Title: The Water Supply

Author: A really short one who will kill you... maybe.

Summary: everyone has problems. Ginny's too shy. Hermione doesn't know what she wants. Ron is unconscious, Harry is clueless, Draco is bratty, Millicent is thin, Pansy is gay, Luna is dreamy, and the twins are bored. Not a good combination at all...

Disclaimer: I own Melissa Van Pelt.

Chapter One

Setting Up the Board

"I'm bored." Fred Weasley drawled, flicking his copper hair out of his eyes. George was sitting beside him, pretending to read a book. Fred knew he was pretending because not only had he not turned the page in seventeen minutes, but it was one of Hermione Granger's light readings.

"Did you hear me?" Fred demanded.



"And what?"

"What are you going to do about it?"Fred demanded again.

"Mmmmm. Nothing."

"Nothing." Fred repeated.

"Nothing." George confirmed.

"That's too bad."

George looked up from the words he'd been staring at for over a quarter of an hour. "Why?" He asked. He would probably live to regret it, but what the hell.

"Because, I have a plan."

"And that is?"

Fred grinned. George knew that grin very well. Fun things were to come...


Ginny Weasley was sitting in the library. She liked it there. It was ... quiet. Her best friend Luna Lovegood sat across from her, a game of Risk between them. They had been playing the game for three weeks now. Madam Pince let them keep it set up, provided they used this table in the very back of the library.

Ginny rolled her dice. Luna rolled hers. Ginny smiled. "China is mine!" She exhaulted.

Luna smiled dreamily. "Ok then. Oh, hello, Malfoy."

Ginny spun in her seat to see the mentioned blonde standing behind her.

"What are you doing Weasley?" He asked.

She flushed. "Uh... playing... a game..."

Malfoy smirked. Ginny wanted to curse and rail at him, but she just couldn't. She was too damned shy.


Hermione tucked a wayward strand of hair behind one ear and frowned at the book in her lap as though it had done her a personal wrong. For it's part, the book merely tried to provide information.

Hermione finally sighed in disgust. SHe closed the book and looked at the stack around her. With a wry twist of her lips, she reached for another text. A movement caught her eye and she looked up to see Fred and George. She frowned, thinking of following the pair to see what they were up to, but before she could muster herself to move, Ginny and Luna entered the scene. The pair slumped onto the stairs beside her.

"What's up?" She asked.

Ginny sighed. "Malfoy."

"Kick you out of the library again?"

"No. I ran for cover, dragging Luna with me." She sighed again. "I wish I could just tell him off or something."


Draco took the chair with his usual stoic grace. Pansy Parkinson and Millicent Bulstrode looked over at him. As usual, Blaise Zabini ignored the whole group.

"What's got you in a tift?" Pansy said. Somehow she was able to read his every mood, even when they weren't dating. Draco glanced at her.

"I'm not in a tift." He protested.

Pansy smirked as Millicent carefully arranged her robes to show as much of her new figure as she could. Millicent had somehow lost weight over the summer and she looked amazing. Pansy, in response to this theft of thunder, had dyed her hair dark brown.

In short, Draco was now surrounded by beautiful women.

"Yes, you are." Pansy returned, flicking back her dark hair.

"Alright. I ran into Weasley girl."

"Aww." Millicent drawled. "Upset because your love interest doesn't return your affection?"

Draco scowled at them. "She is not my love interest!"

Millicent and Pansy giggled together. "It's like Romeo and Juliet!" Millicent crowed. Pansy had no idea what she was talking about but agreed emphatically.

Draco scowled at them both.

"I think I liked you better when you were fat."


Alicia Spinnet tossed back her brown hair and grinned at her comrades. "Thanks again for coming out here with me."

Katie Bell swallowed the mouthful of water she had and smiled at her best friend. "No problem. I needed the practice any way."

Harry Potter smiled at her as well. "Yeah, it never hurts."

Angelina Johnson refrained from commenting on the current line of conversation but changed the subject instead. "I'm bushed. I'm taking a bath."

Harry flushed but the girls took it at face value. "I think we missed dinner. Wanna get something to eat first?" Katie offered.

Angelina pursed her lips. "Alright."

(A/N: And thus the board is set. Tune in next time to see where the pieces lie... Should I continue? I promise the chapters will be long. I mean long. Like at least this long.