Title: Eclipsed


When Triple H discovers a bruise on Lillian Garcia will he be able to put his loyalty to Stephanie and the McMahon's aside, or will he ignore the obvious and instead try to make his marriage work. Possible Lillian/Triple H pairing. Also includes Shane McMahon, Stephanie McMahon and others. FIRST STORY. PLEASE READ AND REVIEW!


Upon entering the WWE, Lillian Garcia met Shane McMahon and it was love at first sight. He was handsome, charming, rich and the perfect gentleman. Shane picked up on Lillian's interest in him almost immediately and it didn't take long before the two were sleeping together. As far as Lillian was concerned Shane was the only man for her, and before long she found herself actually married to the man of her dreams.

Well, two years and a dozen bruises later, Lillian has since realized that not everyone and everything is as it seems.


Triple H is married to one of the most powerful women in the wrestling industry, Stephanie McMahon. On the surface they seem like the perfect couple and very happy. Both have an unquestionable passion for the business and their love affair behind the scenes has been well documented and admired by many. The surface though can be deceiving.

Unfortunately for Triple H, Stephanie's priorities, much like her father's, have always been with the WWE first, everything else, including Hunter, seemed to come second. So as much as Hunter hated to admit it, before long he found himself falling out of love.


Triple H and Lillian had found an uncommon friendship the second both became part of the McMahon family. There was no hiding an underlying attraction between them, but both have remained loyal to their spouses regardless of the circumstances. But when Hunter accidentally discovers for the second time in a month a bruise on Lillian's arm, their relationship with each other, and the McMahons, will change forever…..

Chapter 1 (Triple H discovers a bruise on Lillian)

A/N: Okay, so that is just a teaser. What I need to know form you all is should I continue? I'd love to get some feedback and some readers who I hope will be with me through the end. But first, I need to know if anyone will actually be reading. This is my first story so reviews will be real important for me. Thank you and please let me know if you want to see what is going to happen. Thank you!