Chapter 24 (Shane Gets Served)

"Is it really over?" Lilian looked over at Glen and asked as the two of them lie innocently together on the guest bed in Glen's home.

Glen looked down at Lilian and slowly ran his fingers through her long blond hair. It was over, at least for her. After tomorrow, Shane would never be allowed to touch Lilian again. Unfortunately, what had become Lilian's nightmare would now become someone else's. Glen was sure that Shane would find some other woman to play and regardless of the financial consequences he would have to pay, the guy would still have way more money than anyone deserved.

"Shane McMahon is past history Lil'. I know the scars he left you with may take some time to heel, but the man will never touch you again." Glen responded sternly.

He knew there would still need to be some convincing on his end. Lilian had spent over two years having to worry about what Shane would think, or what he might do if she said or did the wrong thing. He had managed to have a power over her that not many people would or could understand. She was also now left with the guilt for her part in "letting" him use her for so long and actually believing that he loved her. She simply wanted to erase the memories of those two year of marriage.

"God Glen, how could I have let this happen?" Lilian asked, more to herself than anything.

"It's not your fault. How could you have known that things with Shane would turn out the way they did? It's not like he's wearing a sign that said 'Beware: Rapist, Womanizer, Grade A Asshole!'"

Truth be told, Glen had always suspected that Shane was bad for Lilian or any woman for that matter the first time he met him. From day one, all Glen saw was a spoiled rich kid hiding behind his looks, name and money.

'I suppose you're right." Lilian confessed, thinking about Glen's last statement.

As Glen continued to stroke Lilian's hair, she suddenly became acutely aware of his touch. It was soothing and new. There were no ulterior motives behind it either. He wasn't simply trying to get in her pants as she had been so used to with Shane. With the way Glen comforted her, she felt as if she could bury herself in him forever.

As Lilian tried to lose herself in the moment, she cursed herself the moment the thought of Shane stole into her mind. It wouldn't be easy to simply erase him out of her memory. She knew it would take time and she only hoped that Glen would be willing to wait.


"Yeah?" Glen responded in a weary voice.

"You aren't going to do anything stupid when you serve Shane the papers tomorrow are you?" She asked out of the blue.

"You mean like kill the man or break every bone in his worthless body?" Glen asked rhetorically. "No. He's not worth my energy. I will enjoy seeing the look on his face though, so if that gets me in trouble, I apologize now." Glen stated.

After a few seconds more of simply soaking in the silence between them, Glen decided it was time he left and let Lilian fall asleep for the night.

After gently placing a kiss on her cheek, he quietly got up from the bed and headed toward the door. But before he could open it he heard Lilian call out to him.

"Glen, wait." She said softly. Glen stopped and turned to face her. "If you don't mind, can you sleep in here with me tonight?" She asked.

Without so much as a response, Glen moved back over to the bed and lay down next to her. Once again he let his fingers drift through her hair. She was like an angel to him. And as the night drew to a close so did a chapter in both their lives. The steady and synchronized pounding of their hearts carried them through the night and for once in several months, both feel asleep in a peaceful state of mind.


The following morning, Shane, Stephanie and Vince gathered in Vince's office at the WWE Headquarters for a weekly meeting to discuss current storylines, the previous week's ratings and buyout rates.

Stephanie knew that Glen would soon serve Shane with divorce papers and a restraining order. Although she tried to act normal throughout the day, she hated having to hide the fact from her brother. It was because of her testimony that Shane was being served. He would never forgive her and God only knew what would become of their once close relationship. It just didn't feel right to her that Shane not at least get a warning of what was to come.

"Dad's late again, does he not think we have things to do too?" Shane questioned as he and Stephanie waited for Vince to arrive.

"Steph, earth to Steph?" Shane said waving a hand in front of her face when he realized she wasn't listening to him at all.

Stephanie shook her head and looked at Shane. She couldn't hold back any longer.

"Shane, there's something I need to tell you." She said.

Shane checked his watch, growing impatient with every second they waited for Vince.

"Okay, what is it?" He asked nonchalantly.

"It's about your divorce, you'll be getting a summons." She said trying to keep it short. She looked down to the floor as she spoke, barely able to make eye contact with Shane.

Shane laughed under his breath and smirked.

"Under what grounds?" He asked arrogantly.

Stephanie was trying to do her brother a favor but he seemed to be making it very difficult. She hated the fact that he refused to see his abuse of Lilian as a problem.

"You know what grounds Shane, don't act stupid." She replied, now facing him with her hands on her hips.

"I haven't done anything to Lilian that she didn't deserve. Beyond that, whatever lies she's telling she has no proof of." Shane said glancing at his watch and hoping his father would walk in at any minute to interrupt their little conversation.

While Shane turned his back toward his sister, he could not see the anger swelling inside of her. She now started to question why she had been protecting the bastard for so long. Shane was an asshole, there was just no getting around it.

"They have proof Shane, I made sure of that." She declared in a loud voice.

Shane stopped in his tracks. He turned his head back toward his sister slowly.

"What the hell are you talking about Stephanie?" He asked, now turning his body and moving closer to her.

"Shane, this is what's best, Lilian deserves to be happy, and you need to get some help. The way you've been treating Lilian and some of the other divas is not the way mom and dad raised you." She replied, now almost pleading to her brother to admit he had a problem.

