eh?" Yomi, now relaxed said, "Stop doing nonsense things, Osaka."

The next word that Ayumu said scared the wits out of Yomi's mind. "DearS."

Yomi was visibly shaken by this as her legs began to wobble as she leaned to her chair for support. "H-How…" She was at a loss of words.

"Cat Girl."

"Ack!" She was now completely scared when she said, "Stop entering my mind!"

"I would have if you hadn't tricked me." Said Ayumu, lowering her hands.

"What do you mean I tricked you? I never had done anything like that."

"The super spicy chilly croquette."

"And what…" Then she remembered, "Oh…"

"You know, I can just crush you in the palm of my hand." Stated Ayumu.

It was after Ayumu said that, that Yomi noticed that something was wrong. She was actually sitting on Ayumu's large hand. She slowly looked up to her face. At first, Yomi just stared at her as she was too stunned to even speak and too scared to even do anything. "O-Osaka?!" She finally blurted out.

"I will leave you alone, Yomi." Ayumu stared at her spooked classmate. "If you will never do it again."

The frightened girl only nodded.

"Good!" she smiled, but not her usual cute and sweet smile that she always show, it was more like the sadistic smile of a serial killer who had found her next victim. It appears that Ayumu watches too much horror movies. "Then it is time for you to wake up."

"W-Wake up?"

That was when Ayumu tightly closed her hand, crushing her from the sudden force.


Ayumu stared deeply into space and a smile crept up to her lips, 'Ah! Never knew that revenge would be so sweet. Even if it's not real.' She thought.

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Hides the words of my might.