A name defines Existence and existence defines Life. If the name is false then… can life exist?


Yomi placed her bag slowly at her desk; being extra careful not to obliterate it as well. She was about to change her clothes when she remembered something. If she took it off too fast she might rip it apart like her favorite American wrestlers do. 'Good thing no one knows my fetish for men who wore nothing except a clothing that has a resemblance to an underwear.' She absentmindedly giggled at the thought causing her to lose her focus at the task at hand which, in turn, she accidentally ripped her blouse apart. "No!" she wailed, tumbling backward and accidentally tripped herself. She fell and unintentionally landed her butt at her precious scale, crushing it into itty-bitty-chunks.

The scream of someone who had lost her beloved was heard through out the neighborhood.


Humming a small, sweet melody, Chihiro tossed her backpack to the bed before letting herself fall over it with her arms spread wide. She turned to her side and kept an eye on her clock. It is almost five. She smiled, stood up and went over to her transparent windows to close and then cover it with curtains.

She then went to her door and lock it, incase her parents came to call her down.

Five seconds till her wall clock ring. She closed her eyes and relaxed. Three seconds, she smiled and raised her head. One, she muttered an indistinct sound.

The pendulum swung in every bit of sound, not missing a bit as the timepiece rang loud and clear but its owner wasn't there to hear its splendid voice.


Matsuyama leaned on the door, the pain still reeked on his privates but it has subsided a bit.

'Damn! I hope that I can keep being the common enemy.' He thought. 'At least they aren't fighting each other like before.'

He removed his glasses and smiled, 'Thanks Chiyo for giving me an idea for keeping them together.' He tossed his bag somewhere in his messy room before felling to sit on the ground. "Owww…" he whined as he continued to be chopped down headfirst before finally settling himself face down on the floor. Twitching involuntarily.


"I'm home." Said Kaori as she removed her shoes before placing them at the assigned space on the shoe rack.

"Ah, Kaorin, how was school? Anything interesting?" Asked a voice as the owner revealed herself to be a much older version of her daughter. If one had a warped way of thinking, he/she would say that Kaori is a clone of the woman at the kitchen door.

"No, nothing much happened except that I got warned by Yukari-sensei for being late in class." Kaori sighed, defeated. She turned to walk up the stairs but stopped mid-way, "Mom, I'm going to watch T.V. tonight at nine o'clock."

Her mother disappeared back at the kitchen, "All right." She replied. "But only after you finished your homework."

Happily, she vanished in her room while saying, "OK!"

Her mother had stopped stirring the broth to ponder for a moment. 'If I'm correct, he came.' She thought deeply only to return back to reality when she smelled something burning.



Trapped inside a space and time vacuum, the house stood silently, as if waiting patiently for someone, anyone to come by and knock on its door. But no one will come to the confined home in the edge of space, in the chink of time; and thus it will wait on forever, seeing that time and fate have no meaning.

Apart from one, a girl with the ability to move between dimensions, realms, and especially, time and space. The sight of her brings back the radiance that it had lost when the last string of time that supported the previous creation finally snapped and shattered the fragile lives of all those who lived before ceasing eternally.

Chihiro scrutinize the house that was bathed in a ceaseless glow, as if heaven was inside that tiny home. She walked toward it, twisted the doorknob and, came inside.

She closed the door behind her and gazed at the illuminated living room that was a lot larger than the house itself it seemed. She walked towards the unique spot on the wall. She always came to that place to speak her mind, for in that particular place is a large portrait of Kasuga Ayumu.

The girl in the painting stood with grace and beauty, her face is turned slightly to face the unknown painter with a satisfied smile, and her loose article of white clothing of blouse and pants gave an impression of awakening. Her eyes gazed innocently but cagily; her bangs gave an air of mystique and omniscience; and finally, her wings showed weakness but with determination.

Chichiro stood there and gazed admiringly at her mother silently.


The next day, Yomi dragged herself to school while looking like a freshly awakened corpse from the grave.

