Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto! Masashi Kishimoto does; and if I did, Sasuke and Naruto would have been together a long time ago! My fiend and I just did this really quickly in History class, so sorry if it sucks.

Dear Naruto,

I'm bored. Why are we here? Oh yea, stupid Sakura! What did we do?! Oh well.


Dear Sasuke,

Your note sounds weird; normally you start off with "Loser". Any way, you've been acting weird…lately…what's on your mind?


Dear Dobe,

Don't worry, it's nothing…but..umm…do you happen to like anyone right now?


Dear Sasuke,

Umm…yea, why do you ask?



I was just wondering,


What is it, I know your lying.

I'm just wondering…um…just meet me after class at Ichirakus I have a question. for you.

YAY, RAMEN! But your buying…

okay, whatever, see you then.

They walked to Ichiraku's together in silence. When they got there they sat down and ordered.

"So Sasuke there is somethin' you wanted to asked me?"

"Um yea…."

"So What is it"

"Naruto do you um… What I mean is I wanted to tell you that um….ILOVEYOU!"

"What? Did you say you love me?"




"That's good."


" I love you too." Not caring who was around them the two leapt at each other and shared a passionate kiss. Then walked home only to find hundreds of very angry fangirls and a very "inspired" Jiraiya.

Hontoni - for real?

Yeah wewere bored and there was nuthin else to do. So Hoped You liked it!