A moment together

Summary title says all established relationship

Parring H/S implied H/D SLASH! Don't like don't read

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Authors Note: just a short thing from that I got inspired to writte while watching Tokyo Drift.

Sean crawled into the bed he shared with his lover. Silently his lover opened his arms so Sean could slip in to his embrace. It was very few nights they got to just be together like this. Sex was something both of them enjoyed and they could easily steal a few moments for that. That was a common occurs in cooperation. Sean loved the way his lover felt when he was held by him and how nice it was to wake up next to each other.

"How did it go today?"

Sean had worked with Twinkie all day and the two of them had gone for a beer with the "monkies" afterwards.

"Alright we got those Jordans sold. Will I be with him or you tomorrow?"

Han smiled and kissed the top of Seans head.

"Tomorrow we're going to the docks"

Seans face lit up at the mentioning of being able to race again even if it was only against Han. Hans heart melted at the ecstatic look on Seans face. Han hadn't had a male lover since he rolled with Domenic Toretto. He preferred the hard planes of a male body befor the soft curves of a female, but sine he had arrived in Toky he hadn't found anyone he manted until now. Both men knew that the next day they would be pretending again, with models on their arm. But until then both would enjoy themselves. Han shifted so he was spooning Sean as they drifted off to sleep