"Yomi, are you all right?" Kaorin peeked to see her disheartened face, "You don't look so good."

"Well, since I came back from that place. I can't seem to stop destroying things accidentally." She then turned to see her friend's face. "What's happening to me?" she asked nervously while her eyes are showing hints of dread.

"You know, I'm also afraid of myself a few months ago when my powers are still passive." Replied Matsuyama as he delved into his memories. "But, after sometime. I got used to it."

Still disheartened, however, Yomi lit up a bit. "Thanks Matsuyama." Then her features turned serious. "About Osaka, I still couldn't believe that she made all of this. Not to mention us." She lifted up her glasses a bit. "It's not that I'm angry or complaining about it. It's just that my mind wanted some answers."

Kaorin looked down, "I'm sorry but I don't have the answer to that Yomi." She gazed upwards toward the clouds. "Even we have some questions that I believe can never be answered."

"Even Chihiro." Matsuyama added.

"Speaking of who, I wonder where she is." Pondered Yomi, as she turned her gaze from where she was going.

Unbeknownst to them, the girl in question appeared out of thin air right ahead of the meganekko's way, "Hi gu…" She collided with the strong girl before she could finish her greeting.

Yomi wasn't out balanced but Chihiro was knocked down to her feet. "Ah… sorry about that Chihiro, I wasn't looking."

Kaorin helped her close friend to stand up while Matsuyama thought it was unnecessary considering the fact that they'll just think that he's just having a chance to 'touch' her. "Its all right. But it felt like I just hit a wall."

Yomi sighed. "Right now I just want to stop thinking about this and keep my sanity intact. Not to mention the fact that I'd have to be careful."

Matsuyama laughed. "I had that same problem before."

"How the hell can you have the same problem as me?" Yomi spat. Obviously not wanting to have any semblance to him.

Out of the blue, Matsuyama became serious. "I had the same problem as you before, Yomi, except that mine is a lot more extreme since I almost killed Chiyo-chan by liquidating her when I lost control."

Yomi stepped back a bit. "W-What?! Then I'd better be careful. I might just do the same."

Just like yesterday, the school bell interrupted their conversation. Making them groan in frustration before heading to their class.


Yomi sighed to herself for the umpteenth time. Just two days ago everything seemed normal, waking up, chores, going to school, being irritated by Tomo (OK, not always normal), going home, homework, and sleep. All of this was turned topsy-turvy when she fell asleep and found out the biggest revelation of her life. That she was one of the products of an imagination of her friend.

She snapped out of her reverie when she felt something was amiss. Then again, everything goes wrong in the blink of an eye in this school and in her life, but that is only with Tomo.

A sadistic smile was present on their teacher's face as she entered the class.

'Too usual.' Was Yomi's thought.

Matsuyama yawned. 'Here we go again.'

All of them expected the usual antics of their English teaching sensei but just as life itself, not everything is predictable.

Yukari slammed both of her hands down hard on her desk as she stared somehow knowingly at her students with a mixture of glee and intimidation.

'Judging by her actions, I believe she had won over Nyamo-sensei on something.' A certain ten-year-old, pigtailed girl thought.

"Troops," Their sensei announced, getting everyone's attention and snatching Ayumu from her train. "The command center had finally acknowledged our request for reinforcements against our arch nemesis Nyamo and her horde in this long, grueling, and brutal war."

Most of the students sweat dropped from their teacher's immature way of thinking. Unbeknownst to most of them, the statement gave an idea to a certain sweet girl.

Tanizaki Yukari wrote their names on the board before adding offhandedly, "Wouldn't you all know it! They both came from Osaka!" Ayumu was snapped back to reality making Chihiro flinch.

Immediately, everyone gasped in amazement.

"OSAKA, YOU BONKURA!" Screamed the hyperactive girl before running to her friend.

Kagura gazed at her two close friends, thinking that there will be a comeback.

"Why didn't you tell us that you already have children?" The idiotic girl really has to ask.