"What do you know Stephanie?" He asked as he now moved so close to her it caused her to back away for fear of what he might do. "You're nothing but a spoiled little daddy's girl!" He continued now pointing a finger in her direction.

As Stephanie's eyes grew big, just beyond her she heard a knock and the door. A sense of relief fell over her as she saw who it was that had entered the office.

"Glen?" She stated immediately, causing Shane to spin around in somewhat startled fashion to face the bigger man.

Glen glided into the room with confidence.

"Did I interrupt something?" He asked.

"This is a personal matter Glen, no wrestlers allowed. How the hell did you get up here anyway?" Shane asked making sure to keep his distance from The Big Red Monster.

"I let him in." Vince said as he walked into the room just behind Glen.

Shane looked around at the people now in Vince's office. He could feel sweat form on his brow as he ran his hand through his hair.

"Dad, what's going on?" He asked, hoping to find at least one ally in his father.

"Here's what's going on ShaneO." Glen replied as he handed Shane a court order summons and documents explaining the detail of his restraining order. "Your marriage to Lilian is now officially over. If you want to manipulate some girl into thinking you are prince charming, go right ahead, but from now on Lilian has no ties to you whatsoever….except for half of all your assets and WWE stock." Glen informed the heir apparent with a smile spread across his face.

"Dad, do something!" Shane demanded. The thought of having to give Lilian Garcia half his stock took him completely off guard. The usual arrogance that the young McMahon exuded was now no where to be found. He was pathetically desperate. "You can't let her get away with this!" Shane shouted toward his father.

Vince smirked at Shane. He hoped his refusal to bail his son out yet again would send a message to him.

"Well, I don't want to take up anymore time here." Glen said s he started to leave, and then looked at Shane. "Have a nice life asshole!"

A/N: Okay, this is really the end of the story. BUT, I did want to add a short prologue simply because I think Lilian deserves to have the last word. I've had fun writing this story and appreciate those of you who have given me feedback. I'm begging one last time though, please let me know what you thought of this story. It was my first one and will help me decide if I should at some point write another one (although I'd much rather just enjoy reading others work.) Anyway, here is a short prologue. Hopefully you'll enjoy Shane getting a little more payback.


Lilian stood in the empty hallway of the arena warming up her voice. As Shane turned the corner and saw her with her back turned to him, he thought of the restraining order now placed against him. He also thought about the impending divorce and the fact that Lilian would be taking him for half of everything he was worth. Lilian had fallen for Shane because of his charm and charisma, surely he could at least get her to rethink the terms of their divorce and drop all this nonsense.

"Lilian." He called to her.

Lilian shot around hardly believing that Shane had the nerve to approach her. As Shane made his way over to her, he held his hands in the air proclaiming innocence. By his facial expression Lilian could see he was making every effort to seem harmless. The forced innocence in his face betrayed the manipulative bastard trying to hide behind it.

"What are you doing here Shane?" Lilian asked sternly.

As Shane's eyes grazed over her frame a smile crept across his lips.

"I just want to talk, is that too much to ask?" He replied. His big, dark hazel eyes working their way into her soul.

Lilian looked around. She hoped someone would come around the corner, someone like Glen. Regardless of how innocent Shane was acting, she simply did not trust him and never would again.

"You know you can't be here." She said. That would be her final warning.

"Lil' why does it have to be like this?" He asked her, now standing only several feel away and gently taking her hand into his. "I may have made a few mistakes, but I still love you." He said in a low, even voice.

Lilian looked up at the man who had deceived her, cheated on her, hit and raped her. The touch of his thumb now delicately rubbing the top of her hand sickened her. Two could play this game.

"Okay Shane, how about we make a deal?" She replied innocently. Her own big eyes making him believe that she was actually falling for his manipulations.

To Shane's surprise, Lilian moved closer to him with a smile on her face. But before he could congratulate himself for charming the young diva, she grabbed him hard by the groin area rendering him completely unaware and in a lot of pain.

"Here's the deal. You come near me again Shane and I'll take not only half, but everything you're worth. By the time I'm done with you you'll wish you never had a pair of these." Lilian squeezed his groin even harder now emphasizing the word 'these'. It was the only way to make a guy like Shane suffer. Take his money and his balls.

As Shane remained bent over in pain hoping Lilian would release her grip, she made on final press and then let him go. Watching him stagger backwards gave her at least some temporary joy.

"You fucking bitch!" Shane coughed out trying to regain his composure. "You'll never get away with this. I'll press charges for physical assault. You can't just do that to a man." Shane wondered if he'd ever be able to walk again after that. "You're psychotic Lilian and should be locked up."

The irony of what he was saying gave Lilian a chuckle.

"Uh, you're forgetting one thing Shane." Lilian interrupted with confidence. "It's you that should worry about charges. According to the State of New York, you come within 100 feet of me and your ass goes to jail. So I suggest you take your attitude and your threats, and go to hell!"

As Shane used the wall to keep his knees from buckling and falling to the floor, Lilian shook her head. She could care less how much money she would get from all this. What mattered to her now was Glen. So as Lilian turned from Shane and rounded the corner with a smile on her face, she welcomed the fresh start that Glen had promised they would have together.