Most of them laughed but not as much as Kagura who was laughing so hard that she fell to the floor while her stomach cringe in pain.

Sakaki thought it was real and was taken aback by this sudden revelation that one of her classmates is already a mother.

The five students jittered. For all they know sooner or later there would be a huge implosion, killing them instantly, and damning Tomo eternally for being a moron by pressing the button that says ' THE BIG CRUNCH'.

But there was a nagging, ironic feeling, tempting them to say 'Mama' since all of 'them' are 'her' children. But Tomo knew none of that…or does she?

"EH?!" Replied the baffled Ayumu. "You've got it all wrong, I'm too young."

Four of them sighed a relief but Chihiro squirmed uncomfortably, wishing that she could cry instead of holding back this intense emotion. 'Mama!' she wailed internally, 'I'm you daughter. Your baby girl.'

A rain of chalk went straight for Tomo causing her to fell to the floor but a stray one went straight for Ayumu's forehead. "IITAH!" She muttered a bit slowly before reaching to touch the skin in the middle of her brows.

Chihiro's eye twitched for three times while keeping her usual facial expression but inwardly, she was furious at what Yukari-chan did and she had to fight the urge to 'teach' her disrespecting 'sister' a 'lesson.'

Kaori could feel the anger rising from her friend and without looking, she said 'Chihiro, calm down.' But her lips weren't moving.

'How could I calm down?!' She half-asked, half-screamed mentally. 'she inflicted pain to our beloved mother!'

'Chihiro, she doesn't mean that.'

"Now that's over. I want you all to meet them. Asuka and Sayo Urashima."

Their mental discussion was unexpectedly severed. Kaori tried to reconnect it but to no avail. Forcing the two friends to check who the new comer was and both of them had to halt themselves from getting everybody's attention by saying, "You".

Just like people say, 'expect the unexpected'.

The four students' jaws hung low in shock as they saw 'him' again.

The first person to enter the room was none other than the mysterious teenager himself wearing the distinctive uniform of their school only with the addition of gloves at his hands while the other is a girl of about the same age as he is, also wearing the uniform. Both of them have the same dark brown hair and matching crimson eyes. However, their demeanor seemed to contrast one another for the boy seemed lively as he stared intently at the single sheet of white bond paper, while the girl's expression was lethargic as she yawned sleepily.

The young maker's smile broadens as she stood up slowly before standing at attention and saluting at him like a soldier. "Sensei, it's been a while." Ayumu exclaimed.

"Ayu-chan, how are you? Any strange experiments lately?" He joked, noting the reactions of the four students. The way that he said it made them shudder.

"I have a few, but I can't do it alone." Was her reply making the five students sweat.

"You can say hello to each other later during lunch." Yukari-sensei stated while opening an eye to steal a look at what the boy found so interesting. "What's that?"

Ayumu saluted again before sitting back at her seat.

"Oh this?" The teenager pointed at the paper. "This is a walkthrough on how to defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts II at level 49." He said proudly with a sly smile.

Their advisor's hands twitched as she slowly approached him, "That-That one winged, bluish silver haired angel with an incredibly long masamune?!" The look on her eyes can make someone think that an otaku spirit had possessed her. Deep inside her brain the leash that the superego uses to chain down the id inside the ego snapped, causing her to take drastic measures. This, in her case, was to lunge at him. Fortunately, he turned around saving the document but the side effect was that he was pinned down on the ground with the brown haired woman at his back.

"Hey! What on?! G-Get off of me, get off of me! Help! A succubus is attacking me! Help!" He screamed. For the umpteenth time the four of them sweat dropped.

The girls giggled a bit when they realized that the newcomer is terrified to opposite gender. He'll be a good target to tease with.

Meanwhile, the male half is shuddering from the thought of Yukari-sensei being a succubus. Most likely, they think that a succubus is a beautiful, young dominatrix, but all of that is replaced by this person's sudden outburst with a big-mouthed, sadistic, elderly woman with a tiny brain.

"Give me that! I said give me that!" She screamed at the squirming young boy beneath.

The girl meanwhile had entered panic mode. Flailing her arms about as she babbled incoherently.

A part of her wanted to scream for help.

A part of her wanted to pass-out.

A part of her wanted to reach out and protect her brother with her life.

A part of her wanted to slay the evil teacher and live happily ever after.

How she'd thought of that is way beyond Chiyo's understanding.


Meanwhile, at the other section next door.

Chuckling nervously, a certain P. E. teacher with dark blue hair excused herself for a moment saying, "Don't go anywhere guys, I'll be right back." Not even noticing that she broke her pencil in two without using any fingers. OK, maybe two, her index and middle fingers, but they just resisted the force of the thumb, which is not exactly a finger but a very helpful limb.

Her students are not exactly sure if she's caring, angry, or curious of the situation next door.

She characteristically walked to the door, calmly walked outside, only to slam it hard back to its frame. A few small cracks appeared at the window attached to the door.

Now they know.


The door swung open with the irritated Physical Educations sensei walking inside, only to be shocked moments later to see her best friend and arch rival on top of a reluctant teenager with his twin sister in distress.

"YUKARI! What are you doing?!" She roared. "Are you trying to rape him?" She asked, making the girl plead even more.

Sakaki-san already looked like a piece of white paper.

"ACK! No! Please…not again…not again…somebody, save my brother!"

The students blinked. Is she talking about herself or her brother? If herself then its bad, if her brother then…

'Lucky S.O.B.' Some of the males thought.

'All the more better!' Some of the girls thought while giggling.

If it's true.

Sakaki-san prayed for the twin's safety in the future.

The English teacher is oblivious to everything that's happening around her, as her main and only objective is to acquire the information from his hands. "Yes! I've got it!" She grinned conceitedly like a child on Christmas day only to have it turn south when she noticed that there's nothing in there but wingdings. "What on?! There's nothing here but symbols, Asuka!" She roared at the fallen teenager as he was helped to his feet by his sister.

He smiled knowingly. "That's right. I changed it to make sure that I'm the only one that can read it."

Angered by the thought that her own student had outsmarted her, she tore the paper apart before smiling viciously, "Things like this are banned at this school."

His smirk didn't fade however, "I know, that's why I left the original back at home." Was his witty retort.

Yukari, If possible, was even redder than before.



Tomo Takino immediately stood up when their sensei left the room hoping to make a mad dash to the cafeteria.

"Hey, Tomo, will you buy me some bread?" Requested Kaori.

"Heh, buy your own bread." She retorted back.

A twinkle appeared on a certain girl's specs. "And why Tomo? You can't do it?"

"I can four eyes! And if you still don't believe me then I'll buy something for you too!" Tomo snapped back before disappearing behind the door leaving the annoyed Yomi behind.

Yomi was too preoccupied thinking on how to take retribution against her clingy friend to notice the small resonance at her side.

"Ne." Said a young voice.

The seemingly older girl looked down when she felt small, dainty hands tugging against her arm. Cute, little Chiyo-chan was there, gazing deeply into her eyes. "What is it Chiyo-chan?"

There was something different in the young girl's eyes as she gazed at her with an anomalous feeling of seriousness and importance. "We'd have to go."

She crooked her brow for second as she watched at her little friend in confusion.

"Why? Is there something wrong?" Asked Chihiro, beating Yomi to the punch.

Kaori didn't spoke a word as she walked up to them.

Chiyo turned to the time manipulator. "Yes, we have one." Replied Chiyo. "Another confined space is created just a while ago. It is estimated to be a Class S, Rank Seven, and Type space." She stopped when she felt a hand rubbing her hair, she moved aside and turned her head to see who it was. It was the new transferee, Asuka.

He smiled warmly as he looked at her before meeting the eyes of the others. "I know that you all wanted to ask me something but we should leave first before she ran out of words" He pointed his thumb at Ayumu's direction and they saw that Sayo is busy distracting her.

"Who do you think you are to order us?" Hissed Kaori, obviously still suspicious of this new individual to appear out of nowhere with the knowledge of everything that's happening.

He laughed a bit before turning. "I'm not giving you orders but rather helping you to go unnoticed." He marched toward the door before disappearing from view.

"It seems that he already knows." Stated Matsuyama as he joined them.

"Not only that, I believe that he's hiding something from us." Added Chiyo helpfully. "Do you remember Osaka calling him sensei?" She gazed at Chihiro who nodded back at her.

"In the future, mama didn't told me anything about him." Chihiro informed them while taking a small glimpse of Ayumu.

"In any case, we'd have to go." Kaorin took a quick look at her wristwatch before adding, "If we don't hurry up, we'll be too late. Lead the way Chiyo-chan."


"Ah! Here we are!" Chiyo chirped happily, not knowing the effects of what she said to her friends.

The jaws of the three girls hitting the floor were audibly heard, as they stood stricken at where the portal was located.

Matsuyama snickered when he looked at his 'sisters'. "I'm not going alone." He half joked considering that it's forbidden for them to enter, half serious considering that he doesn't want to go on a mission all by himself.

"You have got to be kidding me, Chiyo-chan." That was Yomi.

"I'll never be caught dead entering that place." That was Kaori.

'Mama!' Wailed Chihiro in her thoughts. 'Had we done something bad against you that you are now punishing us?'

Chiyo cocked her head at the side cutely while surveying the confusing reactions of her friends. "Why? What's wrong with going inside the male's toilet room?" She asked clueless, as if it's natural to share a restroom.

Matsuyama's grin turned southward. "The way you said it sounds so wrong."

When the going-ons seemed to be bad enough, it just went worse when their unruly haired, bottle spectacled, square jawed history teacher suddenly appeared behind the door.

All the color was drained from them and Kaori had to catch her soul from leaving her body.

Fortunately enough, he didn't notice any of them as he sped off to chase other girls only to scream inside the cafeteria. "Kaorin! Where are you my beloved Kaorin! I have love teacher lunch for you."

Kaori wanted to die.

"Now I know why," Whispered Chiyo.

"Look, I know that you all don't want to go there but we don't have a choice." Stated Matsuyama seriously. "I can't do it alone you know." He looked from side to side. "Now's the best time since no one's around."

Resigning themselves to their fate. The four girls slowly advanced with their cheeks going rosy. When they're at the door, they bolted inside.

Matsuyama muffled a laugh and shook his head, but when he heard a scream he too bolted inside worried at what could have happened.

The scream was again heard but this time it was followed by a voice. "You don't just look like Kurosawa-sensei but also you're voice is beginning to sound feminine too."

"Shut up!" Said a different voice. Obviously the screamer, "It's already bad that Kimura-sensei had once mistaken me for a girl."

The boys that happen to hear it shrugged while the girls flushed a bit at what they think of as yaoi.


Meanwhile at the girl's rest room.

Sakaki was drying her hands when she heard a few squeaks from the girls watching her. She can't help but blush when she saw some girls staring at her body before leaving her alone at the restroom. She walked to the door only to have it flung open ahead of her. She blinked twice before staring down to see who it was.

Sakaki's eyes widened…


A.N.: Me encrypted words are visions of the future.

To Addleboy- in Chapter 01 it is I C (see) EVERITHING.

It refers to me being the one who made the story.

Chapter 02 – A binding light – refers to the girls being saved in chapter three.

Chapter 03 – Swiftly falling to the ground the young girl breathe. The soft, warm cloud of dream fighting against the cold, harsh wind of reality. Opening her eyes she shivered away from the truth to the safety of lies. Only to realize that the illusion will not save her. Opening her hands, two small feathers is seen with meaning. The ignorance of sin and the acceptance of sin. The wish of redemption.

It is a flash-forward of chapter five.

Clue 3 - There are other three hidden clues apart from this one above.

The trivia of Chihiro and Ayumu is another clue.

All in all, there are five clues in chapter three that will play an important role possibly in this story or not.